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What Is The Real Flight Simulator? [FIND OUT HERE]

What Is The Real Flight Simulator? [FIND OUT HERE]

A flight simulator refers to software and hardware used to model the actual behavior of airplanes and other spacecraft. A pilot's experience while flying a real plane can be simulated on a computer using flight simulator software and hardware.

Although flight simulators were initially used for pilot training, they have become an essential part of human entertainment. The extreme realism that one gets while using a real flight simulator can be instrumental in researching aircraft characteristics, enhancing the design, and controlling the handling traits of an aircraft.

Playing a flight simulator game can be pretty exciting as it allows you to experience pilots' feelings while operating a real aircraft. Read on to learn more about a real flight simulator.

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How Real Is Flight Simulator

Being in control of an airplane is an exhilarating experience as long as you are assured of your safety. Unfortunately, not many people have the opportunity to fly a real plane, and here is where the flight simulator games come in.

The flight simulator games offer an incredible realism that is out of this world. Enthusiastic gamers describe it as one of the most incredible pieces of technology under the sun. The game is so natural that after playing a couple of them, you would feel like you can effortlessly fly a real plane. No wonder most flight simulator gamers speak as if they are pilots.

The Real World

Even more exciting, the world in these games appears natural. Whatever you see while playing the game accurately represents the real world. Thanks to photogrammetry and satellite images, the developers can accurately infuse an accurate representation of the entire world in the game.

Flight Simulator Games On line

With the excitement of flight simulator games, you do not want to be left behind as far as playing one of these games is concerned. Here are some of the best flight simulator games you might want to try.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

The Microsoft Flight Simulator X was initially released in 2006, and since then, it has been redesigned to be a modern-day darling for many. With this flight simulator game, you hop into your preferred airplane's cockpit and start your flight to over 24,000 destinations.

The aircraft gives you an immersive experience that drives you away from your daily stresses.

The X-plane 11

If you are after an actual flight experience, the X-plane 11 is the best option to embrace. The game has a sleek interface, beautiful-worldwide scenery, true-to-life cockpits, and many more breathtaking features that will make you enjoy every second of the game. The excellent user ratings indicate that you will hardly go wrong by investing in this game.

Infinite Flight

The Infinite Flight is a fantastic flight simulator game for mobile devices. It offers spectacular aerial graphics and an incredibly immersive gameplay experience. Furthermore, it features an excellent range of locations, aircraft, and dynamic atmospheric conditions. If you intend to explore the open world as you advance your aviation knowledge and skills, then Infinite Flight is the game to immerse yourself in fully.

Aerofly FS

Aerofly FS is another awesome flight simulator game that allows you to explore different environmental conditions worldwide. The game allows you to access 200 different airport destinations in the United States of America. In addition, you can fly commercial aircraft, perform stunts, and glide over cities and states as you wish.

The Rise of Flight

The rise of flight is designed to take you back to World War I. As you can imagine, this game is where most of your inputs are intended to suppress your enemy. Despite the warring conditions, the flying simulation game offers astonishing realistic mechanics, graphics, and historically accurate models.

Although the Rise of Flight game lacks modern weapons, there is no doubt that you will find great satisfaction while playing the game. In addition, it can play a significant role in helping sharpen your piloting skills.

The War Thunder

War thunder has evolved to include tanks and naval enjoyments. It gives you a unique opportunity to review your favorite war planes from more than six distinct classes and eight different countries.

Interestingly, your piloting skills need to be on another level to survive multiple player clashes. You should be able to utilize dogfight tactics and perfect maneuvers.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

The realism of the Ace Combat 7 is on a different level. Flight simulator game enthusiasts will tell you that there are a few combat simulators that can offer the true-to-life mechanics and realism of Ace Combat. The game features 3D movements and photorealistic graphics that guarantee a satisfying trip to all combat destinations you will make while playing this game.


FlyInside is the ideal platform for a great and memorable flight simulation game. With this game, you can be sure that at no point will you get disappointed. The game boasts an excellent engine that imitates real-life flying conditions and realistic 3D models to offer you a truly immersive experience for aviation enthusiasts.

The Boeing Flight Simulator 3D

The Boeing Flight Simulator 3D is an intriguing game that will teach you how to fly an airplane like a pilot. The realistic flight simulator game will fully immerse you in the experience of flying a plane. If at all you are passionate about flying real planes, there is no doubt that the Boeing Flight Simulator 3D will serve such an objective right.

Benefits Of Airplane Flying And Landing Games

If you are new to airplane flying and landing games, you are probably wondering about the benefits you can obtain by immersing yourself in these games. The reality is that there are numerous benefits of airplane flying and landing games.


One of the reasons the flight simulator games are gaining traction all over the world is the fact that they are more affordable compared to real flights. We all want to fly and explore the beautiful environment surrounding us, but the cost of taking an airplane to actualize such a dream can be overwhelming. The insurance, maintenance, and flight instructor fees can be overwhelming. With all this, it makes sense to train in a flight simulator game.

Build Memories

Building memories is critical for most people, whether on the air or the road. Remember that a flight simulator gives a real flight experience. Therefore, if anything goes wrong such as a miscommunication with air traffic control or a botched maneuver is okay because you can start the simulator and start again with no dire consequences. Doing the same thing repetitively helps build muscle memory to prevent the mistakes from happening again.

Master The Weather Problems

Most airplane flying and landing games are designed to recreate any weather over different terrain. The significance of this feature is that it enables students to practice essential skills they would need to handle any dire situations when they find their way into the real cockpit.

Prepare For Emergencies

Most people are unable to handle any emergencies because of fear. Playing airplane flying and landing games regularly will prepare such people for crises so that they would not panic whenever they are supposed to make critical decisions.

Airplane failures like engine failures or icing can be dangerous in real life if not handled correctly. Such emergencies are recreated in a safe environment of a flight simulator to help sharpen students' skills in handling such situations.

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Improve Proficiency

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to improve your skills, then the flight simulator games will provide an excellent opportunity to sharpen your skills. Staying for a long time without flying may see you forget some essential flying skills. Fortunately, that is a problem that you can easily avoid by embracing flight simulator games.


Flight simulator games offer a real flight experience. Therefore, if you are looking forward to traversing the skies without spending much money on a real aircraft, flight simulator games should be part of your life. The Boeing Flight Simulator 3D is an excellent flight simulator game that is not likely to disappoint you.