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Potensic Drone: 3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy It

Potensic Drone: 3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy It

Before purchasing any brand of drone, it is important that you learn about them and which will be suitable for you. This is because there are hundreds of drone models, and each is unique, so you should not just get any drone. The determining factor of the drone you purchase should be the purpose you have in mind.

Some Potensic drones available are Dreamer 4K GPS Drone, 5G Wi-Fi FPV Drone, Mini Drone with Camera, and Elfin FPV Drone. Things to know before buying a Potensic drone are the camera specifications, durability, battery capacity, range, wind tolerance, and top-flight speed. 

Several qualities make a good drone; you should look out for those qualities when purchasing a drone. Potensic drones are regarded as good drones as they have an incredible design and amazing features that make them stand out.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing A Potensic Drone?

Potensic drones are available in different sizes, functionalities, features, and specifications. Each Potensic drone is designed for a particular purpose, and that is what it can do. Before you purchase a Potensic drone;

1. Operator’s Skill Level

This is very important in determining the type of Potensic drone you purchase; there are different Potensic drones for all skill levels. Your skill level determines the drone.

2. Operator’s Intended Purpose

This is a major determinant to help you choose the type of Potensic drone you will purchase. If you are a photographer or videographer, you need a drone with a good camera. If you are a traveler, you need a small and portable, foldable drone, and if you are a sealife enthusiast, you need a waterproof drone. What you will use the drone for determines the drone you will purchase.

3. The Drone’s Flight Time And Flight Range

These two factors are very important in selecting a drone; you do want to purchase a drone that can fly for a short time and has a short range. Those drones are perfect for beginners but not professionals.

Potensic Drones

Potensic is a thriving company specializing in the development of a variety of drones and committed to fulfilling consumers' flying dreams. Their team of professionals has extensive experience in designing some of the best engineering products on the market, and their extensive expertise extends to every aspect of our drone. Below are some of their drones.

Dreamer 4K GPS Drone

Dreamer 4K GPS Drone is 13.7 inches long, 12.59 inches wide, 7.67 inches high, and weighs 1.68 pounds. The built-in four advanced brushless motors ensure stable flight at high speeds and longer distances that are quieter, stronger, and more durable than brushed motors.

The built-in fast charging technology can be fully charged within 2 hours with a maximum flight time of 31 minutes. The Potensic Dreamer has a built-in high-performance 1/3 CMO Sony sensor with auto-exposure; you can capture 3840×2160 photos and clearly restore the shot scene with 4k images.

Anti-vibration bullets designed to reduce vibration ensure clear and very smooth images. Capture the details of everyday life and make your videos smoother and more delicate. This drone has other features like headless mode, auto return, waypoint flight, emergency stop, one key take-off and landing, follow me mode, and app control.

Elfin FPV Drone With 2K Camera

Elfin FPV Drone is a camera drone for beginners, with its arms folding neatly into its body. Elfin has a good build quality, and the folded drone and controller can be easily stored in the included protective storage bag. The built-in G-sensor allows you to control the drone by adjusting the position of your smartphone via the Potensic toy app.

Potensic Elfin comes with a great 2K HD camera. You can connect to the Potensic Toy Phone app via Wi-Fi to see what is recorded, capture still images and videos, and save them on your mobile device to see the beautiful world in a special way. This drone uses two powerful batteries that provide a flight time of 20 minutes.

This camera-ready drone is very fun and easy because you can take a picture when you throw a peace sign by hand or wave your hand to the camera to start video recording. The propellers of this drone come with a guard, which helps ensure you have a safe flight. Its headless mode allows it to react to control inputs in any direction, depending on the pilot's position.

Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Potensic T25 GPS Drone comes with an aluminum silver carry case that allows you to be able to transport it easily. Equipped with an advanced 2K 120 ° FOV lens I, the real-time broadcast camera can capture clear images even when the drone is flying at high speed, so you can see what the drone is looking at and shoot at a specific location.

The GPS and GLONASS positioning system provides accurate position data for the drone. In GPS mode, the plane can return automatically when the plane is weak or no signal is received. The GPS mode and smartphone control can automatically track your phone's location and capture every moment of walking, running, or traveling.

This drone includes two batteries and a remote-control range of up to 300m / 985ft for a wider world view and a more enjoyable flight experience. Observe remote landscapes through VR glasses and enjoy the FPV experience. This Potensic T25 GPS drone uses an advanced 9-axis gyro. It is highly wind-resistant and stable in flight, making captured images and videos crisp and smooth.

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Is Potensic A Good Drone?

Yes, Potensic is a good drone; they are dedicated to fulfilling your flight dreams. The Potensic brand has a team of drone experts with extensive experience in designing the best drones on the market. All aspects of Potensic Drones are influenced by their vast knowledge. These drones combine utility and beauty.

Potensic drones are more affordable and functional than those offered by competitors. Not only are these drones cheap, but they are also cost-effective. Many competing products are too expensive; Potensic Company creates innovative and original products. These products are manufactured by highly qualified personnel.

The Potensic Company is not just focused on developing the finest Potensic drones. Customer service is also a priority. Their drones are also excellent for beginners and experts; the cameras are highly suitable for taking videos and capturing sweet and important moments.

How High Can A Potensic Drone Fly?

The total distance (height) a Potensic drone can fly depends on several factors; however, each drone has the maximum range it can get. The highest a Potensic drone can reach is 1,500 meters and only when no external force restricts it. The load the drone carries also determines how high it can fly.

If you are flying in harsh weather conditions or if you are too far from the controller, it can affect the performance of your drone. Other factors that affect how high a Potensic drone will fly include your signal receiver's quality and power, the quality of material used for the drone's production, and the type of battery you are using.

What App Do I Use For My Potensic Drone?

Smartphones have become one of the most powerful technology tools we use in our daily lives. For drone pilots, with a smartphone, you are open to a world of many possibilities. There are various functionalities and features you can readily access. Potensic G application is the app for Potensic Drones,

Final Thoughts

Potensic drones are very good for beginners because they are very cheap and easy to control. However, as soon as you get used to flying, you need a more sophisticated drone that provides a better user experience. However, the Potensic drone is offered at a fairly good price, and if you have a limited budget, we recommend buying this drone.