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Skytracker Drone: These Are Everyone's Favorite

Skytracker Drone: These Are Everyone's Favorite

Drones are one of the most popular remote-controlled vehicles in the world today. However, different types of drones are used for different purposes such as photography, videography, search and rescue, surveillance, firefighting, and other personal reasons.

Skytracker drone is a type of drone that can be used for astrophotography. Everyone loves these drones because they have one of the sharpest cameras. They can also fly higher than most drones and take sharper and clearer pictures. However, these drones are manufactured by a few brands.

You use a Skytracker drone for astronomical imaging, which is the photography of astronomical objects, celestial events, or other areas of the night sky. Let us dive into the Skytracker drones.

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Skytracker Drone

There are several brands and manufacturers of drones; each drone differs and has different functions and uses. However, the Skytracker drone is only manufactured by one company and has only one type, Skytracker.

Vivitar DRC-445 VTI Skytracker GPS Drone

Vivitar DRC-445 VTI Skytracker GPS Drone is a mini drone with a length of 15 inches, a width of 16.25 inches, a height of 6 inches, and a weight of 2.79 pounds. This drone uses a brushless motor that makes less noise and offers 3-speed settings. These settings allow you to have more stability and control during operation.

It is the right drone for beginners and advanced operators; you can operate it indoors and outdoors. It has a flight time of 16 minutes, and its camera has a maximum range of 1000 feet which is very impressive compared to other drones. It has an in-built GPS that allows the one-tap fly and follow me functions.

The follow-me function, once activated, allows the drone to follow you around without you controlling it. It also has the return to home mode; this mode allows the drone to return to you with the help of its GPS automatically. This mode helps reduce the risk of any accidents or collisions during operations.

The Vivitar DRC-445 VTI Skytracker GPS Drone uses an HD camera that allows you to take clear shots. With this drone's camera, you can take photos, record, and stream in 720 pixels directly to your mobile devices without distortion or blurring. You have to download the mobile application on your device to do this.

The application makes the drone easy to use and control. This drone uses a Lithium-ion battery and comes with a user's manual, a remote control, a USB charger, and an extra set of blades. It has one button take-off and landing feature.

Skytracker Drone Review

Since only one Skytracker drone is available, we will look at the reviews. The Vivitar DRC-445 VTI Skytracker GPS Drone can be purchased from Amazon and Walmart. Several people from different countries have purchased this drone, and some have left some reviews on this drone. These reviews are from the Amazon website.

This drone has a 45 percent 5-star rating, 19 percent 4-star rating, 13 percent 3-star rating, 8 percent 2-star rating, and 15 percent 1-star rating. A customer gave a critical review on this drone; he said the drone is great when set up correctly but has no immediate kill switch, and the GPS rarely works. He gave the drone a 3-star rating.

Another customer said the drone is great and one of his best so far. A customer stated that this drone was his first drone, and it still flies perfectly. Other customers posted reviews complaining about the drone's camera and not having an HD camera.

There are also reviews on the VTI Skytracker GPS Drone at Walmart. A customer at Walmart gave a review on this drone, stating that it is so much fun to operate and a great gift for a techy teenager. He said he gave it as a gift to his nephew, who enjoys operating it, and his other nephew also uses the drone for filming.

Another customer who gave this drone a 4-star rating said it is fast and easy to control. He also stated that the GPS tracker app of the drone is perfect and accurate; however, he mentioned that the picture quality of the camera needs improvement. Other customers have also stated how easy it is to operate the drone and that it is fun to fly.

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Where To Get Skytracker Drone Parts

If you need to get parts for your VTI Skytracker GPS Drone, you might be wondering where to get those parts. However, getting parts for this particular drone is very easy as there are several online stores where you can order any drone part of your choice.

You can get spare parts for the VTI Skytracker GPS Drone at eBay, Amazon, Walmart, kingsdrone, picclick, and Vivitar online store. These online stores provide these drone parts at affordable prices; however, the part you want to purchase determines which store you will visit.

How Does Sky Tracker Drone Work?

After unboxing the VTI Skytracker GPS Drone, you will notice you have a drone body, a drone battery, a remote, a charging cable, a small screwdriver, the drone camera, a landing gear, propeller guards, and extra propellers. The first thing to do is put 4 AA batteries into the remote and make sure the drone battery is fully charged.

You use the USB cable to charge the drone battery; the battery is full once the lights turn solid. Next, attach the drone camera by sliding it into the slot at the bottom of the drone. Once the camera is secure, connect the camera wire to the port at the bottom of the drone; make sure the connection is secure.

After attaching the camera, you can attach the propeller guards and the landing gear. Turn the landing gear in towards the drone until it snaps in place, then your drone is ready for operation. However, first, you have to calibrate the drone and pair it with its remote control. When calibrating, make sure you are outside in an area free from magnetic interference.

To begin calibrating, power on the drone and the remote control; make sure the drone is on a flat surface during this process. To pair the drone with the remote, press up and pull down on the left joystick of the remote; the drone will make a beeping sound to show it has been paired.

If you take images and videos with this drone, you will have to connect the drone to your mobile device. To do this, you will have to first download the mobile application on your mobile device. After downloading it, you should connect your drone to your mobile device using the app, and you can freely take images that will be saved on your device.

How High Can The Skytracker Drone Go?

The VTI Skytracker GPS Drone can fly as high as 1000 feet. This height is pretty impressive compared to other hobby drones, which can only fly as high as 400 feet.

However, the wind, the weight of the drone, and the altitude also affect how high the drone will fly. It is advisable not to fly as high as 1000 feet as it is illegal in most states in the United States.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in Sky tracking, there are different ways to go about it, and one of them is getting a Skytracker drone. The best Skytracker drone you can get is the Vivitar DRC-445 VTI Skytracker GPS Drone; it is available for sale at Amazon, Walmart, and Vivitar Online store at affordable prices. Skytrackers are unique types of drones, and you will have a great time operating one.