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What Is A Slot Car Track [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

What Is A Slot Car Track [WHEN AND WHY YOU NEED ONE?]

A motorized miniature vehicle driving on a track and directed by a slot or groove is known as a slot car. The car's bottom has a blade or pin that extends into the slot. The vast majority of slot vehicles are employed in the competitive sport of slot racing; however, some are used to represent highway traffic on picturesque layouts.

A slot car track is a racing track for slot cars; they are usually used for the sport of slot racing. Slot racing is a thrilling, engaging pastime for motor enthusiasts and everyone who enjoys speed. Slots and grooves on a planned track layout known as a slot car track direct the automobiles.

A low-voltage electric engine concealed inside the vehicle is often controlled by the driver using a handheld controller. Each car travels on a separate lane with a unique guide slot; however, some tracks allow cars to be in the same lane.

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How To Build A Slot Car Track

Building a slot car track is ideal for you if you are into slot racing and love constructing things. A 4 x 8 12 inches thick plywood piece that is solid on a side and several 2 x 4 pieces needed to support the table are the first items you will purchase. Try to select one with softwood, and the 2x4s should be straight.

For construction and track assembly, use a screw with a coarse thread type. The track's bottom must first be primed, then left to dry. Use Marquee water-based paint to paint the top. If your set includes an overpass, you will need to construct an extra side piece, as seen in the picture.

Make sure that this extra section of the track is attached to the frame when you create it so you can disassemble it later. Use the screws to construct the shelf beneath the table for storage. In order to locate the screws, if you ever need to disassemble the track, do not paint over them.

Care must be given when constructing the track on the table to ensure that every piece of the track fits perfectly at the end. It is best to begin laying the track that leads the cars ahead 13 inches from the edge of the track to the edge of the table. Measure the digital control unit farther from the end of the track first, leaving space for mounting additional components.

To ensure that the track is exactly straight, carefully measure the starting dimensions of the track, how long is the straight line, and join the start and the end using a plum line. A connector piece must be purchased separately to prevent the track from shifting. Afterward, carry out your layout.

If your measurements are accurate, the track should be completely connected, and the exterior track for engine failures should be built at the same time. Use a DAP wood filler to repair any minor cracks. This is applied with a spreader, compacted, and allowed to sit for four to five minutes.

Then, smoothen it precisely by rubbing a damp sponge over it. Smoothen it out if necessary with fine sandpaper before painting it with any liquid flat black. You might want to decorate the track in certain spots to indicate car tire wear. To attach the track to the table, use the long sheet metal screws.

Use a 1-inch dowel to create a push-down pad, and attach a piece of 44 foam board with glue; the grass will be rubbed down with this. Now, build your bridge overpass and the fencing. The fencing is the hardest element of creating the arrangement; hence, get a professional to help you.

What Is The Best Slot Car Track To Buy?

You require a slot car track if you enjoy anything motorized due to the enjoyment that slot car tracks may provide. Not just for children but the entire family. People ages 8 to 108 find it enjoyable; that is how thrilling these race cars are. Below are some of the best slot car tracks you can buy.

Carrera Go Victory Lane Car Track

One of the best slot car tracks to buy is the Carrera Go Victory Lane Car Track. The track length is 28.22 feet, and it is prepared to race right from the box. All kids will enjoy this track set's excitement; the two battery-operated slot cars that come with this track seem remarkably authentic.

Your kids will adore how these cars look and how quickly they move; these slot cars can travel up to 370 mph on a scale. This slot track's lengthy straightaways, banked bends, an intersection, and a chicane will keep your kids entertained for hours. This can make a fantastic group exercise because of the head-to-head competition.

To ensure an all-out wonderful time, invite the friends and relatives of your kids to the game. By using enlargement sets, attachments, and many extra vehicles, your kids can personalize these track components.

One box has everything your kids require to have fun with this race course. Thanks to the vehicles, hand controls, and track components, your children will be prepared to play once the box is delivered.

Scalextric App Control Slot Track

The Scalextric App Control Slot Track is another excellent slot car track you can buy. More functions and customized upgrades are available through an app with this digital setup. Up to six racers can compete on this Digital Slot Race Track Set for more fun and excitement.

Four automobiles are included in the package, but additional ones can be purchased individually. Download the ARC application and link your tablet or smartphone to the ARC powerbase to access more features and have complete leverage over your races.

Slot Car Race Track

Other characteristics and components of slot cars vary depending on the producer and the time the car was created. Most slot car tracks are constructed from snap-together portions of the molded plastic track. This enables the racer to alter its track as desired.

The guiding slots for the cars are routed into sheet material, typically either a chipboard or medium-density fiberboard, on the racing tracks, which are frequently hand-built. The power source normally delivers voltage and one or two amps to the track.

Most kids have the attention span and eye-hand coordination necessary to learn the racing techniques by the time they are six years old. However, with a straightforward track layout, anyone can learn to drive safely and enjoy their sport. For novices to master the basics of accelerating, braking, and managing speed through turns, an oval track may sometimes be the ideal option.

Once some talent has been acquired, a more complex and difficult course can be enjoyed. Unfortunately, many sets lack a beginner-friendly track layout. The advantage of a plastic racetrack is setting up a short oval to practice on first, then enlarging the layout by balancing the track to create a more difficult circuit.

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Tyco Slot Car Track

Tyco toys used to be an American toy manufacturer; one major specialty was slot cars and their racing tracks. This toy manufacturing company has existed since the nineties and has released several excellent and sleek-looking slot cars and produced several amazing slot car tracks. However, this company shut down a few years ago and has no slot car track in production.

Final Thoughts

Scaled electric vehicles with an electric motor are known as slot cars. With a speed controller, the racer can make the car move faster or slower by applying more or less pressure to the trigger. These miniature cars compete in races on a slot car track with a routed track. To complete the course without colliding, veering off the track, or halting is the aim of the game.