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RC Helicopter: Best Sellers, Kits, Parts & Where To Buy

RC Helicopter: Best Sellers, Kits, Parts & Where To Buy

Asides remote control cars, trucks, buggies, boats, planes, and submarines, there are also remote-control helicopters. For individuals who enjoy flying but prefer to be on the ground, RC helicopters are a great choice for this activity. You will likely experience more fun in the air than on the ground.

RC helicopters are small-scale-sized helicopters controlled with a remote; there are several differences between RC helicopters and RC airplanes. The best sellers of RC helicopters are Syma, Cheerwing, Vatos, and DEERC. You can purchase an RC helicopter at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and U-buy. 

Thanks to technological advancements, RC helicopters are becoming more economical and accessible to the general public. Let us take a look at some of the best RC helicopters.

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Remote Control Helicopter

A radio-controlled helicopter, or RC helicopter, is a model aircraft that differs from other RC devices such as drones and airplanes in design, aerodynamics, and flight tactics. The controls are accomplished by a radio link, which typically requires 3 to 6 channels, though a simpler 2-channel control system is also available

Remote-controlled helicopters are classified into various groups based on their power source, system controls, and propeller size. There are various RC helicopter models on the market, some of which are meant for beginners, while others are made for speed, durability, and other factors.

Syma S107G RC Helicopter

The Syma S107G is a great gyro-equipped copter, especially if you are on a tight budget. It is one of the cheapest helicopters on the market; however, it is also sturdy and reliable. This product is RTF, which means it does not require assembly, so you would not have to worry about putting little components together.

Even though the body and blades are made of plastic, the inner metal is made of metal for added durability. Because the controls are accomplished via an infrared link, they should only be used inside. The helicopter's LiPo battery gives roughly 5 to 8 minutes of flight duration and takes about 35 minutes to recharge.

Flying the Syma S107G is a blast. Even for complete beginners, the controller is simple to operate. With tactile buttons, you control the up, down, left, right, and forward, backward movements. This model is also easier to land and take off, making it suitable for first-time flyers.

Blade BLH4100 120S RC Helicopter

This RC helicopter has carbon-fiber components that provide a long-lasting construction and coreless main and tail rotor motors with high speeds. This six-channel helicopter ships out as an RFT, making it suitable for beginners and more experienced pilots since it is flight-capable right out of the box.

This device includes SAFE technology, a ground-breaking electronic flight protection system that avoids crashes by locking the 120S into a comfortable altitude. If a collision does occur, the carbon-fiber body should survive the impact damage. Another fantastic aspect of this model is that it has multiple flight modes appropriate for beginner, intermediate, and advanced pilots.

This incredible aircraft can fly for around 5 minutes outside thanks to the high-speed, brushless motors in the primary and tail rotors. This sub-micro 120 S is larger than a micro-class machine, making it ideal for low-wind outside flight while remaining small enough to fly in various indoor environments.

Cheerwing S107 Phantom

The Cheerwing S107 Phantom is a two-channel miny RC helicopter that allows you to fly two helicopters at once. This system is the best choice for individuals with two family members who want to race or perform feats together. The Phantom's frame is made of metal to withstand a beating without breaking.

The gyro does its job, sensing sway to the left or right and delivering a command to the tail to rectify the movement. The size of this model, being so small, allows players to race, travel through an obstacle course, or cruise around obstacles with agility and speed. Because the Phantom is too light to withstand even a moderate breeze outside, it is strictly an inside RC helicopter.

Also, the battery life is only seven minutes at most, and it takes 40 minutes to recharge, so you will need a backup battery. The Phantom from Cheerwing, on the other hand, will suit the bill and make your pocketbook happy if you are looking for a little RC helicopter with a solid build and many frequencies.

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DEERC DE51 RC Helicopter

The RC helicopter's structure is built of metal materials, which are sturdy and difficult to break, making it highly anti-collision in flight. This makes it safer and more durable to use. It comes with two batteries so that you can have twice the pleasure. Each battery lasts 10 minutes, so two completely charged batteries will give you 20 minutes of enjoyment.

The DE51 comes with replaceable shells that allow you to customize the look of your plane. The metal body is durable and safe for children. The remote includes one-key take-offs and landings, as well as an altitude hold feature that allows you to hover in position. There are additional high and low-speed buttons on the controller, and the copter includes built-in LEDs for showy low-light flying.

Syma TF1001 Heli Fury 360 RC Helicopter

The Syma TF1001 Heli Fury 360's innovative design does more than look fantastic; it also helps it perform in ways that conventional RC helicopters cannot. With the controller's one-button take-off/landing feature, it may safely go up in the air and land using the controller's one-button take-off/landing feature.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you will be able to switch between two speeds, execute 3D flips, 12 stunts, and fly over obstacle courses. For newcomers and enthusiasts, the TF1001 is a fantastic choice. New pilots can practice drills in slow mode, while more experienced pilots will have a blast doing flips, acrobatics, and racing their friends.

The RC helicopter, a landing pad, a controller, and a carry sack are all included in this Syma set. Moreover, unlike a handful of the other RC helicopters, this Syma model works just as well in the open air as it does indoors. The TF1001's battery lasts seven minutes which is not ideal. To spend more time flying than recharging your equipment, you will need a spare battery or batteries.

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Cheerwing U125 Mini RC Helicopter

This RC helicopter is 10.63 inches long, 1.77 inches wide, and 4.72 inches high. Unlike typical drones, most RC helicopters lack cameras; if you need a camera, the Cheerwing U12S tiny RC helicopter is the way to go. The U12S is equipped with Wi-Fi FPV, which allows you to receive sharp stills and videos directly to your phone.

Two-speed modes, one key take-off and landing, and auto hovering are all included with the U12S. The build quality is excellent as well. It is made of metal, yet the blades bend rather than break when you hit a snag. However, the battery lasts for about 7 to 8 minutes, so you might need a spare battery during operation.

The Altitude Hold Function allows the aircraft to hover automatically. When you take your hands off the controls, the helicopter will maintain its current altitude. The helicopter is more stable for photography and videography when equipped with a Gyroscopic balance bar.

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Final Thoughts

You must understand that RC helicopters are very different from RC airplanes. Depending on the model you choose, RC helicopters are quite inexpensive to purchase. They are quick and adaptable, so they can be used in races, contests, or simply for pleasure.

Today, you can use various RC vehicles for various activities, including acrobats, stunts, and other events. Many people are only familiar with RC cars, trucks, and buggies for stunts and acrobats. You can engage in aerobatics with RC helicopters, which is a different experience entirely.

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