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Weird Hobbies – A List of the World's Weirdest Hobbies!

Weird Hobbies – A List of the World's Weirdest Hobbies!

Although people have different preferences for hobbies, some can be pretty unusual. Having the right hobby is significant in your life as it offers a balanced life with benefits ranging from better physical health to lowering stress.

Ranging from treasure hunting, bug fighting, duck herding, and taxidermy to yarn bombing, you will be surprised at the long list of Weird hobbies available in the modern world. While some of these hobbies might appear strange and weird, the truth is that some people find fun and treasure in these hobbies.

Whether you are searching for an ideal hobby or need to familiarize yourself with weird hobbies, this article explores some of the weirdest hobbies on Earth.

extreme hobby parachuteWeird Hobbies


While collecting may not be a strange hobby, if you look at what some people collect, you may consider reclassifying it as weird. Some people dedicate their time to collecting fingernails, memorabilia, and dolls. If you love collecting stuff for whatever reasons, you may fit into this hobby.

Toy Voyaging

Another strange but potentially profitable hobby is toy voyaging worldwide. The hobby involves sending toys anywhere around the globe for a possible adventure. You can agree on communication techniques with your toy's host, and once you want them back, you only need to contact the host of your toys.

Competitive Dog Grooming

You have probably come across well-dressed dogs to create an impression that they are in the form of fashion competition. While that might look a bit strange, there are groomers worldwide dedicated to bettering their hobbies. To make the hobby even more exciting, dog groomers participate in dog grooming competitions where the dog and the owner are judged based on communication, bond, style, and obedience.

News Raiding

At first, you won't even imagine that news raiding is on the list of strange hobbies. News raiding is photobombing with a mission to feature in nightly news or on television. To be a successful news raider, you will need to do your due diligence and ensure that you know where news camera crews will be and plan for the attempt to stand near the reporter.


As strange as it might sound, some people work hard to create a perfect impression of a cow. The competition is common in Wisconsin, USA, where the winner pockets a specific amount of money and other gifts such as a golden cow and a cow print jacket.

Bug Fighting

Imagine witnessing bug fighting and even cheering for one of them to win? Bug fighting is one of the weirdest hobbies practiced in Japan and other parts of the world. The ecstasy of the hobby is evident once the video of the two insects battling in a small plastic arena is placed online.


Painting may not fall into weird hobbies as it is a talent and a well-paying professional job. However, if it involves painting strange stuff, such as a collection of memes, that makes it strange. If you have a passion for painting, making a hobby out of it may be more profitable than you can imagine.

Soap Carving

Soap carving has become a popular hobby in many parts of the world. It entails a work of art that seeks to transform a piece of soap into a beautiful curve appealing to the eye. Although it might look like a joke, this hobby requires a set of specialized tools and techniques to make something that can attract the attention of anyone.

Tree Shaping

As the name suggests, tree shaping is a hobby that involves training living trees into beautiful shapes and structures. The training may include woody plants. Imagine growing a beautiful chair.

Element Collecting

Most people who have embraced this hobby use the periodic table to decide on the elements they want to focus on. However, collecting heavy elements, radioactive, and toxic elements is not recommendable because it might be catastrophic.


If you are a Harry Potter fan, it would not be difficult for you to appreciate this new sport that is gaining popularity at a very high rate. The Quidditch hobby is common in universities and colleges around the world. Exploring the internet will teach you how to play quidditch and probably launch your new hobby.

Dirt Polishing

As the name suggests, dirt polishing, also known as Hikaru Dorodango, involves polishing mud to make a sphere of dirt. What makes the hobby intriguing is that the creations of the entire process are beautiful works of art.


Geocaching is another exciting hobby that allows you to go treasure hunting in real life. This hobby makes use of satellites to locate boxes of treasures.

Ghost Hunting

Although ghost hunting can sound scary for some people, it is a real hobby for many people. The hobby focuses on locations that are believed to be haunted. The objective of this hobby is to provide evidence that can support the existence of ghosts in specific locations.

Duck Herding

Duck hunting involves guiding ducks around a given course with challenges and obstacles with the assistance of sheepdogs to reach a pen. It is one of the active weird hobbies that people can explore.

Choosing the Right Hobby

With multiple hobbies to choose from, you may find yourself completely lost on the best hobby to choose. Being able to differentiate between having an interest and a hobby is a good starting point. Whether you want weird hobbies or ordinary hobbies, there are several inspirations that you need to consider to make the right decision.

Lifetime Desires

There is no doubt that you have had something that you have always wanted to do. One way of finding a way that would always intrigue you is going for a hobby that will enable you to fulfill your life desires. Such a hobby can make your life more exciting.

Look at your Childhood

Some people set out to look for a new hobby because they forsake their old hobbies. The fact that you were able to abandon your hobby could mean that you did not find it interesting. One of the best places to find inspiration for a perfect hobby is a childhood memory. If there is something you loved when you were a child, that will be a good starting point.

Take a Class

Another reliable way to find a good hobby is to take a class. If something piqued your interest in the past, but you did not make a lot from it, then taking a class will add value to your efforts to find a reliable hobby. Moreover, a painting class or a computer-design class will make it possible for you to improve your life.

rare asian psHow To Make The Most Out Of Your Hobby

A good hobby comes with numerous benefits, including helping you to eradicate stress, creating a happy life, improving work-related performance, and many others. However, how you handle your hobby can determine whether or not you get the most from it. You can embrace several ways if you want to turn your hobby into a successful financial venture. They include;

  • Focusing on financial feasibility
  • Consider marketing and advertising
  • Find additional members for knowledge sharing and expanding your ventures
  • Plan your finances well
  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Make connections

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If you have gone through the common hobbies and you did not find anything interesting, trying out one of the weird hobbies may be what you have been missing. When selecting your hobby, remember that it is all about fun. In other words, if you cannot find excitement in your hobby, then you have no reason to stick to it. It is also possible to make a fortune out of your hobby.

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