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Best Waterproof RC Trucks: An RC Adventure-Lover Guide

Best Waterproof RC Trucks: An RC Adventure-Lover Guide

Waterproof RC trucks are the best option for many RC enthusiasts as they can go anywhere and handle any atmospheric and terrain conditions available. In addition to the incredible capabilities, the waterproof design guarantees a minimal maintenance schedule and ensures durability. So what are the best waterproof RC tracks in the modern market?

The best five waterproof RC trucks are the EPHYTECH Off-Road RC 4×4 Truck, Traxxas Rustler RC Truck, Traxxas Stampede RC Truck, Traxxas TRX-4 Land Rover Defender RC Truck, and the Legendary Brushless 4×4 RC Truck. These are designed to tackle extreme conditions that most RC trucks cannot manage.

Since there are numerous brands of RC trucks out there, you need to ensure that you know what to look out for in a good RC truck to ensure that you get the value of your money.

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Key Features

When shopping for your waterproof RC truck, one way of getting the value of your money is knowing which features your truck should have. The best waterproof RC trucks boast of the following features.

Reliable Battery Life

Nothing can be more disappointing than having to stop in the middle of your fun because your RC truck runs out of power abruptly. In other words, you should go for RC trucks with powerful batteries to avoid such uncomfortable situations. The Li-Po batteries might be expensive, but they can provide you with long hours of fun.

The Speed

RC trucks cannot make it to the top 10 list if they are not built for speed. In addition to the resilience against challenging terrain, the accelerating speed makes the exhilaration of the game more intense. If you are already an expert in RC truck racing, you want to invest in trucks with incredible speed. However, you must ensure that the steering and controls are responsive at high speeds.


Remote control trucks are expensive, and this is why you need to make sure that you get the one that can serve you for a long time. If you have to replace your RC truck often, let it be because you want to try something new and not because your previous stalled. The best way to ensure that your truck can serve you for a long time is to check the quality of the parts. The best RC trucks will always be sturdy with a solid chassis.

The Control Range

The control range refers to how far you can control your RC truck from the transmitter before it becomes challenging or completely unresponsive. It is always better when you can control your vehicle from a decent distance.

The Types of Trucks

It is also essential to understand the different truck types you can potentially purchase. There are many different types of RC trucks; electronic, nitro, monster, stadium, and brushed versus brushless. Although nitro engine RC trucks are pretty powerful and fast, they can be loud. It is also good to note that they require regular maintenance.

The electric engines are best suited for beginners. Notably, they have long-lasting batteries that charge fast, and you do not have to be mechanically inclined to get the most from these types of RC trucks. On the other hand, the brushed and brushless trucks are durable and efficient. However, they can overheat despite being quite expensive.

The monster and stadium trucks are best known for their enormous capabilities to handle rough terrains and anything that might get on their way. However, it is imperative to note that the STADIUM is not as efficient as the MONSTER in handling extreme terrain.

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Are RC Trucks Normally Waterproof?

Watching your RC Truck tear through muddy conditions at a fantastic speed can be pretty thrilling. While a few years ago, driving an RC truck through mud or water would have necessitated the replacement of some parts, times have changed. So are RC trucks normally waterproof?

The answer is that RC trucks are not normally waterproof, and thus using your RC truck as if it were impervious to water will lower its lifespan. Some RC trucks are not even meant to be used in water conditions, and overlooking this can be quite costly.

So what does it mean by an RC truck being waterproof?

If an RC truck is labeled waterproof, it means that you can drive the truck in water up to the center of the wheel without running the risk of damaging it. In other words, how you drive your waterproof RC in water or muddy conditions will determine the kind of maintenance that you will need to consider for the longevity of your vehicle.

In most cases, when many purchase waterproof RC trucks, they get the impression that they are ready to take any terrain with water conditions. However, RC enthusiasts will tell you that there are essential modifications that you may need to consider attaining such a status quo. Some of the modifications you might want to consider are waterproofing the airbox and distributor and raising the differential breather vents off the axle.

Maintenance for Waterproof RC Trucks

Even if your RC truck is labeled waterproof, you will need to carry regular maintenance if you drive it in extreme wet conditions. Some of the parts that will need special attention are the receiver boxes, radio reception, drivetrain, brushless motors, batteries, and brushed waters.

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How do I waterproof my RC truck?

Although you can purchase waterproof RC Trucks, you may want to learn how to waterproof your truck. The process starts by understanding the essential parts of the trucks that highly need waterproofing. Most RC trucks have their exposed wires, and battery connections waterproofed, and you, therefore, may not need to worry about them.

The motors, receiver pack, servos, and speed control are the critical parts that you should pay close attention to when making your RC truck waterproof. Notably, most of these parts, such as the receiver, are pretty expensive, hence the need to protect them from the elements. To be more precise, to waterproof your RC Truck, you need to;

  • Keep the motor clean
  • Waterproof the truck's battery
  • Waterproof the bushings and all the bearings
  • Waterproof the electrical connectors and connections
  • Waterproof the servo, ESC, and the receiver pack

Methods of Waterproofing your RC Truck

If you are looking to totally waterproof your RC Truck, you can achieve this by considering some of the best ways highlighted below.

Use Silicone

Utilizing silicone adhesives can be a great way of waterproofing your truck. This method is quite popular as it allows you to waterproof lots of pieces that you would have difficulty waterproofing using different methods. A thin layer of silicone works fine for any part of your truck.

Use Lubricants

The use of lubricants can be quite effective if you use them after cleaning your truck. When purchasing lubricants for waterproofing your RC truck, you need to make sure that you find a specific product designed for water corrosion removal and prevention. This method can often fix an RC truck that is damaged by water.

Utilization of tapes and Balloons

The use of tapes and balloons protects the delicate internal parts. Here, you need to wrap exposed wires and connections using tape and use a balloon to safeguard the receiver and protect other interior components from moisture and dirt.

Other waterproofing techniques that you can embrace include;

  • PlastiDip
  • Liquid Electrical Tape
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Nail polish
  • Conformal coating
  • Wax
  • Carry out Proper after-run maintenance of your RC truck
  • Taking precautions before running your RC in water


While having the best RC trucks such as EPHYTECH Off-Road RC 4×4 Truck, Traxxas Rustler Remote Control Truck, Traxxas Stampede RC Truck, and Legendary Brushless 4×4 RC Truck gives you a competitive edge, it is wise to know how to take good care of your truck. Often assuming that your RC truck is waterproof and thus being careless when driving it in extreme wet conditions can damage it or lower its performance.

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