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US ATVs: Which ATVs Are Made In The USA [AMERICAN MADE]?

US ATVs: Which ATVs Are Made In The USA [AMERICAN MADE]?

While investing in an all-terrain vehicle can be pricey, the ecstasy and the power of exploration that comes with it are worth the price. US ATVs are best known for quality, ease of handling, simple maintenance, and versatility. That poses the question, which ATVs are made in the USA?

Polaris and Arctic Cat are the most popular ATVs manufactured in the USA Other strong contenders in the US include the Tracker, Can-AM ATVs, and Textron. For solid and good-quality ATVs, the Polaris takes the lead.

Although knowing the origin of an ATV is essential in ensuring that you get the best one, it is crucial to understand that sometimes you will need to look at more than the origin. For instance, you need to be familiar with the different features that define a good ATV.

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What is the most American ATV?

With the high quality of ATVs made in the USA, you should expect even the brands made elsewhere to be labeled as having been made in the US. The harsh truth is that most of these brands are only assembled in the US and then Labeled manufactured in the US.

The most common American ATV is the Polaris. The brand Polaris, based in Minnesota, was established in 1954 and specializes in making motorcycles, ATVs, and different types of electric vehicles.

The components of the Polaris ATVs are manufactured in Osceola, Wisconsin, while the assembling of the ATV is done in Roseau, Minnesota. The fact that the military uses their Polaris ATVs is a clear indication of their ATVs' reliability and durability.

Further, Polaris produces ATVs in five categories: touring, utility/recreational, sports, special editions, and youth. Hera re the top Polaris ATVs for each category;

  • Outlaw 110 EFI (youth)
  • Sportsman Touring 850 (Touring)
  • Sportsman High lifter edition (special edition)
  • Sportsman XP 1000 S (Sport)
  • Sportsman 450 H.O (Utility/recreational)

Are Polaris ATVs 100% American-made?

While many ATVs are labeled US-made, the reality is that most of these brands are made elsewhere and assembled in the US. Therefore, the fact that an ATV is labeled US-made does not necessarily mean that it was manufactured in the US. This leads to the question of whether or not Polaris ATVs are 100% American-made?

The Polaris ATVs are 100% American-made as the components are manufactured in Osceola, Wisconsin, and the vehicle is assembled in Roseau, Minnesota. If you are adamant about buying pure American, then this is what we call American-made ATV.

Reasons for Getting an American Made ATVs

Many people investing in ATVs want to know the origin of the ATVs before making purchasing decisions. There are many reasons to get American manufactured ATVs.

Guaranteed Quality

We all know that ATVs come at hefty prices, and this is why anyone purchasing one for their uses would want to ensure top-notch quality. American regulations are always keen on fostering the quality of their products, implying that any product manufactured in the USA has a high chance of being the best quality. No wonder about 98% of Americans have a favorable view of products made in America.

Better for the Environment

ATVs enthusiasts are always keen on protecting the environment. When investing in American ATVs, you are simply investing in cleaner products suitable for the environment. Products manufactured overseas have a higher carbon footprint than American-made products. If you care about protecting the environment, you should invest in quality products that cause less pollution to the environment.

Health and Safety

One of the essential considerations you must make when shopping for an ATV is your safety. A perfect ATV should offer maximum protection whenever you use it, which means that the quality should be top-notch.

Advanced Features

Polaris is one of the top American brands known for its excellent features, including a great suspension system. Additionally, the brand is well built with solid materials indicating that it can serve you for an extended period.

Features to Look out for in Quality US ATVs

Although knowing the origin of an ATV is key to ensuring that you get a quality and reliable brand, the truth is that you will need to consider other essential features. Besides, purchasing an ATV is an expensive venture, and you do not want to make decisions based on a single factor. You need to familiarize yourself with several features if you want to invest in a quality ATV.

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Fast and Nimble Handling

A perfect ATV should have a compact body and be lightweight with a powerful engine to provide fast and agile movement on off-road trails. It is imperative to note that the ATV's weight and size need to match that of a rider.

When riders take on a heavy ATV, they may lack the weight and the strength to keep it stable in uneven terrain.

High Ground Clearance

Another essential feature to watch out for in suitable ATVs is the high ground clearance. Both the utility and recreational ATVs should offer an excellent ground clearance in the range of 9-12 inches. High ground clearance is essential because it helps prevent getting caught on rocks and stumps when riding on rugged off-road trails.

Electric Power Steering

The condition of the electric power steering should be perfect for assisting in turning the wheels and helping absorb the impact of hitting the bumps and rocks. Poor steering can quickly destroy the ride, especially if the trails are pretty bumpy. However, it is imperative to note that power steering comes with a cost.

Transmission Types

ATVs come in three main types of transmissions: automatic, semi-automatic, and manual transmission. Therefore, before you set out to purchase your ATVs, it is paramount to decide on the transmission type that would be most appropriate for you. Modern ATVs have a full-automatic transmission that allows the rider to accelerate by simply increasing the throttle.

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Drum Brakes or Disc Brakes

An efficient braking system is a must for a safe ATV ride. If there is anything that you would not want to compromise on when purchasing an ATV, then it is the brakes. Besides, if you love high speed, adequate stopping power is necessary. It would be best to have an ATV with highly effective disc brakes, rare and front. With disc brakes, you will be at liberty to exploit high speeds without necessarily having to compromise on your safety.

Storage Compartments

It is imperative to ensure that you invest in an ATV with one or more storage compartments. In most cases, you will need to carry a lot of stuff with you, such as a tow strap, goggles, tire plugs, and other gear that you will find necessary to have in the wood.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the storage compartment is safe and fitted with a heavy-duty locking mechanism to guarantee the safety of your belongings.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is gaining momentum in the modern market because it is durable, has low power consumption, and has incredibly bright light. Therefore, you need to go for an ATV with LED lighting as it is a perfect technology that helps prevent draining your vehicle's battery.

Popular ATVs companies based in the US

In addition to knowing ATVs companies that are 100% American, it is good to know some of the most popular companies based in the USA. While some of the companies listed here get ATV-specific parts overseas, they strive to keep much of their manufacturing in the country. They include;

  • Polaris
  • John Deere
  • Arctic Cat
  • Odes
  • American Landmaster
  • Mahindra

Benefits of Purchasing a Quality US ATV

Investing in quality ATVs is a brilliant idea because ATVs are designed to navigate rugged terrains. Unlike the conventional work truck or SUV, an ATV is capable of tackling bumps, dips, and rugged roads with minimum effort, making them appropriate for both work-related activities and explorations. In addition to that, there are several other benefits of investing in ATVs.

Daily Exercises

If you are familiar with ATVs, you will agree that handling one is not easy. Riding over rugged terrains for a long time while maintaining stability and proper posture can take a toll on your body muscles. Moreover, when riding the ATVs, your core muscles have to be tight throughout the entire journey to avoid unnecessary spills. In other words, an ATV is an excellent supplement for your regular workout routine.

Natural Stress Relief

Uncontrolled stress can take a toll on your health, and this is why it is crucial always to stay away from stress as much as possible. Taking an intriguing ride into the forest can offer the most liberating experience that you can hardly get anywhere. Research has shown that spending great time outside can positively impact your wellbeing and health. Other benefits of ATVs include;

  • Provides a chance to explore uncharted territories
  • An opportunity to unite friends and family members


Purchasing the right US ATV comes with numerous benefits that you do not want to overlook. If you are the type that prefers American manufactured products, then you would want to settle on Polaris or Arctic Cat. Besides closely examining the origin of ATVs, it is also important to carefully check other essential considerations, including the safety features.

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