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Traxxas Blast: High-Performance Electric RC Speed Boat

Traxxas Blast: High-Performance Electric RC Speed Boat

Traxxas blast should be your first pick at an RC boat if you are new to the RC boat world- this RC boat provides you with a unique experience. This boat is a perfect choice because of its impeccable graphic design and ease of access; nothing grants comfort like an easy-to-control RC boat. Traxxas blast recently joined the Traxxas RC boat family; It is quite different from its predecessors, Traxxas Spartan and Traxxas DCB-M41.

The Traxxas Blast is a high-performance speed boat designed with a top speed. It is reliable and highly durable. It has a potent water stinger and quality graphics making it a fresh pick for a beginner. You can handle this efficient boat regardless of how new you are to the RC boat world. 

Traxxas RC boats are filling the RC markets with their unique designs and cutting-edge technology motor systems-no matter how adventurous you are, you will always find a Traxxas that suits your needs. Traxxas Blast is a model RC boat enthusiasts are talking about.

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Traxxas Blast

The Traxxas Blast is an RC boat engineered with a fast steering servo. This boat fits perfectly for any user, considering its portable size. This is the most advanced boat produced by Traxxas. It is available in orange and green paint patterned designs. It is user-friendly and reliable.

How Fast Will the Traxxas Blast Go?

The Traxxas Blast can move at a swift distance of 50mph. It is one of the most affordable brushless RC boats in the world. This electric brushless RC boat is a new advancement to speed among other RC boats. Traxxas Blast was made with many upgrades based on the former models.

Anyone can own this speed boat. Many refer to it as "the whole package." Although it is a high-tech device, it has good ease of access during usage. This RC boat moves swiftly due to its streamlined shape. Traxxas blast moves so fast you would not see it gliding past the waters.

Its speed is promoted by an internal antenna that is highly resistant to damage. The internal antenna is also waterproof. So, no matter how much you swerve the boat, water drenching your ship cannot stop your fun.

The steerable outdrive, and the hull works together to steady the Traxxas Blast. The steerable outdrive propels and directs the force pushing the boat forward. It tunes this Traxxas model for optimum performance.

What Advanced Structure Does The Traxxas Blast Have?

This model is a high-performance RC boat because of its design. It consists of a 24-inch V-shaped hull and a powerful 20-turn stinger motor. For one, it has a streamlined shape. Streamlined objects have excellent resistance to the forces of gravity, and they immensely reduce frictional force.

The stinger in this ruthless motor is 30% faster than the other motors in previous Traxxas RC boat models. This ensures that the motor lasts for a more extended period. Also, it comes with a new and upgraded HPI. This makes the Traxxas blast acquire the top speed for racing.

The HPI motor provides a better speed. The motor has a more significant number of turns, and it does not consume a tremendous amount of power. The water-cooled motor system has 20 turns that could wound around the electric motor system.

The HPI racing motor is 9.7 inches high in length and 10.2 ounces in weight. The brushless motor is produced from durable and eco-friendly material, which would last for a much longer time compared to the others. However, the motor provides so much power the boat can run for more than an hour! The internal fan in this motor is fragile; you need to be careful when handling it.

You may be surprised by the features this device comes with at a cut-down price. This boat is one of the most affordable RC boats you can ever find. The full speed is achieved with its 24-inch hull. Its ergonomic design enhances its speed, which makes it comfortable to maneuver when driving.

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Does The Traxxas Blast have reverse?

The Traxxas Blast has a no-reverse feature, which may confuse first-time drivers. This is because the boat is fast, and the reverse would cause the boat to hit the floods. Too much water can drown this boat. The Traxxas Blast is the lightest model produced, and it needs to be handled with care.

A reverse for this boat will be difficult because the force trusted into this ship would make it topple over. It only has an accelerated throttle and no reverse throttle. However, experienced drivers say the reverse throttle is not essential for an electric brushless motor RC boats. That said, it means trying to reverse your boat may pose more harm. You can quickly swerve through corners because it has the best structure for that feature. There is no need for a reverse.

Can You Run LiPo Batteries In A Traxxas Blast?

LiPo batteries can run on a Traxxas blast. Many would prefer to use this high-powered battery for a Traxxas blast RC boat. More so, this may not be a good choice for optimum performance and to prevent overheating. Although it powers the Blast so fast, you would not see it coming!

However, this RC boat's best and most recommended battery is the 7.2 volts NiMH power cell battery. This battery comes with a 4-amp DC fast charging. The NiMH battery has a 12-gauge wiring system. It plugs easily into a charging outlet without much stress.

The battery takes more than 6 hours to charge, which may be the only setback. RC boat enthusiasts do not care because it is worth the wait. These batteries were built for the free flow of power. They contain low-resistant cells to prevent overheating.

Another reason NiMH batteries are most preferred is because they are covered with a silicone jacket to resist overheating and high electrical pressure. The Traxxas Blast is designed to charge slowly to prevent cases of a power surge.

Too much power may destroy internal devices and reduce the device performance. The Blast's internal makeup is fragile. As such, LiPo batteries may not be best for the boat's general well-being. Staying optimum is best to enjoy your experience while driving.

What Size Is The Traxxas Blast?

The Traxxas Blast has a portable size. Its total weight is 4.93 pounds. This RC boat is 40 inches long to attain a maximum speed within a few minutes. The body dimensions are 23.75(603mm) inches long, 5.75(146mm) inches wide, and 3.25(83mm) inches tall.

The hull is 24 inches(609mm) deep which helps the boat maintain stability on the water. This model is within the medium range; it is not a tiny RC boat. Regardless, the boat mustn't be left to sink in the water. If it happens, make sure to drain every droplet of water out. Compared to the Traxxas Spartan, a massive RC boat, this Traxxas is relatively small next to it.

Final Thoughts

Traxxas has always delivered standard RC vehicles right from their first release. After years of researching and remodeling, the Traxxas Blast was produced. This model is a fan favorite because it is easy to handle; even a beginner driver would feel like a veteran RC boat driver.

The Traxxas Blast has an ergonomic design that facilitates swift movement in the water. Its streamlined shape helps its resistance to impede rough water currents. It is rare, and its one-of-a-kind streamlined design makes it fun to use for both adults and kids.