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Waterproof RC Cars: Best Waterproof Off-Road RC 4×4 Trucks

Waterproof RC Cars: Best Waterproof Off-Road RC 4×4 Trucks

Most RC cars available today are suited for dry outdoor activities; it is not advisable to operate them in wetlands, as the internal parts can get damaged. If you want to operate an RC car in water or snow, it is best to get a waterproof RC car. There is no difference between a regular RC car and a waterproof RC car.

The best waterproof RC cars are SZJJX RC 4WD Waterproof RC car, VCANNY 1:18 Waterproof RC Car, BEZGAR Waterproof RC Car, and HAIBOXING 1:18 Off-Road RC Car. The best waterproof 0ff-road RC 4×4 trucks are EPHYTECH 4X4 RC Truck, LAEGENDARY 4X4 Off-Road RC Truck, and KYAMRC Waterproof RC Truck.

Waterproof RC cars are great; the only issue is that they may not perform well as other RC cars. Only a few top RC brands produce waterproof RC cars, which are very expensive.

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Are All RC Cars Waterproof?

There answer is no, most RC cars are not waterproof. Only a few waterproof RC cars are available that are sold as such and are labeled waterproof. You should know that there is a difference between a waterproof RC car and a water-resistant RC car. Most people use them interchangeably and assume they are the same.

A waterproof RC car has all its parts waterproof, including the body shell, the electronic components, and other car accessories. A water-resistant RC car has a few parts that can resist water but cannot be operated in water. Before operating an RC car across wet surfaces, ensure it is waterproof and not water-resistant.

There are two options for owning a waterproof RC car; you can either purchase a waterproof RC car or make your previously owned RC car waterproof. It does not mean that if your RC car is water-resistant, you cannot make it waterproof; you can make any RC car waterproof as long as you follow the procedures.

Waterproof RC Cars

With that being said, we will look at some of the top waterproof RC cars available for purchase; you can get any of these RC cars from online stores like Amazon and retail stores like Walmart. Some of the best waterproof RC cars are;

SZJJX RC 4WD Waterproof RC car

The SZJJX RC Car is one of the most popular waterproof RC cars you can purchase. It is 5.9 inches long, 6.2 inches wide, 11 inches high, and weighs 2.65 pounds. It is a 1:18 scale waterproof RC car and has a top speed of 9.32 mph. It has a charging time of 120 to 180 minutes and a runtime of 20 minutes.

It also features a 2.4 GHz radio control system with zero signal interference during operation with other RC cars. This RC car also features a 4-wheel drive system that makes climbing easier.

Its independent suspension spring allows it to be very flexible, and it has a strong grip to conquer complex terrains. It also has a stable structure that prevents the RC car from abrasion and crashing. The strong bi-motor increases the climbing force and power to operate across every terrain.

VCANNY 1:18 Waterproof RC Car

Another impressive waterproof RC car is the VCANNY RC car. This car allows you to enjoy a great RC racing experience while performing excellently across various terrains. It is 13 inches long, 15 inches wide, 17 inches high, and weighs 8 ounces. It is recommended for individuals aged 14 years and above.

The VCANNY 1:18 Waterproof RC Car has durable, powerful, and strong components for impressive off-road operations. It has a top speed of about 30 mph due to its 390 brushed power motor; you will have a great time operating this RC car in any outdoor activity, including camping, beach, and park activities.

It is a 4WD RC car with strong shockproof resistance; the wheels have bouncing springs that provide support when operating on uneven terrain or when the RC car drops unexpectedly. It also features a 2.4 GHz radio control system with a control range of up to 260 feet.

The tires are durable and feature spikes that allow quick acceleration and stable performance. It also has solid and sturdy independent bumpers that protect the RC car from crashes. It has a total operation time of 20 to 30 minutes.

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What RC Cars Can Go On Water?

Not many cars can operate on water, but the few that can operate on water, perform excellently well. However, these RC cars are not designed to be operated on water for a long time because they are mostly water-resistant and not waterproof. If you want to operate these RC cars on water for a long time, it is best to make them waterproof.

Traxxas X-Maxx

As shocking as this will sound, the Traxxas X-Maxx is an RC car that can go on water; it is 21.60 inches long, 9.7 inches wide, 9.12 inches high, weighs 9.7 pounds, has a wheelbase of 12.96 pounds, a shock length of 4.89 inches, and ground clearance of 1.92 inches.

This monster truck uses a Module 1.0 gear pitch. It has an electronic brake, shaft-driven 4WD drive system with a Torque of 285oz-in servo. It comes with a single-speed transmission, and Velineon VXL-4s speed control. The Traxxas X-Maxx Model 89076-4 uses a 2400 kv sensorless brushless motor weighing 317 grams, a length of 3.58 inches, and a diameter of 1.41 inches.

This monster truck features a tough energy-absorbing rear and front bumpers, machined aluminum threaded body, and large-scale high output steering servo.

A very impressive feature of this monster truck is that although it is big, it is lightweight. With a top speed of over 60 mph, the X-Maxx Model 89076-4 by Traxxas uses a 2400 kV sensorless brushless motor weighing 317 grams, a length of 3.58 inches, and a diameter of 1.41 inches.

Traxxas Slash 4×4 VXL

The Traxxas Slash 4×4 VXL is another RC car you can drive on water. This RC car features a waterproof brushless Velineon motor. The length of the Traxxas Slash is 22.36 inches, its width is 11.65 inches, its height is 8.42 inches, and it weighs 3 pounds. It also has a 2.4GHz radio control system.

The Traxxas Slash has a top speed of 60+ mph, it uses an advanced 2.4GHz radio system. This RC car also has a patented training mode that can be activated for beginner riders.

How Do I Make My RC Car Waterproof?

You will need the corrosion XHD, a plastic bag, and a balloon. You will unscrew the RC car and take it apart. Next, you will take out the servo and open up the bottom end to access the electronics.

Now, you will put the servo into a plastic bag and spray it with the corrosion XHD, let it soak in. while the servo is soaking in, you will take out the receiver and put it into the plastic bag, and spray it with the corrosion XHD to waterproof it. Next, you will use corrosion X on your battery as well.

After leaving them in a plastic bag for a while, you can remove them and reassemble them back. Ensure you put the receiver in a balloon before reassembling it back. Next, put about five to ten weight lighter oil in each of the shocks, check your tires, and make sure the holes in the rims are taped up. After this has been done, you can cover up your RC car,

Final Thoughts

There are various benefits of owning a waterproof RC car; you have the luxury to operate it across various terrains without fear of damaging any part. You should not miss out on this great benefit, so you can make your RC car waterproof instead of purchasing a waterproof RC car.

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