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What Does "VXL" Mean In RC Cars? What Does VXL Stand For?

What Does "VXL" Mean In RC Cars? What Does VXL Stand For?

If you are a big fan of Traxxas, you must have noticed that some of their RC cars have "VXL" as a part of the name. Unless you are experienced with RC car motor types, you will not know what "VXL" means. Relax, we will explain what VXL means in RC cars.

The acronym VXL means Velineon Brushless Power System. When you see any RC car with VXL, it means the RC car has a brushless motor. Most Traxxas RC cars use brushless motors, in these, you will see VXL in the car's name.

If some RC cars use brushless motors, that implies that others use brushed motors; these two types of motors are very different, they have their pros and cons. However, the most popular motor used is the brushless motor.

What Does VXL Stand For?

Traxxas is famous for manufacturing the best RC vehicles. You cannot talk about a good car without its engine and other parts; it is the same with RC cars; you cannot say an RC car is good if the engine, motors, and electronic speed controls (ESC) are not top-notch.

VXL Traxxas system

Since many companies are manufacturing RC cars, there is a need for each company to identify and distinguish their parts from others. Since Traxxas offers brushless and brushed motors, their motors are quick to distinguish from others.

Traxxas uses both brushed and brushless motors for their RC cars, although brushless motors are predominantly used. So, to differentiate Traxxas brushless motors from other brushless motors, Traxxas used the acronym VXL, which stands for Velineon brushless power system.

VXL is the standard Traxxas set for their motors and electronic speed controls. Everyone in the RC world knows how good and trustworthy Traxxas is, so their brushless motors are one of the top-performing motors in the world. If you want to purchase any Traxxas RC car, ensure the acronym "VXL" is in the model's name.

What Is A Brushless Motor?

It is impossible to separate a good RC car from a good motor, especially a brushless motor. Before you can understand a brushless motor and how it works, you need to know the function of a motor in an RC car. The motor is not only responsible for the turning motions of the RC car.

The motor is responsible for the acceleration and movement of the RC car; it controls the accelerating, reversing, and slowing down of the RC car. Some RC cars have more than one motor, one to control the movement of the front wheels and the second to control the movement of the rear wheels.

rc car with remote and engine repair kit

A brushless motor does not have brushes or commutators like a brushed motor. In a brushed motor, the brushes supply power by pushing against the commutator on the central shaft. Brushless motors work with three-phase driving coils, an external rotor, and an integrated electronic drive instead of brushes and commutators.

There is also a sensor in a brushless motor that detects the position of the rotor. The coils are triggered gradually, one phase first, then the next, and the last phase coil. The sensors initiate the electronic drive. The only advantage brushed motors have over brushless motors is that they are cheaper.

Benefits of Brushless RC Motors

There is a reason brushless motors are popularly used in RC cars, and they have many benefits over brushed motors. Brushless motor technology was invented in the 1960s. However, it became available for RC cars in 2003. Brushless motor technology was invented to overcome the disadvantages of brushed motors. Some of the benefits of brushless RC motors are:

Brushless RC Motors Are Low Maintenance

Brushless motors are easy to maintain. When you have an RC car using a brushless motor, you do not have to take out the motor regularly to maintain it. Brushless motors require low maintenance because they do not have brushes and commutators that wear out as they function. Since brushless motors lack commutators and brushes, you do not have to worry about replacing them when they wear out.

Brushless RC Motors Have A Longer Run Time

The lack of brushes and commutators makes brushless motors have a longer run time than brushed motors. The friction caused by the brush and commutators pushing against each other to deliver a charge is absent in brushless motors so that they will run for a longer time.

Brushless RC Motors Are More Efficient

Brushless motors feature a higher efficiency due to the fact that it is not limited by the friction caused by the pushing of the brushes and commutators in a brushed motor. Brushless motors run cooler since electricity is not wasted by friction, so they are more efficient and can easily convert more electricity to power.

Brushless RC Motors Are More Durable

Brushless motors are more reliable than brushed motors. You do not have to worry about wear and tear when operating the RC car. They last longer than brushed motors since they do not have parts that can easily be affected by wear and tear. You also are not bothered about the regular replacement of parts.

From the benefits of brushless motors, you will notice that the lack of brushes and commutators is the reason brushless motors are better than brushed motors.

What Is The Fastest Traxxas Motor?

For an RC car to move very fast, it must have a good motor, engine, and electronic speed control. These three are the major determinants of the speed of an RC car. Although, other factors like the battery weight and the body design also determine the speed of an RC car.

waterproof vxl motor

Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor

The fastest Traxxas motor is the Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor, and it is a brushless motor. We mentioned earlier that when you see the acronym VXL in the name of an RC car, it indicates that the car uses a brushless motor. This is a clear example of a VXL motor.

The Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor has been optimized for efficiency and power, and it is compatible with the Slash 4×4, 1:10 Rally, Rustler VXL, Stampede VXL, Slash 2WD VXL, Bandit VXL, and Stampede 4×4 VXL. The weight of this Traxxas motor is 274 grams, and it uses 3.5-millimeter bullet connectors.

The Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor can be used with 2-pole electronic speed control, 2-pole VXL electronic speed control, 2-pole VXL motor, 4-pole electronic speed control, 4-pole VXL electronic speed control, and 4-pole VXL motor. This motor has a brilliant blue-anodizing finish.

This Traxxas motor uses 12-gauge Maxx cables; the shaft length is 20.3 millimeters, the shaft diameter is 2.8 millimeters, the total length of the motor is 77 millimeters. The kV rating of the motor is 3500kv. The Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor makes it easy for an RC car to maneuver smoothly and with precision.

It has an increased torque that supplies the RC car with adequate power to pull the car across the most rugged terrains. Since it is a brushless motor, it requires low maintenance, is durable, efficient, and has a longer run-time. With the Velineon 3500 4-Pole Motor, you are guaranteed to have a great time with your RC car.

Final Thoughts

The fastest, strongest, and most durable RC cars have one thing in common; Traxxas manufactures them. So, you can always trust Traxxas RC car models. Using brushless motors in an RC car comes with many benefits, and you will have a great time operating your RC car. However, if you want to purchase any motor, ensure it is compatible with your RC car model.