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The Best RC Semi Trucks With & Without Trailers

The Best RC Semi Trucks With & Without Trailers

RC trucks come in different types and sizes; regular trucks, semi-trucks, trailer trucks, and monster trucks. There are RC semi-trucks with trailers, and some are without trailers; there are also regular trucks with trailers. However, in this article, we will be discussing the best RC semi-trucks with and without trailers.

The best RC semi-trucks with trailers are Vokodo RC Semi Truck and Trailer, Roxie RC Transport Trailer Truck, and Fistone RC Truck Semi-trailer. The best RC semi-trucks without trailers are Tamiya Globe Liner RC Semi Truck, Double E RC Mercedes Benz Acros, and Tamiya 1/14 RC King Hauler Semi Truck.

RC semi-trucks look like remote-controlled semi rigs that you drive around; however, some are with trailers while others are without any. These vehicles are powered by either gas, electric, or fuel; however, they all use batteries.

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RC Semi Trucks With Trailers

There are several brands and manufacturers of RC trucks; most manufacturers specialize in regular RC trucks; so, there are few RC semi-trucks available in the market. Nevertheless, below are some of the best RC semi-trucks with trailers that you can purchase.

Vokodo RC Semi Truck and Trailer

Vokodo RC Semi Truck and Trailer is a full-function RC truck that comes ready to run. It uses a 2.4GHz radio system with a control range of 30 meters that prevents inference from other radio signals. The top speed of this vehicle is 8 mph, and it uses premium rubber tires that provide a smooth ride and a strong grip. The trailer of this RC semi-truck is detachable; the truck moves faster when the trailer is detached.

This RC semi-truck and trailer weigh 2 pounds, has a length of 18.3 inches, a width of 3 inches, and a height of 3.8 inches. It has impressive handling, quality, speed, and performance. This RC truck is a 1:16 scale truck and is made from plastic. The charging time of this vehicle is 2.5 hours, and it features a 2-wheel drive system. It has an adjustable front wheel alignment and a realistic design.

Roxie RC Transport Trailer Truck

Roxie RC Transport Trailer Truck is one of the best RC semi-truck trailers; it comes ready to run out of the box. It features LED headlights and tail lights that have an authentic sound effect. This vehicle is a 1/20 scale size truck and has a length of 20 inches, a width of 4 inches, and a height of 3 inches.

It comes with a toy helicopter which makes it a suitable gift for children. This RC semi-truck is highly durable and completely non-toxic. It uses a simple remote control and a 2.4GHz radio signal that allows operation without any signal interference.

You do not have to be a professional RC vehicle operator to operate this RC truck as it is very easy to control. Even children can operate this RC transport trailer truck. Regardless of the simple design of this vehicle, it is very strong and durable and can be operated over any terrain.

Fistone RC Truck Semi-trailer

Fistone RC Truck Semi-trailer is 33.9 inches long, 6.3 inches wide, 7.1 inches high, and weighs 5.84 pounds. Its solid rubber tires have a symmetrical texture that ensures excellent adhesion between the rugged ground and the tires. The trailer body of this truck can be detached by long-pressing the tractor switch button. It also has front and rear lights and turn signals; it uses a two-speed mode switch.

This vehicle uses 2.4GHz remote control technology that allows a remote control distance of 98 feet. It is very durable and impact-resistant. Its charging time is between 3 to 4 hours, while the total run time is between 15 and 20 minutes. You can carry other RC cars on the trailer by pulling the skew plate down to allow the other vehicle to come up. This RC truck comes with a USB charger, a transmitter, and 2 batteries.

How Fast Do RC Semi Trucks Go?

The speed of any RC vehicle depends majorly on the features of that vehicle. When it comes to RC semi-trucks, the size and design also affect the speed of the vehicle. The fuel source of an RC semi-truck also determines the speed. In RC cars, an electric-powered vehicle will move faster than a nitro-powered vehicle. This is different with RC trucks.

A nitro-powered RC semi-truck will move at a top speed ranging from 20 to 60 mph, while an electric-powered RC semi-truck can go at speed between 10 to 50 mph. Each RC semi-truck has a different top speed due to its size, engine type, and battery. Let us take a look at these factors and how they affect the speed of an RC semi-truck.

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Size Of The Vehicle

The size of an RC semi-truck plays an important role in the vehicle's top speed. The heavy part of the vehicle, like metal and aluminum, slows down the vehicle even if you are riding at full speed. Also, operating an RC semi-truck with a trailer will reduce speed as the trailer adds more weight to the vehicle. You can fully disconnect the trailer to enjoy your vehicle at its top speed in cases like this.

Engine Type

The engine of an RC truck refers to the type of motor it is using. There are two types of motors for RC cars; brushed and brushless motors. When your RC semi-truck uses a brushed motor, it will not be as fast as a truck using a brushless motor.

A brushed motor has low power efficiency due to the mechanical limitations of the brushes. On the other hand, a brushless motor does not use any brush, thereby generating more speed for your vehicle.

Battery Type

There are three types of batteries for RC semi-trucks; NiMH, NiCD, and LiPo batteries. LiPo batteries are considered the best as they are lighter and generate more power for the vehicle. The amount of power an RC car battery generates contributes to the speed of the vehicle. Hence, if you want your RC semi-truck to go faster, you can consider using a LiPo battery for it.

What Scale Are Some Of The Most Popular RC Semi Trucks?

RC cars are miniature vehicles of full-sized automobiles; they come in various scale sizes. The scale size of an RC semi-truck refers to the size of the RC vehicle model in comparison with a full-sized automobile of the same model. The bigger the scale size, the smaller the RC car or truck.

Most popular RC semi-trucks have a scale of 1/10, 1/14, and 1/18. Hence, an RC semi-truck with a scale size of 1/14 is 14 times smaller than the full-sized semi-truck it was modeled after. However, you can have two different RC semi-trucks with the same scale size, but they do not have the same size when measured.

In cases like this, it is usually because the vehicles are from different brands and modeled after different sized automobiles; hence, they will not have the same size. So also, an RC semi-truck with a trailer and one without a trailer but with the same scale size cannot have the same actual size when measured. When getting an RC semi-truck, you must get the size suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

RC semi-trucks are as fun and exciting as RC trucks. As difficult as this may sound, you would have a more realistic feeling of operating semi-trucks than you would get with the usual trucks. Getting one with a trailer will help you explore with your RC truck as you can carry different things, including other small RC cars with the truck. However, you can decide to stick with a semi-truck without a trailer.

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