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All-terrain vehicles encompass different types of four-wheel machines designed to transverse rough terrains. ATVs have handlebars to control the steering, seat/seats to accommodate the rider/passengers, and four low-pressure tires. Further, they come in different types, including the Youth, small, standard, and large ATVs.

The small ATVs are typically 65-70 inches long and 40-43 inches wide. However, when most ATV enthusiasts are talking about the size of an ATV, they are not referring to the physical width and length of the machine. Instead, they compare the sizes of the ATVs using engine displacement and power.

Whether you are out to purchase a small ATV or want a particular All-terrain Vehicle to help you achieve given objectives, you need to learn a lot to make the right decision. This article provides all the essential information about small ATVs, so you are sure what you are getting to.

Although the small ATVs look similar to larger versions, they are characterized by several performance alterations that set them apart. For instance, they have a simplified fueling process to ensure that the younger stars can easily use them.

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How Much Does A Small ATV Cost

One of the critical factors that you will have to consider when shopping for an ATV is the price. While some people consider the price to gauge affordability, others use it as a reflection of the efficiency of the ATV that they want to buy.

The general price of a small ATV is about $3000. However, the price depends on various factors, such as the model and features of the ATV. The more aggressive an ATV is, the costlier it becomes.

Here are some of the factors that influence the cost of a small ATV;

The Brand And Manufacturer

Since ATVs have become quite popular in the recreational industry, many brands and manufacturers are working hard to meet the high demand of consumers. Even though the ATVs from different brands may be similar in several aspects, their price will always differ. The brands that have established their industry reputations tend to have a high product price tag.

Specialized Features

Another critical factor that will determine the price tag of an ATV is the kind of features that it has. A small quad with specialized modern features will sell at a higher price than the one with standard features. Some of the features that you may want to pay attention to include;

  • Twin cylinder vs. single cylinder
  • Liquid-cooled vs. air-cooled
  • Electronic vs. carbureted fuel injection
  • Power steering vs. no power steering
  • Four-wheel vs. two-wheel drive
  • Bumpers for extra ATV protection
  • Lights for riding during nights
  • Specialized wheels for specific trail riding

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How To Turn Your ATV Into A Small Tractor

An ATV is very diverse when it comes to usability. Besides using your ATV for mobility, you can easily convert it into a small tractor. Generally, you can use an ATV to handle some of the activities that would have required a tractor to execute. To convert your ATV into a small tractor, you will need several attachments, including the following;

  • Trailer – The body structure of an ATV does not have a bed that you can use to carry a lot of loads. Therefore, to convert the ATV into a smaller tractor, you will require a trailer attachment to carry bigger and bulkier loads, such as sacks of firm produce, wood, hay, and fence posts.
  • Plow – if you intend to use your STV to prepare land for sowing seeds, then the plow is a necessary attachment that you will need. When deciding on the plow to attach to your ATV, you must ensure that your ATV can effectively handle the weight of the plow. Additional cultivation attachments you might require are the harrow, tiller, and disc.
  • Snow Plow – The snow plow is another typical ATV attachment that you may require to convert your ATV into a small tractor. A quality snow plow will make it easy to eliminate snow from your farm or driveway.
  • Lawn Mower – if you have large yards or parks, attaching a lawn mower to your ATV will give you an easy time maintaining the grass in the yards.

Tips For Buying Small Side By Side ATV

Whether you intend to use the small side-by-side ATV for recreational purposes or other tasks, you must ensure that you invest in the best. With the wide range of options in the modern market, picking the best small side-by-side ATVs will require some research. The following tips can also make your work easy.

Take The Side By Side ATV For A Ride

The first step is to take the ATV for a test drive to be sure that you are dealing with a suitable machine. When testing the efficiency of the side-by-side, you will need to pay close attention to several functionalities of the ATV, including starting, stopping, smoke, slippage, speed, and stability.

Examine The Driveline

A quality side-by-side should have the power to withstand the challenges of rugged terrain. In other words, the ATV should be equipped with axles and CV boots. Ensuring that the driveline is in perfect condition guarantees you do not hear any disturbing noise from it. Generally, ensure that the CV boots are not cracked, and the axle should be in perfect condition to ensure that the ATV can handle any pressure that the trails may throw your way.

Inspect The Tires

The quality of tires can influence the performance of the small side-by-side ATV. Therefore, you should check to ensure that the tires are of the right quality and that they will not wear out as soon as you start using the ATV.

The Availability Of Custom Parts

Lastly, you need to ensure that the side-by-side has available custom parts so that you do not have a hard time accessing the parts whenever you want to customize the ATV. Moreover, the ATV may experience mechanical problems during your riding adventures. Hence the need for readily available custom parts.

Tips For Buying A Small ATV Trailer

A quality small ATV trailer will serve as a mode of transport for your small ATV from one point to another. Since there is a wide range of ATV trailers in the modern market, you need to know what to consider making the right decision. Here are essential tips you will need to consider making the right decision.

  • The right Category – there are many categories of ATV trailers in the market. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the right Category for your ATV to be sure that it will serve your purpose.
  • Choose Durability Over Appearance – A small ATV trailer is a long-term investment. Therefore, instead of choosing based on the trailer's appearance, you should go for durability. A durable trailer is safe and can offer high resistance to climatic conditions that may see your trailer deteriorate at a high rate.
  • The Quality of Tires – The trailer tires are also essential because they guarantee the machine's sturdiness while also influencing the amount of load it can tolerate.

Why Small Quads Are Ideal For Your Kid

Purchasing small quads for your kids comes with numerous benefits. For instance, if you want your kids to get active outdoors instead of spending most of their time with smartphones, the small quads can be an alternative. Some of the benefits of small quads for kids include the following;

  • Boosting their confidence through regular racing
  • Encourages the kids to explore and learn from nature
  • It promotes discipline among the little ones
  • Creates happiness and joy among the young generation
  • Kids will learn the concept of practice makes perfect


Now that you have a good understanding of small ATVs, ensure that you invest in the ones that meet your needs. This may entail conducting extensive research and getting your small quads from reputable brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, and Kawasaki.