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Best UTV Gas Cans And Gas Can Mounts [RIDE LONGER]

Best UTV Gas Cans And Gas Can Mounts [RIDE LONGER]

Utility Task Vehicles, or UTVs, feature a passenger seat and a side-by-side design. Most UTVs are powered by gas and require a refill during an extremely long ride. Hence, it is best to get gas cans to help you store the fuel for your UTV.

The best UTV gas cans are Rotopax gas can, No Spill Poly UTV gas can, TFCFL gas can, MSR liquid gas can, Tuff Jug fuel container, Surecan gas container, and FuelPaX gas can. The best UTV gas can mounts are EBES Tauto gas can mount, Polaris Ranger DLX gas can mount, and Polaris Rotopax gas can mount. 

It would be awful for you to get stranded in your UTV at night or in the woods because your vehicle is out of gas. Hence, you should always have spare gas in your vehicle.

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Gas Can For UTV

Fuel is a vital issue for folks riding their UTVs for long hours. After a long ride into the deep woods, running out of gas may be scary, especially if it is late at night and there is no nearby gas station. Fortunately, you can always ride about with a full tank of petrol, and the best solution is to invest in an excellent gas can.

When purchasing a gas can for UTV, there are some qualities you should look out for. You must make sure the can is made from a good and quality material like steel, aluminum, or durable plastics. Another factor to consider is the gasoline can's simplicity of use. You should get a fuel can with a little nozzle or hose; below are the best gas cans for UTVs.

Rotopax Gas Can

UTV rides and off-roading lovers have long favored the Rotopax Gas Can. One of the more interesting aspects of this gas can is that it can be mounted on your preferred vehicle using a specific mount, freeing up much space for other items. It is an excellent gas can for riders as it is made from a special plastic that helps prevent leakage.

Rotopax Gas Can has a fuel capacity of 1.5 gallons which means you will have enough gasoline and water to go even longer on your trip. The fuel can have a lean rectangular or oval shape, and all you have to do to secure it is place the mount through the opening.

No Spill Poly UTV Gas Can

The No-Spill Poly UTV Gas Can is regarded as the best gas can as it excels in every department of a good gas can. This gas can have a unique feature that consists of a thumb-operated button that allows you to stop pouring fuel whenever you wish. It is quite simple to operate; press the button, and the gas will begin to flow.

Another fantastic feature is that the gas can will stop dispensing gas once the tank is full. So that you do not mistakenly overfill the tank, the gas can use several measures to stop automatically. In addition, the gas can appear to be much smaller in reality, which is ideal if you only plan on carrying tiny amounts of gasoline.

MSR Liquid Gas Can

The MSR Liquid Gas Can is a small bottle ideal for UTV riders who need a more concise solution to their gas storing issues. This is ideal if your UTV does not consume much fuel or if you only plan on riding for a short period and do not need to carry much fuel. It is also made of aluminum, ideal for individuals who want their gas cans to be better protected.

The quality of this container makes it very durable, so it will not break if it drops on the floor or any hard surface. Many individuals prefer not to carry loads while trail riding, which is why this gas can is ideal. Although it does not have much space inside it, it can hold enough gas for your vehicle to reach a few extra miles.

Tuff Jug Fuel Container

The Tuff jug is for individuals who want a smaller gas container that can hold a large amount of gasoline; it is easy to use and transport. This fuel container retains a remarkable amount of gas for its size. It can carry almost 4 gallons of gasoline, which is ideal for those long rides through the woods or if you need gas for more than a UTV.

This gas can feature a nozzle that makes it easier to pour the gas into the tank. This is something you should look for in any gas can you purchase to ensure that no gas is spilled. The nozzle of this container seals to your tank, ensuring that no gas is wasted, and the gas can feature a technique that stops pouring the fuel once the tank is full.

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UTV Gas Can Mount

If you go for a ride in your UTV while carrying a gas can, you will want your can to be safe so that it does not roll over. A gas can mount is an excellent solution to this problem; with a gas can mount, you are assured that your gas can is secured to your UTV. Below are some UTV gas can mounts.

Polaris Ranger DLX Gas Can Mount

The unbreakable Rotopax DLX Pack Mount features a revolutionary design for increased tightening force and strength. It is designed to mount a RotopaX gas can securely and is suited for serious outdoor enthusiasts. The adaptable mount may be fitted in various ways, giving you many possibilities.

The adaptable mount can be mounted in a variety of ways. It may be mounted to your outdoor vehicle by bolting through the bottom or using the provided base plate. Simply removing the base plate and bolting it up through the bottom or down through the top is another way to secure the gas can mount.

EBES Tauto Gas Can Mount

The EBES Tauto Gas Can Mount is made from heavy-duty engineering plastics, making it very sturdy and durable. It is quite easy to install; all you need to do is use the provided base plate, or you can detach the plate to attach the mount directly to the wall by bolting down or up through the top or bottom.

This gas can mount is waterproof and weatherproof, so the lock's face is protected, so that dirt, moisture, dust, and debris do not find their way into the lock. It can carry a maximum of 20-gallon gas can; it weighs 2.99 pounds. The EBES Tauto Gas Can Mount is 10.3 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 6 inches high.

How Far Can A Ranger UTV Go On A Tank Of Gas?

The Polaris Ranger UTV is the most popular; it uses a 999cc, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid-cooled engine. It features dual A-arm front and rear suspension and uses a dual hydraulic disc brake. This vehicle weighs 1,485 pounds and has a fuel capacity of 11.35 gallons; its maximum ground clearance is 12 inches.

A Ranger UTV can go as fast as 55mph as its engine delivers enough power and torque. With a full tank, the Polaris Ranger can go as far as 80 miles; however, the terrain of operation can reduce this range. A Ranger can go for up to 7000 miles before it needs a new motor.

Final Thoughts

UTVs are used for several activities and can go on longer range; hence, they consume lots of gas. Getting a gas can for your UTV is an excellent decision to make. The body of a good gas tank should be made of thick materials to ensure durability. The gas cans mentioned above fit this description, so you can try getting one of them.

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