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Top 6 Small Class A RVs You Can Buy [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Top 6 Small Class A RVs You Can Buy [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Although Class A RVs are the biggest RVs available, they also come in smaller sizes. Mini Class A RVs are typically at or under 30 feet long, while some could be roughly 45 feet long. Class A RVs are often recognized for their exterior carriage design and panoramic windscreens. They are shorter than their larger counterparts.

The top 6 small Class A RVs you can buy include Jayco 29V Precept Class A RV, Winnebago 26M Intent Class A RV, Coachmen RV Precision Pursuit Class A Gas RV, Thor Coach Motor Axis Class A Motorhome, Fleetwood Flair 28A Class A Motorhome, Thor 25.6 Vegas Class A RV, and, Winnebago 29V Sunstar.

Class A RVs are built on robust chassis so you can have a lovely journey. They are often the most abundant 18-wheel trucks. Each wheel measures roughly more than twenty inches. So, anyone considering a luxury vacation may choose this to savor a trip with friends and relatives.

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What Class Is A Small RV?

Large, self-propelled recreational vehicles or RVs are known as motorhomes. They can have all the amenities you want, resemble studio apartments or tiny houses, and surpass even the largest fifth-wheel RVs in square footage alone. The four motorhome classifications currently available are Class A, Class B, Class B+, and Class C.

Class B Motorhomes

Class B RVs are the smallest class of RVs and are considered small RVs. On the road, they resemble an enormous family van and are also referred to as van campers. Class B motorhomes typically start at roughly $50,000, are 18 to 24 feet long, and can sleep up to four people simultaneously.

For explorers wishing to travel off the main road, Class B motorhomes are simple to park, consume less gas than Class A RVs, and make free parking and parched camping simpler. Compared to Class A or Class C motorhomes, Class B motorhomes produce a smaller bedroom for the owners.

Class B vehicles are more affordable and simpler to operate because of their smaller size, especially concerning parking and gas mileage. They lack the room, storage, and space in larger campers and motorhomes. A Class B will not provide enough comfortable space for you to journey in if you are traveling with a large family or group of friends.

Class B vehicles frequently lack the roomy facilities found in Class A vehicles because they are frequently modest. With the correct floor layout and some ingenuity, it is still possible to include the essentials like a bedroom, dining area, bathroom, and kitchen.

Class B vehicles are also simpler, less expensive, and do not need any form of specialized driver's license. Ford Transits, Ram Promaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters are now the primary building blocks for many Class B RVs in the US.

Best Small Class A RV

Small Class A RVs are more common than you may imagine; many boats under 32 feet long are ideal for solitary people, pairs, or families. They fulfill all the requirements of a larger Class A in a more practical, compact form. Below are some of the best small class A RVs.

Jayco 29V Precept Class A RV

On paper, the Jayco 29V Precept Class A RV's single slide-out segment might appear underwhelming, particularly when you consider that most of the rivals have 2 or 3. However, a closer inspection reveals that the slide-out portion extends the full length of the vehicle; this makes the most of the interior space and amenities.

In the back, there is a main bedroom with a king-size bed. It features a large entertainment center and a lot of wardrobe area. It is parked directly across from the roomy bathroom, with a sizable shower, a flushing toilet, and a vanity. The kitchen has a three-burner stove, an above microwave, and a 12-cubic foot refrigerator.

Even the sink has two basins; the pantry is on the smaller side while having a good quantity of ceiling storage. A convertible sofa and a 36-inch TV with a dinette table are located in the front of the vehicle.

Coachmen RV Precision Pursuit Class A Gas RV

Two electric slide-out sections on the Coachmen RV Precision Pursuit Class A Gas RV help open up the floor design and give the impression that this tiny Class A Motorhome is genuinely a home on wheels. It features many of the conveniences you would expect from a very agile car.

Coachmen RV Precision Pursuit Class A Gas RVs rear main suite is integrated into one of the slide-out sections. This frees up space for a king-sized bed, and a 32-inch LED plasma TV installed on the wall. Although you may counter that because the king-size bed takes up so much floor area, there may not be much space for moving around and getting dressed.

Additionally, the mattress' corner is quite close to the door, which could make it challenging to adjust the bed occasionally. It has a sturdy mid-size RV absorption refrigerator, a three-burner stove with an integrated oven, and a sizable single-basin sink.

Thor Coach Motor Axis Class A Motorhome

The Thor Coach Motor Axis Class A Motorhome is rather compact for a Class A Motorhome. With a mere 25.5 feet in length and a 15.67-foot wheelbase, this Class A motorhome on an E450 chassis is remarkably agile. It is a fantastic option for a small RV park slab or a tight campground.

The Thor Coach Motor Axis Class A Motorhome's rear sleeping area is adaptable. You can arrange it with two twin beds if you like, or turn the sleeping area into one Large king bed. You can even watch movies in bed thanks to a 32-inch LED plasma TV on one wall; the kitchen and bathroom are small, as you might think, but not so little that they feel claustrophobic.

Small Class A RV Diesel

New diesel RVs shorter than 35 feet long are available on the market, offering the best of both worlds: you have the dependability, status, luxury, and power that come with having a diesel recreational vehicle while you gain the option to stay in parks with length restrictions. Below are some small class A diesel RVs.

Fleetwood 33D Pace Arrow

The XCS chassis from Freightliner is where the Pace Arrow 33D starts, but that is also when the real fun starts. Fleetwood makes the Power Bridge chassis by adding an elevated design to the chassis. The manufacturer asserts that this higher design offers owners greater handling, vast storage, higher holding-tank capabilities, and an all-around more comfortable ride.

The 33D is a double layout with many add-ons that can enhance livability. With the full drop-down out the front, the couch bed and diner in the living room, and the giant bed in the main bedroom, lodging for about eight people is a pleasant option.

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Newmar Ventana 3426 LE RV

One wants comfort and ease when looking for a diesel pusher. One might not anticipate finding a king bed in a little diesel pusher, but the Ventana 3426 LE does just that. You will not even notice a change because it accomplishes this throughout by "lending" space from unnoticeable regions.

The patio-facing dinette, which can easily accommodate four people with two regular and two lawn chairs, is positioned above a big curbside window, contributing to the interior's openness and airiness. The full-wall slide is located streetside.

Final Thoughts

The key advantage of owning a tiny Class A RV is maneuverability. With one of these vehicles, you may fit into small campsites and squeeze through confined parking spaces more readily. These coaches are the ideal choice for couples as well. If you are not taking children, you would not need the twin beds, additional bathrooms, or several sofas that bigger motorhomes offer.