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Traxxas Spartan: The New Brushless Race RC Boat by Traxxas

Traxxas Spartan: The New Brushless Race RC Boat by Traxxas

Traxxas has been the leading manufacturer of RC vehicles, ranging from boats, cars, and trucks, since the late '80s. Traxxas has done immensely well to improve their vehicles' RC gears and structures as the years go by. Traxxas is truly the marine king when it comes to RC boat technology.

The new brushless race RC boats by Traxxas are Traxxas Spartan, Traxxas M41 Catamaran, and Traxxas Blast RC boats. The Traxxas Spartan is the most advanced RC boat, with a speed of 50mph. The M41 Catamaran blasts across the ocean like a water jet. Traxxas is undoubtedly the best. 

These three models of RC boats are unique in style, structure, and capacity. Traxxas ready-to-run RC boats are dominating the sea; whether on a pool, river, or lake, these boats glide across water waves like an actual life-sized boat without glitches. Traxxas RC boats are the best option for every RC boat enthusiast.

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How Fast Is The Traxxas Spartan?

The Traxxas Spartan is a brushless ready-run RC boat. It is the world's most advanced assembled RC boat. The Spartan is a product of hours of testing to produce a boat proficient in texture, durability, and performance. The Spartan RC boat is super-fast with a cutting edge speed of 50mph, which runs on a 6S LiPo power; however, this battery is optional.

Most Traxxas Spartan lovers wonder how this boat runs super-fast. The mechanics behind this is straightforward. It has a Velineon brushless motor technology that hoists its weight on the water. This boat is certainly not for a beginner driver. It may be too technical for beginners, so it is best for intermediate to experienced level drivers.

The Spartan's easy maneuvering in water is reinforced by its modern hull system. The hull is built in different layers to boost the boat's optimum rigidity in water. The transom and ride pad helps maintain the boat's balance at high speed.

The most important determinant to the Spartan's top speed is the Velineon VXL-6s brushless system. Due to the radical horsepower brushless system, the additional voltage and current utilize the Velineon 540XL motor to cover an outrageous distance of 50mph. The motor's Velineon system lacks a sensor, which matches the high rpm performance. Finally, the Spartan auto regulates its temperature accompanied by its high speed using neodymium magnets.

What Peculiar Features Does The Traxxas Spartan Have?

This Traxxas model is equipped with a high-technology R/C system which enhances its speed. The TQi system automatically selects an available frequency and connects to it. It is entirely resistant to frequency interference and radio glitches. The radio system runs on a 2.4 Hz direct sequence frequency band. The 2.4 Hz enhances its spectrum speed, which controls the receiver's radio unit.

The receiver relates signals from the transmitter and sends them to the servo. The servo operates the steering function. The radio system is two-channeled. One channel is for the throttle, and the other is for the steering. The Traxxas Spartan RC boat runs with a Traxxas Stability Management. It also connects automatically to any Bluetooth device. The Spartan has a unique structural design, making surfing across the water possible.

Although the Spartan is lightweight, it is surprisingly strong. The hull is constructed to withstand the stress of the high horsepower brushless system, which is responsible for its speed on the water. Another factor contributing to its high speed is the surface piercing prop. This aids the hull on the plane. Thus, the boat can ride at high speed without draws.

The Traxxas Spartan includes a self-efficient power module that single-handedly merges the power system and the waterproof stuffing tube.

How Fast Does A Traxxas Spartan RC Boat Go?

The Traxxas Spartan RC boat goes as fast as 50mph. This RC boat is so fast it almost misses the eyes. The smooth cable drive increases its speed on the water. A Traxxas Spartan RC boat drives fast because of its 36 inches(927mm) deep v-shaped hull. This hull tremendously boosts its movement by piercing through the water.

The Spartan throttle accelerates the Spartan's high speed by transforming over 22 volts of power into proper ignition. The Spartan's Traxxas Stability Management keeps it under balance with its hardware. The Traxxas Stability Management is important because it enables a linear acceleration even in rough water currents.

If you feel you need more boost, a little tweaking enhances the TMS. When driving this Traxxas model in still waters, decrease the TMS settings. Reducing the TMS enables the vehicle to make sharp turns even on a full blast throttle. Increasing the TMS promotes a faster speed and acceleration in a rough water current.

You can test the TMS function by driving with or without it to measure the precision of the boat. The TMS also corrects the vehicle's movement whenever you go out of line. TMS aligns it back to base.

The TMS automatically turns off when the Spartan is driven backward or reverse. So, it would be best if you were extra careful when reversing. Else, it may run into accidents. When reversing, reduce the speed to achieve balance and stability.

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What Size Motor Comes In The Traxxas Spartan?

The Traxxas Spartan comes with a D/C 540 XL brushless Velineon electric motor system. A high water coolant jacket shields this motor. The large motor is responsible for its top speed on the water—the electric motor allows the Spartan to cover a distance of 50mph. The engine is electric because it uses electromagnetic windings to propel the boat regardless of its speed and rotation.

A 540 XL brushless motor is more efficient than a brushed motor because it has its coils on the periphery of the motor, and the magnets are attached to the spinning shaft adjacent to the motor. Please take note that a kV number frequently rates a brushless motor. The kV number determines how fast the motor will function.

The kV number increases as the number of turns on the coil attached to the motor decreases. As it increases, the current flowing through the electric motor increases. The kV rating is equivalent to no-load motor rpm when one volt is applied.

Does Traxxas Spartan Come With Batteries?

The Traxxas Spartan does not come with batteries. It is imperative that drivers purchase an efficient 4AA rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hybrid) battery. This battery can handle any intensity of the current flowing through them. NiMH batteries allow more current to pass through them than NiCad.

The battery compartment is located at the bottom of the battery transmitter. The NiMH battery power the BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit). The BEC prevents you from using a separate pack of 4 AA batteries to power the radio equipment. You can also use a 2S/3S LiPo battery for high performance.

Most users prefer this battery because it works at maximum speed. However, all these batteries depend on how much your Traxxas would be in the water and how many times.

Final Thoughts

Traxxas consists of several models to choose from. They range from RC boats, trucks, cars, and even drones. The Traxxas Spartan is a peculiar RC boat that runs with an electric brushless motor system. This boat covers a distance of 50mph.

The Spartan model is configured with many accessories, and it is highly advanced. RC boat drivers are in for a lot of fun. This Traxxas model is a must-have to enjoy your ride. Switch up with a Traxxas RC vehicle today!

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