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The Best RC Drift Trucks – Are RC Trucks Good For Drifting?

The Best RC Drift Trucks – Are RC Trucks Good For Drifting?

You can do several interesting things with an RC truck; you can use them for off-roading, racing, mudding, rock crawling, mountain climbing, and drifting. However, drifting is a difficult activity, and it takes skill as an RC truck operator. For you to achieve a perfect drift, you must have a good RC drift car.

The best RC drift trucks are Arrma Big Rock 4×4 V3 3S BLX, Cheerwing 1:16 RC Drift Car Truck, UDI RC Panther 1/16 Drift Truck, Fisca 1/16 RC Drifting Racing Truck, and UDI RC Breaker PRO Brushless Drift Truck. RC trucks are good for drifting, but it takes experience to drift with an RC truck.

Drifting requires high-level skill and experience, especially if you are not using an RC drift car. If you have an RC truck that is not designed for drifting, you can modify it. Nevertheless, we will look at some of the best RC drift trucks.

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What Are The Best RC Drift Trucks?

There are few RC drift trucks available; RC drift cars are readily available; however, the ones available are very good and will perform excellently well. Most RC companies invest in RC drift cars rather than trucks, but you can still get some RC drift trucks on the market. Some of the best RC drift trucks you can purchase are.

Arrma Big Rock 4×4 V3 3S BLX

Arrma Big Rock 4×4 V3 3S BLX is one of the best RC drift trucks manufactured; it offers dirt-chucking action and scale realism. It uses a very powerful brushless motor that makes it reach a top speed of more than 50 mph. This truck has a very strong chassis and a stringer steering servo with more clearance for stones.

It comes ready to run and is fully equipped with a 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter, a Spektrum SLR300 receiver, batteries, a charger, and a product manual. This RC truck has a front and rear bumper, a 23T spline servo saver, oil-filled shocks with Silicone O-rings, and rubber shield bearings. It also uses vented multi-terrain tires.

A 2-piece molding screwed to the chassis serves as an electronic module and contains a waterproof receiver box, ESC tray, and servo mount. This truck's sealed wheels and vented tires prevent dirt from getting into the truck and allow water to flow out.

UDI RC Breaker PRO Brushless Drift Truck

UDI RC Breaker PRO Brushless Drift Truck is a 1/16 fully-proportional high-performance 4-wheel drive racing truck. It features an electronic stability program that makes it easier to control, especially while drifting. It comes with two sets of tires; regular tires and drift tires. It has low voltage cut-off and thermal overload protection.

It is waterproof; hence, all the internal and electronic components of the vehicle are fully protected in cases of riding in wet areas. Hence, you ride it with the drift tires that allow it to drift perfectly or ride it as a regular racing RC truck. This RC truck comes with a 2.4GHz radio transmitter that allows you to control it from a long distance.

The UDI RC Breaker PRO Brushless Drift Truck features headlights and taillights. It comes with a USB charger, 4 extra drift tires, a battery, small tools, and an instruction manual. You will have to get 4 AA batteries to power this RC truck. It has front and rear bumpers that protect it from the force generated during a collision or violent impact.

Cheerwing 1:16 RC Drift Car Truck

Cheerwing 1:16 RC Drift Car Truck has a length of 11.8 inches, a width of 5.9 inches, a height of 3.49 inches, a weight of 3.16 pounds, and a ground clearance of 0.39 inches. It is equipped with a powerful motor that provides it with a top speed of 24.855 mph. It uses a 2.4GHz remote control system that makes it possible to control even among other RC vehicles without any interference.

The high-speed steering gear and brushless ESC provide maximum traction on all terrain like grass, desert, concrete, sand, or rock. This RC truck is very safe and reliable as it has high-speed ball bearings, shock absorber, metal drive shaft, and special protection design that makes it impact-resistant and crashworthy. It uses a 4-wheel drive system that allows you to race forward or backward and turn left or right.

The charging time of this RC drift car truck is 180 minutes, while its operating time is 15 to 20 minutes. It comes with replaceable wheels, racing car wheels, and drift car wheels. This RC truck comes with a transmitter, an instruction manual, a 1200mAh Li-ion battery, a precision toolset, a set of drift tires, and a charger.

Fisca 1/16 RC Drifting Racing Truck

Fisca 1/16 RC Drifting Racing Truck is a high-speed truck that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is very durable and firm; it has a high-quality plastic body and uses rubber tires. This RC truck comes with replaceable standard twin tires, which are rubber racing wheels and smooth drift wheels.

It uses a 4-wheel drive system and comes with a USB charger, a user manual, a rechargeable battery, a controller, 3 cover pins, and a screwdriver. It features a body self-stabilization system that automatically calibrates the steering when the truck is out of control; hence, it protects it from any crash.

When the battery of this vehicle is low, the max speed automatically reduces in half; hence, the battery is protected, and the lifetime is lengthened. The top speed of this vehicle is 20 mph, and it weighs 1.21 pounds.

This RC drift truck uses a 2.4GHz remote control with a long control distance and good anti-jamming capability. Hence, it can be operated among other RC cars and trucks, and there will be no interference of any sort. The independent suspension and electronic stability program make it have great stability during operation.

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Are RC Trucks Good For Drifting?

Drifting is a driving style that involves the driver using the brakes, throttle, gear shifting, clutch, and steering input to keep the vehicle in an oversteer condition. The driver controls the vehicle by coordinating the amount of counter steer while simultaneously applying the throttle and brake to shift the vehicle's weight balance through the turns.

Drifting is usually done on smooth and flat terrain. Drifting is very popular with RC cars; the thrill that comes with drifting sideways around a track makes it fun. RC trucks are good for drifting as long as they have been equipped and modified.

Before you use an RC truck to drift, you must ensure the vehicle has a gyro; a gyro helps stimulate the full-scale vehicle's natural tendency to have the steering return to center. A gyro balances the vehicle's steering response so that the vehicle does not spin out. Also, it would be best if you did not use the RC truck's regular tires to drift.

If you are going to drift with an RC truck, you must get drift tires for the vehicle. Drift tires makes drifting easier and smoother as they do not have any rough edges, unlike the standard tires. Using regular tires of an RC truck to drift will make the tires get weak and loose easily, and you will have to replace them more often than you should.

Final Thoughts

Although drifting is a very exciting and thrilling driving method, you must make sure your RC truck is equipped for it before you use it for drifting. If you are using a regular RC truck, make sure you get the right equipment that it needs to drift properly; otherwise, you can get any of the RC drift trucks mentioned.

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