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RV Mattress Vs. Regular Mattress [Differences Explained]

RV Mattress Vs. Regular Mattress [Differences Explained]

Bringing your regular mattress is one of the easiest ways to save money when camping in your RV. And you get to snuggle in a familiar bed, so that is a double win. However, there are some differences between an RV mattress and a regular one.

First is the size – a regular mattress is five or six inches longer than one for an RV because space is everything. A regular mattress and one for your camper may share similar tags, but their sizes tell them apart. An RV mattress also has a lighter weight to avoid straining the vehicle's engine.

Whether your reason is saving money or enjoying your home comfort while away, an RV mattress is significantly different from a regular one. So, depending on the size and weight, you may be unable to bring the one in your bedroom.

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Are RV Mattress Sizes Different?

Yes, RV mattress sizes are different. Even the regular ones have varying sizes, weights, and shapes. Here are some of the different sizes on the market:

RV Bunk

An RV bunk is the better option for campers with children. And like regular bunk beds, this option is available in many sizes, including 28" by 75", 30" by 75", 30" by 80", and 35" by 75".

RV Full

Like every other RV mattress, the RV full-sized bed is smaller than its regular counterpart. It measures 53" by 75". A standard full-size mattress is only an inch wider than the one designed for a camper. But this is one of the most suitable options for an adult sleeper.


The three-quarter mattress measures 48" by 75", making it smaller than a full mattress but bigger than an RV bunk. It is more suitable for a camper that needs to optimize space.

RV Short Queen

It is called the RV short Queen because it is five inches shorter than the conventional RV queen mattress. It measures 60" by 75" and would be suitable for two adults who are not so tall. This size and dimension are ideal for an RV with less space without giving up comfort.

RV Queen

An RV Queen-sized mattress is just like the regular one. It measures 60" by 80," and its larger size may make it less-than-ideal if you want to optimize RV space.

RV Short King

The RV short king measures 72" by 75". It is five inches shorter than the conventional Rv king mattress, making it ideal for a smaller camper. Two adult sleepers will enjoy their sleep at night, and there will still be enough room to walk freely during the day.

RV King

This is one of the more popular choices, measuring 72" by 80". However, what differentiates it from a typical mattress is that it is four inches shorter in length.

Regardless, an RV king mattress is one of the common sizes, and it accommodates people of average height or shorter. Or you could opt for this specification if you are trying to manage space in your camper.

RV California King

An RV California king mattress measures 72" by 84", making it narrower and longer than the standard RV king mattress. It may also be lighter, but it is ideal when you have just enough space for an additional four inches.

Camping Mattress Sizes

There are different sizes of mattresses for sale to RVers, depending on the type of material, size, weight, and shape. And the one you choose depends on how tall the sleepers are, their number, the size of your camper, how much you can afford, and your sleeping position.

The camping mattress sizes include the RV bunk, full-size, three-quarters, queen, short queen, king, eastern, western, California, Alaska, and Wyoming, even though the latter options are more subtypes of camping king mattresses.

The RV bunks measure between 28" to 35" in width and have a universal length of 75 inches. It is ideal for smaller sleepers like children.

Moreover, if you are living in your RV alone, you may try the full-sized mattress; the 53" by 75" dimension will comfortably house an adult sleeper or two.

But for people traveling in a large group, perhaps a family or set of friends, the "location" mattresses may have been made for you. Depending on your number, you only need the Alaska, Texas, or Wyoming mattresses.

They all promise enough sleeping room for all, the largest being the Alaskan RV mattress. It is 144 inches wide and 84 inches long but is ideal for larger campers.

The Texas king mattress measures 80" by 98", while the Wyoming and California king mattresses have dimensions of 84" by 84" and 72" by 84" respectively.

Alternatively, you can choose the more conventional sizes, like the RV king and queen or the short version.

RV Mattress

Compared to your regular mattress, there are some differences in the weight, size, and shape of an RV mattress. There is a reason for it, though. The conventional mattress is heavier and thus often unsuitable for use in an RV. This avoids adding to the gross trailer weight rating, commonly called the GTWR.

Depending on the type of RV mattress, it may be four to six inches smaller than its conventional or regular counterpart. Typically, when you buy an RV, you get a mattress. However, many people have complained that it is too thin and uncomfortable, though it was designed to fit into RVs.

Fortunately, there are manufacturers of RV mattresses, and they offer different specifications and sizes. RVers can attest that this is a preferred option compared to trimming your regular mattress to fit the bed platform in your camper.

RV Bunk Bed Size

Another common type of mattress you will often find in a camper or RV is a bunk bed. The reason is apparent – it is portable and leaves enough room in your RV for other things.

Alternatively, you may choose a bunk bed because you have a child or children in your camper. Needless to say, there are many sizes of RV bunk beds:

  • 28" by 75"
  • 30" by 75"
  • 30" by 80"
  • 34" by 75"
  • 35" by 79"

All these size options show that the width has been designed to accommodate a single sleeper. The varying lengths are custom dimensions for taller people.

You can choose the shorter length if you are of average height. That way, you can save money and maximize your camper space.

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Travel Trailer Size Chart

Your tow vehicle will transport any travel trailer that does not exceed 75 percent of its maximum weight. Typically, a trailer that is forty feet long is ideal for any road exploration.

It can carry about 7,000 to 10,000 pounds, which is more than enough room for five to seven people. If your trailer is no larger than this, parking will not be challenging, whether at a campsite or your driveway.

Travel Trailer Size Chart

Trailer size Weight Number of users
12 ft 1300 pounds Two to five
15 ft 1650 pounds Two to five
18 ft 2300 pounds Two to five
22 ft 2750 pounds Four to seven
26 ft 4100 pounds Four to seven
30 ft 4900 pounds Four to seven
38 ft 8500 pounds Nine to twelve
40 ft 10495 pounds Nine to twelve

Final Thoughts

RV mattresses are not costly, but you may consider spending less by bringing your regular mattress from home. People who have used it often testify that it hangs off the space allocated for beds; some of them had to cut off the excess.

Needless to say, RV mattresses were designed for the RV. This means they are the ideal weight, size, and shape for a camper's lifestyle.