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The Best Remote Control Trucks You Can Buy [Reviewed]

The Best Remote Control Trucks You Can Buy [Reviewed]

A quality remote-control truck is an improvement over RC cars. It makes it possible to move to the next-level driving experience. But what are the best Remote Control Trucks on the market?

The Traxxas Rustler VXL, Traxxas Land Rover Defender, Axial Bomber Monster Truck, JEYPOD Remote Control Truck, BEZGAR TB141 RC Cars, and the Redcat Racing Everest Truck are the best trucks to get. They are designed for excellent off-road performance, boast powerful motors, and are durable and easy to control.

Whether a first-time shopper for an RC truck or a seasoned hobbyist, you will likely get confused by the plethora of RC trucks in the modern market. Read on to acquaint yourself with what it takes to purchase the best RC truck.

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What To Consider When Shopping For RC Trucks

When doing your research online, you will likely see many reviews hyping the performance of various RC trucks. Always remember that the best RC truck for your friend may not be the best for you.

For instance, before you decide on the type of RC truck to purchase, you need to closely look at several issues, including your level of driving skills, the budget, driving routes, the recipient of the RC truck, and many more.

Here are the essential factors that you must consider before purchasing your RC truck.

The Types Of RC Trucks

The first step to purchasing the best RC truck is to ensure you are aware of the different types of trucks. Some types of trucks include short course trucks, rock crawlers, and stadium trucks. As you may have already concluded, the type of RC truck you invest your money in depends on where you intend to drive it.

Safety Features

If you are purchasing the truck for your kids, you must ensure that the manufacturer designed the vehicle with the child's safety in mind. For instance, you need to confirm that the RC truck is durable and that there are no breakable parts that can cause choking to your child.

The Battery Life

You do not want an RC truck that requires charging now and then, as that can interfere with the ecstasy of RC racing. Always ensure that the battery can last you as long as possible.

When deciding on the most appropriate battery for your ventures, you will also need to choose between lithium-based and nickel batteries. If you are into RC truck racing for speed, the Lithium batteries are the best as they can provide consistency and tremendous energy.

Off-Road Functionality

RC trucks are intended for outdoor use, and you need to ensure they have the stamina to handle rocky surfaces. An RC truck with dual motors has increased climbing ability, meaning it can easily handle rough terrain. Further, the shocks and bumpers help the truck effectively handle different obstacles.

The Best Remote Control Trucks You Can Buy

If you are looking for adventurous activities such as rock crawling and traversing rough terrain with a lot of ease, the following RC trucks will not disappoint.

The Axial Bomber Monster Truck

The Axial Bomber Monster truck provides a unique experience to leap over boulders while exploring rugged terrains around your favorite tracks. It features a sturdy shock-absorbing body design that can easily handle any abuse. Generally, the Axial Bomber Monster is built to endure the challenges of racing on rugged terrain.

The Axial Bomber Monster also comes with 3S or 2S LiPo batteries to guarantee maximum power delivery and offer the speed you need for optimum ecstasy. Another interesting feature to note about the Axial Bomber Monster is that it is waterproof in the sense that the steering wheel, electronic components, transmissions, and drive shafts are waterproof.

JEYPOD Remote Control Truck

The JEYPOD Remote Control Truck is another excellent RC truck that is not likely to disappoint you. One trait that distinguishes it from the rest is that it boasts numerous exciting features that an RC truck enthusiast will find interesting. For instance, the RC has the best batteries to guarantee long driving without having to stop and recharge. It also has a durable design capable of withstanding the pressures of riding through rough terrains.

Additional features of the JEYPOD Remote Control Truck include the water-resistance, sturdy design, four rechargeable batteries, shocks, and bumpers. All these features make it almost crash-proof.

Notably, the JEYPOD Remote Control Truck is a perfect product for kids. Hence if you are looking for the best gift for your child, you can never go wrong with this product.

The BEZGAR TB141 RC Cars

If you want an RC truck to guarantee explicit performance with a longer lifespan, then the BEZGAR TB141 RC Car is the truck to get.

The ABS chassis and the reinforced body frame are made of aluminum materials, guaranteeing that you can trust it to serve you for a long time. Other features include the perfect gift for kids, two batteries, a USB charger, and a stable performance feature.

Traxxas Rustler VXL

The Traxxas Rustler VXL is designed to do drifts, burnouts, jumps, and all other social activities that you can hardly achieve by an ordinary RC car. In addition, there are advantages associated with the Traxxas Rustler VXL that make it stand out from its rivals.

First, the repair parts are readily available and at a reasonable price. Secondly, the RC truck features the latest transmission containing all the metal gears, increasing the machine's longevity. Additional pros include; you can drive it anywhere from yards to tracks, incredible speed, and all-round performance.

Traxxas Land Rover Defender

The Traxxas Land Rover Defender gives you a feel of what it is like to own a Land Rover Defender. The TRX-4 steel chassis indicates that the truck is designed to stay. The military Hummer that provides maximum ground clearance is one feature that makes the Traxxas Land Rover Defender popular among many RC enthusiasts. Further, the dual-fit battery tray can hold the battery so that you can adjust its weight accordingly.

The Best Remote Control Dump Truck

When it comes to the remote-control dump truck, the power, battery life, performance, and cost are some of the critical considerations you must make for the best choice.

The Top Race Remote Control Truck with 6 channels is the best remote control dump truck. With the incredible ability to carry a heavy load on rocks, the ability to move backward, forward, right, and left with real sounds and high performance makes it worthy of your investment. In addition, the Top Race Remote Control Truck features a large battery made of nickel hydride metal that has several benefits compared to other batteries.

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Remote Control Semi Truck

If you love haulers, the remote control semi-truck is designed for people like you. Generally, the remote control semi truck comes either fully assembled or ready to be assembled to provide you with an exhilarating building experience.

Since there are many remote control semi trucks in the market, here is a list of the top 4 to choose from.


Monster Truck Remote Control

Although RC cars are generally fun, the RC monster trucks offer high-level ecstasy, considering they offer the liberty to ride on any terrain. Remember to pay attention to transmitters, size, and style when shopping for RC monster trucks.

You can never go wrong with the Laegendary Triton 4×4 Off Road Monster Truck if you want a sturdy RC monster truck that offers optimum performance.

Final Thoughts

Whether purchasing the RC truck for your kid or yourself, it is crucial to ensure you get the value for your money. Purchasing from reputable brands and paying attention to the battery life, safety features, and off-road functionality will help make the right decision. The Traxxas Rustler VXL is our recommendation for the best RC truck as it is designed with performance and durability in mind.