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Traxxas Drones: The Ultimate Flying Quadcopter Drone

Traxxas Drones: The Ultimate Flying Quadcopter Drone

Traxxas drones have a reputation for offering the best flying quadcopter drones. While many people agree that Traxxas has top-quality products, the truth is that sometimes it can be hard to settle on the best Traxxas Drones. So what is the ultimate Traxxas drone to get?

The Traxxas Aton is the ultimate sports quadcopter. Traxxas offers all the durability, high-performance, and ease of use, making this one of the best do-it-all drones out there.

Although the Traxxas Aton is the ultimate flying quadcopter, it has all these amazing features, like high-quality aerial footage, GPS, air brakes, and more. Fortunately, if you are out for the best Traxxas Aton budget, you can always get a wide range of options for you to decide on. The Traxxas 7926 Aton Black Rotor Blade set is the best choice for a tight budget.

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Traxxas Aton

The Traxxas Aton is known for high performance, ease of use, and durability. It is one of a kind ultimate flying machine engineered with excellent qualities that anyone passionate about drones would be looking for. According to many users, Aton takes the fun of drone flying to a different level. Further, the brand has three selectable modes to choose from, making it easy for anyone to fly the drone.

In other words, if you are looking for an ultimate flying machine with incredible versatility, the Traxxas Aton is not likely to disappoint. With the Traxxas Aton, you can capture the world around you within a span of a few short minutes. Additionally, features such as air brakes, six-axis stabilization, return-to-home, GPS, and push-button tricks, make the flying experience even better. There is no doubt that the Aton is the squad that any drone enthusiast would expect from Traxxas.

Features and Benefits of Traxxas Aton

While on the ground, the Traxxas Aton models give an impression of toughness and an aggressive stance that suggests the immense ability to beat competitors. The Aton is a perfect device for all beginners, professionals, and experts. Interestingly, Aton has several abilities that help users to accomplish more than they can with any conventional device.

Film Mode

Aton provides a perfect way of capturing stunning videos and images in film mode. Besides being assured of amazing videos and beautiful images, the intuitive controls make the entire experience effortless. In addition, the film mode provides a quiet performance, a simple setup, returns to home with a press of a button, and many other exciting features.

The Sport Mode

Another exciting mode of the machine is the sport mode. Once first-time users become familiar with Traxxas Aton, they are free to experience sport mode and a taste of its unique fun. The Sport Mode of the Traxxas Aton offers more control and athletic performance. Features such as the 6-axis flight stability and air brakes make it easy to get a versatile flying experience.

Expert Mode

The expert mode is suitable for skilled and expert pilots who have been in the field for a considerable period. With the expert mode, users can unleash the full performance of the Traxxas Aton and do everything they desire in whatever way they please. The safety of the air brakes and the return-to-home features give users the freedom to push the efficiency of the drone to the maximum.

How fast is the Traxxas Aton?

The use of the drone will always determine the appropriate speed. For instance, if you are using your drone for sports or hobbies, then a top speed will be great for fun and exhilarating moments. With that in mind, you probably wonder how fast the Traxxas Aton is.

The Traxxas Aton can reach a maximum speed of 73 mph/ 118km/h. For sports enthusiasts, this is a pretty good speed that can make it possible to get the thrilling fun that you can hardly get from other conventional drones. Additionally, the Traxxas Aton is easy to use.

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Tips to Improve the Speed of your Drone

While the Traxxas Aton can reach up to a speed of 73 mph, you may be thinking of improving the speed. Besides, if you are good with DIY projects, experimenting with your new drone is a good idea.

Here are a few simple tips that can make your machine faster.

Make your Drone Light

One of the easiest ways of making your Traxxas Aton faster is by reducing its weight. Some of the components used to make your drone might be unnecessary, and in such a circumstance, getting rid of such will be a wise move as it will help reduce the drone's weight. For instance, if you are an experienced pilot, you can remove the prop guards as they can increase the drone's weight even when you do not need them.

Upgrade your Battery

The amount of charge that your drone can get can directly impact its speed. In other words, if your battery is not in perfect condition, then the speed of your drone is not likely to be the best. You can always purchase a quality battery if you think your current one is not in good condition. However, you need to take good care of your battery to ensure that it does not interfere with the speed of your drone.

Tips for keeping your healthy battery include;

  • Charging your battery when going to fly only
  • Always keep your battery at the room temperature
  • Avoid charging your battery when it is either too cold or hot
  • Never allow your batter to reach 0%
  • Learn to store your battery at 50%

Use the Right Mode

If you want your drone to attain the maximum speed, you need to set it at the suitable mode. The sports mode or the expert modes will ensure that you do not have any speed limitations. While sport mode can drain your battery faster, the exhilarating speeds you can achieve are worth it.

Change the Propeller Size

If you feel that your drone's propeller is large, you might want to consider replacing it with a smaller one as that will increase the speed of your drone. In addition, flying with a tailwind will make your drone faster and provide you with a longer flight time.

How do you fly a Traxxas Aton?

Flying a Traxxas Aton drone is not different from flying other drones. However, it is essential to note that it is easy to make mistakes when flying a new Traxxas Aton and may end up crushing it. Since you do not waste your money by crushing your drone, you need to take precautions.

First, you need to make sure that you have a good mastery of any drone's four main and most essential functions, including the Yaw, Throttle, Roll, and Pitch. Additionally, it would help if you remembered the important things before flying a drone. For instance, you should charge your battery, register your drone, understand the rules and regulations, and read the instruction manual.

Essential Rules and Regulations to Remember

  • Never go beyond 400 feet
  • The flight speed should be below 100mph and below
  • Fly during daytime only
  • Keep your drone within your sight all the times
  • Avoid flying from a moving vehicle
  • The weight of your drone needs to be less than 55 pounds
  • Do not fly over humans


The Traxxas Aton is the ultimate drone for a wide range of functions. The three selectable modes, sports, expert, and beginner, makes it easy for anyone to fly the drone. Moreover, if you are in the business of capturing the world around you, you can be sure that the Traxxas Aton will always meet your expectations. Features like return-to-home, six-axis stabilization, air brakes, and push-button Tricks work towards ensuring that you have an incredible flying experience.