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Trail Snowmobiles: Brands, Prices, Specs & More

Trail Snowmobiles: Brands, Prices, Specs & More

Trail snowmobiles are a type of all-terrain vehicle (ATVs); however, unlike other ATVs that can be operated across various terrains, Trail snowmobiles are for snow and icy terrains. A trail snowmobile is a vehicle that combines performance and touring into one machine; there are several brands and models of this vehicle.

Some brands of trail snowmobiles are Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, and Yamaha. The price of trail snowmobiles ranges from $7000 to $16000; they are usually heavier, deliver much power and strength, and provide smooth cornering and ride. It is an appropriate choice for operation in groomed trails. 

A trail snowmobile combines most of the best features of a sport and touring snowmobiles, making it an excellent vehicle. However, you cannot just get a trail snowmobile as they are suitable for a particular purpose.

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Best Snowmobile For Trail Riding

Trail riding involves riding along a trail; it might be with a horse, car, or in this case, a snowmobile. However, not all snowmobiles are suitable for trail riding; you will need to get a trail snowmobile. There are different brands and models of snowmobiles for trail riding; below are some.

Yamaha Sidewinder

The Yamaha Sidewinder is regarded as one of the fastest snowmobiles; it uses a Genesis turbo 4 stroke engine that provides amazing performance and incredible power. It uses a clutch system that ensures you have a durable operation; its suspensions are adjustable and have increased ground clearance. It has a chassis that ensures the mass is centralized.

The suspension of this snowmobile comes with a solid rear axle and big rear wheels that provide enough strength for operation. Its tunnel design is tapered, ensuring you have more legroom and comfort, boosting your overall riding position and posture. Its heated trail seats provide comfort and warmth during operation in cold weather.

This snowmobile features a stealth control system that allows you to brake without any difficulty. The drag is reduced when driving at high speed as this vehicle has a ripsaw track that reduces weight and wind resistance. It also features a keel ski that balances the handling and the steering.

Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Snowmobile

The Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Snowmobile is one of the best snowmobiles for trail riding and is also considered one of the best-looking snowmobiles. Its body panel consists of aggressive aerodynamic lines and a set of incredible LED headlights. Its windscreen also has an incredible design and is sloped. This vehicle has an electric start mechanism which is incredible for a snowmobile.

This vehicle has a lightweight narrow design that increases its belt life and performance. Its newly featured Adapt CVT system ensures smooth power delivery and an improved throttle response. The shocks of this vehicle allow you to easily change terrain and enjoy your ride regardless of your riding style.

The additional accessories that come with the Arctic Cat ZR 8000 Snowmobile are a heated driver's seat, side panel wind deflector, goggle holder, ice scratchers, rear rack, visor plug-ins, passenger seat, mirrors, and tow hitch. This vehicle can be powered electrically by just pushing a button; it comes in either color green or white.

Polaris Switchback Assault

The Polaris Switchback Assault is an excellent snowmobile for trail riding; it is one of the most customizable snowmobiles on the market. Unlike some snowmobiles that cannot function properly in deep snow, this vehicle has a traction of 144 inches, allowing operation in deeper snow without any issues.

It uses a horizontal in-line 2 stroke engine that delivers the right amount of power required for a smooth operation. Its engine has a displacement of 840cc; this vehicle comes with a fuel injector. It uses a continuously variable transmission type that increases the throttle response and ensures a smooth power delivery.

This snowmobile provides genuine excitement for the operator in its supreme balance, crossover riding, ideal weight transfer, and incredible reactiveness. It is one of the most engaging and entertaining snowmobiles in the market. The chassis of this vehicle is very strong, durable, and performs several functions which guarantee a smooth, enjoyable ride.

Yamaha Venom Snowmobile

Yamaha Venom Snowmobile is most people's favorite snowmobile for trail riding. It has all the amazing features a snowmobile should have and a cool name. One of the main advantages of this snowmobile is that it is affordable for all regardless of its incredible features. It is electrically powered; you need to push the start button.

This vehicle is extremely lightweight and mostly suitable for young and beginner riders. It has some excellent features like the tuned exhaust and a detonation sensor which allows you to enjoy an excellent and reliable performance. It features a counterbalance shaft that removes unwanted vibration and ensures smooth power delivery.

The Yamaha Venom is designed to keep its weight down; hence it features an alloy chassis to help keep the weight down while providing adequate durability and function. This vehicle has a 44-liter fuel capacity and an EFI engine, implying an extended operation period.

Ski-Doo Renegade Sport

The Ski-Doo Renegade Sport is an excellent snowmobile for all-day riding comfort, fun-filled performance, and sharp trail handling. It is an excellent snowmobile for trail riding; it has a liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 600 ACE engine. The front and rear suspensions in this vehicle are designed to absorb shocks during operation.

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The handlebars of this vehicle are made from aluminum and are U-shaped with j hooks; it uses a Brembo brake that has a stainless-steel braided brake line. The starter of this vehicle is electric; however, its reverse is mechanical. This snowmobile has a fuel tank of 36 liters which guarantees a longer operation time.

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Arctic Cat 9000 Thundercat

The Arctic Cat 9000 Thundercat is another excellent snowmobile that you can use for trail riding. It is very fast as its C-tec4 turbo 998cc engine provides enough power for high speed and top performance. This vehicle has a clutch system that ensures a smooth power delivery and an improved throttle response during operation, so you have full control.

This vehicle's clutch system, the Adapt CVT system, automatically adjusts the secondary clutch when required, so you do not have to be bothered about the adjustment during operation. This vehicle also has the electric power steering option so you can easily make turns and have full control of the vehicle, ensuring you have a smooth ride.

The Arctic Cat 9000 Thundercat has many amazing features that make it the best snowmobile for trail riding and one of the top best overall snowmobiles. With this vehicle, you can change the suspension firmness with just a button; hence, you have a smooth suspension adjustment, which provides a smooth ride.

Ski-Doo MXZ Snowmobile

The Ski-Doo MXZ Snowmobile is one of the snowmobiles designed to own the trail. It is powered by 3 different engines, which generate enough power to provide exceptionally responsive performance. Its shocks are extremely durable and offer excellent capabilities even in the toughest situations.

It features RS running boards designed for aggressive riders; they have good width and excellent strength. Its running boards are made from thick aluminum sheets with rear and front reinforcement, allowing the vehicle to withstand any landing.

The front suspension of this vehicle ensures smooth cornering and precision handling, while the rear suspension provides excellent comfort during operation on the trails. You can decide to customize this vehicle with an optional wide-screen LCD color display.

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Final Thoughts

A trail snowmobile has its advantages, making it an amazing vehicle; beginners and experienced riders can operate it. You can also ride aggressively on these vehicles as they have strong suspension. Trail snowmobiles are lighter and more nimble, so if you are an aggressive rider who enjoys speed, you have the perfect vehicle to tackle rough trails.

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