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Professional Metal Detectors [COMPLETE LIST & GUIDE]

Professional Metal Detectors [COMPLETE LIST & GUIDE]

Choosing the right metal detector for your needs might be challenging as a consumer. The work might be overwhelming with several different metal detector models and brands. While there are some standout top metal detectors in various categories, no metal detector is superior to all others.

Some professional metal detectors are Garrett 250 Ace, Bounty Hunter Gold Digger, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, MC1 Youth Ground EFX, RM Ricomax Detector, Garrett AT Pro, Minelab CTX 3030, Garrett 400 Ace Metal Detector, Minelab Excalibur II, and Nokia Kruzer Gold Waterproof Metal Detector. 

Sure, you might, by chance, come across a lost treasure. However, you will need a strong metal detector if you are serious about looking for lost money, silver, jewelry, or gold in the water, off on a forest trail, or on the beach. Getting a professional detector is best.

cave metal detector

Metal Detector Professional

Metal detectors used to be large, heavy machines, but that has changed in recent years. They are now more portable, more efficient at locating hidden objects, and more approachable for novices of all ages. They can find several metals deep below the surface and are even used professionally; some professional metal detectors are below.

Garrett 250 Ace

The Garrett 250 Ace automated ground-balancing technology found every coin, artifact, and piece of gold in sand, beneath lakes, and even hidden some few inches underground. It did this by adjusting itself to mineral content. This metal detector is the finest option for discovering such gems because it only missed one object throughout the sensitivity test.

This detector has the best ergonomics out of all the ones we tested in terms of comfort. The model is sturdily constructed and made. A highly secure feeling is provided by the foam on the armrest and handle and the Velcro strap. In a league of its own is the LCD.

This device includes numerous pre-programmed settings for detecting various metals in addition to the typical selectivity, sensitivity, and earphone jacks. The screen is simple to read and shows the approximate depth at which the metal is found.

Bounty Hunter Tracker IV

If you want a great professional and excellent metal detector, the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is the best option available. This detector's simplicity is what makes users adore it. There are only two adjustment dials on the settings menu, including a vivid analog monitor.

There are three movable settings on the Bounty Hunter IV: sensitivity, search mode, and discrimination. The search modes include full discrimination, which filters out unwanted signals, and an all-metal tone, which employs two tones of audio based on the type of metal discovered.

RM Ricomax Detector

The RM Ricomax metal detector has sophisticated functions. Both novice and experienced users can use it. This detector is practical for you, thanks to the adjustable stem. Items up to 8 inches deep can be found using the metal detector. Its large 10-inch search coil improves the precision of finding metals.

Using the all-metal option, you can find aluminum, gold, copper, zinc, silver, iron, and other metals. You can ignore other elements and concentrate exclusively on the item you want when using the disc feature. Each metal also has a unique set of auditory tones.

Garrett 400 Ace Metal Detector

This one is one of the list's most capable and professional metal detectors. You can look for treasure in wet and rainy conditions because it features a waterproof Pinpointer. Thanks to the ClearSound earbuds, it will not be difficult for you to hear the gadget and tell if there is metal.

High-frequency waves assist you in recognizing medium and low connection targets, like lead and gold, and the new digital target identification scale provides excellent target information. Although it is not a lightweight metal detector, its 7.69-pound weight makes it easy to use.

Minelab Excalibur II

Metal detecting equipment is quite adaptable. Some models could also withstand being submerged in water up to 10 feet deep while you conduct your search. To compensate for all the disturbance that being underwater introduces, you will need a stronger and more potent device if you wish to dive deeper than that; the Minelab Excalibur II is appropriate.

It was designed to function in challenging circumstances but lacked several beginner-friendly features available in many versions, such as programmed search modes. It features the Iron Masking tool, which effectively nullifies noise from trash targets, and Minelab's multi-frequency capability, which simultaneously transmits signals at 17 special frequencies.

Garrett AT Pro

The Garrett Pro AT Underwater Metal Detector is equipped with a big search coil and is completely waterproof up to ten feet. It is a good size that covers much ground while catching little targets. This detector boasts excellent automated or manual ground balance, which is critical in a VLF machine that can tolerate high mineralization and saltwater.

It uses a 15kHz frequency to discover small objects, with a 0-99 target scale ID to show what is underneath. This metal detector comes with a Pro-Pointer that is also referred to as the Garrett Carrot. It is a neon orange waterproof pinpointer with a ten-foot waterproof range that pinpoints the exact location of your findings.

Minelab CTX 3030

The king of all waterproof metal detectors with excellent performance and outstanding build quality is the Minelab CTX 3030. Although its full-color LCD screen has the best visibility, it also boasts one of the top target recognition accuracies on the market. With modes like switch on and go and an autonomous operating system, this device may be used by professionals.

This detector can deliver superior finds that will not be mistaken for garbage, irrespective of the soil conditions in which you will be utilizing it. With the integrated GPS in the detector, you may precisely navigate the surface using wireless audio, built-in headphones, and speakers.

Sunpow Professional Metal Detector

Metal detecting is a fantastic pastime for single people or families with kids; some committed and knowledgeable users even explore it as a vocation. One of the excellent metal detectors out there for professionals is the Sunpow professional metal detector. Let us look at the features and qualities of the Sunpow professional metal detector.

metal detector professional

Sunpow Professional Metal Detector

The Sunpow Professional Metal Detector is an excellent detector that can detect aluminum, bronze, iron, silver, gold, and their alloys. The Notch and Disc improve detection effectiveness by enabling you to disregard undesired metal, while the Pinpointer Mode allows you to pinpoint the position of an object


The device has an adjustable stem that ranges from 47.3 to 55.2 inches for gold detector aficionados of various heights. Its ergonomic design, including an anti-slip grip and an adjustable armrest, makes hunting more comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a backpack that you can fill up and take to most of your preferred treasure-hunting locations.

Varied settings contain different amounts of micro metals, contributing to some detection problems. In all-metal mode, the ground balance modification mode on the metal detector can be altered to decrease interference by various settings. The search area and resolution of metal detectors are improved with an improved DSP chip.

This metal detector can find a cent from below 10 inches underground while in all-metal mode. It helps you discover the buried treasure; it is also suitable for outdoor activities like going to the beach. With this metal detector, you can locate treasures concealed from the public's view.

Professional Metal Detector Schematic

metal detector circuit

Final Thoughts

Take pleasure in every metal detecting element; finding all the gold is not a competition. Even when there are no finds, metal detecting can be enjoyable due to the exercise, fresh air, relaxing equipment, and the never-ending suspense of what could be only some feet ahead. Getting a good professional metal detector like the ones mentioned above is the best way to kick off your metal detection.

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