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RC Car Tracks: Finding Tracks & Building Your Own RC Track

RC Car Tracks: Finding Tracks & Building Your Own RC Track

As an RC enthusiast, an RC car track is one of the major things required for operating your RC car. You can either purchase an RC car track or build yours. There are several RC car manufacturers that sell RC car tracks.

RC car tracks come in different sizes; some are designed for mini RC cars, while some are for trucks. You can get an RC car track at Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. When it comes to building your RC track, several processes are involved; you will have to get a location, design, and equipment. 

When you have your RC car track, you can freely explore different obstacles courses and challenges as you can feature any obstacle you want. However, when getting an RC car track, you have to consider things like how big your location is and the size of your RC car.

rc car track in dusty site

Where Can I Find RC Tracks?

An RC car track refers to a track filled with different obstacles and challenges designed to test the limits of an RC car and see what it is capable of. RC tracks can be purchased from different online stores and even in automobile shops. You can get an RC track on Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

However, the prices vary depending on the type and size of the track. You can get an RC track for a price as low as $50 on Amazon. The Hot Wheels Criss Cross RC track is available for $50 on Amazon.

The Tracer Racers High Speed RC track is available for $117 on Amazon. You can get the Hot Wheels Criss Cross RC track at Walmart for $62.74, and the Tracer Racers High Speed RC track is available for $150. On eBay, the Hot Wheels Criss Cross RC track is sold for $175.01, while the Tracer Racers High Speed RC track is $100.

If you do not want to purchase an RC track, you can still find RC tracks in different RC parks. There are several RC parks scattered around the United States; to get information about these places, you can check the RC car action track directory. This directory has a comprehensive list of the best places to find an RC track in the United States.

Some of the places to find an RC track in the United States include Ron Jon Raceway, 342 RC Speedway, Black Horse RC Raceway, Daytona United RC Association, PRW Special Events Center, Badlands RC Park, Metz RC Raceway, Gulf Coat RC Raceway, HobbyTown Raceway, and Hillside Raceway.

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How Can I Make RC Track At Home?

The first thing to consider when deciding to make an RC track is the location. Since you want to make it at your home, you will have to decide if it is an indoor or outdoor track. This decision determines how you will make the track. If it is an indoor track, it will be small and not have all the dirt and obstacles an outdoor track will have.

An outdoor RC track is preferable to an indoor track because you will have a full experience with your RC car on an outdoor track. The first step to making an RC track is to get your design and layout; you choose an area in your yard and then draw a design for what the track will look like. You can get design ideas online.

The design includes the measurement and width of the RC track. Next, you have to get the tools and equipment you need: a garden rake, corrugated pipe, water, a regular shovel, metal support stakes, and flat nose shovel. Then, remove all turf from the location and choose a foundation. The foundation can be topsoil, but clay is preferable.

You can start the construction by digging the ground; you must not dig more than 3 or 4 inches to avoid flooding issues. As you dig, use the dirt removed to form edges and make sure you do not dig too large or angled. Next, you can start lining your lanes with the corrugated pipe and secure it with a metal stake. Your RC track is done.

How Wide Should An RC Track Be?

RC cars are usually operated in different areas like grass, land, and rocks. However, sometimes, it gets boring riding an RC car on plain terrain without any challenges or obstacles. However, you can spice things up with an RC track; but you must know the best dimensions for the track and make sure it is not too wide or too narrow.

The width of an RC track usually depends on the type of RC car you will be operating; the width for a mini RC car will be smaller than that for a monster truck or buggy. RC tracks should have a width of 12 to 14 feet if you are operating a 1:8 or 1:10 scale-size RC car.

However, if the RC car is larger than the 1:10 scale, the width of the track will be between 15 to 17 feet. You must get the measurements of the track right because when it is too wide, several spaces are wasted, and when it is too narrow, your RC car will not have enough space to move through.

What Kind Of Dirt Is Used For RC Tracks?

RC tracks usually require the use of dirt if they are for outdoor use. There are different types of soil that you can use; however, each soil type has its advantages and disadvantages. Most people use topsoil or garden dirt; however, mud is usually most preferable.

If you want to build an RC track, you should use 40 percent dirt, 40 percent clay, and 20 percent sand. With this combination, you will have a perfect track and not worry about flooding. Clay is the best soil to use for an RC track because it has a stronger water-holding capacity than other soils.

If you use only sand for your RC track, the whole track will be destroyed once it rains because sand has no water holding capacity. You can also use silty soil for your RC track as this soil becomes like clay when wet and sand when dry, making it suitable for all seasons.

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How Do You Make RC Track Jumps?

RC track jump is one of the features to add to an RC track; the track jump aids stunts and jumps of an RC car. The process of making a track jump is done when making the RC track itself. An RC track jump is very easy to make. All you have to do is pile up the soil in a slight mound with a shovel.

You can make either single jumps, double jumps, or both. After piling up the soil into a mound, if the soil is very dry, you can water it up and let it sit for a few minutes. A double jump is done when there are two mounds close to each other. When making an RC track jump, you can make several single and double jumps in different areas of the track.

A track jump keeps things interesting and exciting with an RC car. You can perform different stunts with your RC car and jump through different obstacles with the help of jumps.

Final Thoughts

RC car tracks are one of the things you can use as an alternative to make your RC car operations fun and challenging. You can explore new things with your RC car and perform different flips and stunts on an RC track. If you do not want to go through the stress of building your RC track, you can get a ready-made one from an online store or visit an RC track area in your vicinity.

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