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What Is A Side By Side ATV? What You Should Know

What Is A Side By Side ATV? What You Should Know

Nowadays, an almost infinite number of ways to spending free time have emerged. Multiple hobbies have appeared over the years, offering everyone the possibility to experience and develop the most particular and picturesque hobbies possible. Among these recreational activities involving motor vehicles in different variants, we find ATVs.

A side by side ATV- as per the acronym is an all-terrain vehicle. It is an all-purpose vehicle widely used by hobbyists worldwide to go on exhilarating adventures on challenging terrain. There are several elements to know, like to get a for a single rider or one with a passenger room.

Daily life and events that occur non-stop create a breeding ground that could be ideal for the generation of high levels of stress in contemporary society, it is for this reason that it is advisable to have recreational activities that help drain the pent-up energy in order to achieve a healthy balance of well-being and personal satisfaction.

It is due to this and also to the increasingly widespread population of fans of everything related to the world of engines that ATVs, all-terrain vehicles of the side-by-side type, are having such a boom among fans of the world on wheels and also among people without much knowledge in the matter but who find it interesting as a way to release tensions and at the same time as a very attractive source of entertainment.

two people ride atv in muddy path

Which Is The Best Side-by-side ATV?

When choosing the best side-by-side ATV model, it is challenging to choose only one brand or model since there are excellent manufacturers of these vehicles in the market that have taken great care to offer high-quality products to their users. Besides, it should not be forgotten that the excellence of these all-terrain vehicles will also depend on the use or purpose for which the user has acquired them. Anyway, here are the ATVs that, according to Internet users, are considered the best in their respective categories of use.

What Is The Most Reliable ATV On The Market?

As previously stated, to choose just one brand to say that it is the best or the most reliable of all would be very bold.

Fortunately for all the fans of these vehicles, the ATV market is made up of excellent manufacturers that have been concerned day by day to offer quality products in continuous innovation and with a quite remarkable degree of ongoing improvements.

Once this point has been emphasized, it can be said that there are brands that stand out for their excellence in the reliability attribute, and these are the ones we will mention below.

  • Honda. It is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of ATVs worldwide. Its vehicles are a guarantee of reliability and integral quality and enjoy a renowned reputation for their performance in the field.
  • Kawasaki. It is a technological leader because of its organizational culture. Safety and reliability have always been their guiding principles and they seek continuous improvement in every product they manufacture.
  • Polaris Industries. It is a manufacturer whose products are very popular among ATV enthusiasts and is the company with the largest variety in the ATV market.
  • Yamaha. Their tradition is their greatest letter of introduction. Every product they manufacture is quickly placed at the top of the market. Their innovations in chassis and bodywork have resulted in ATVs that are increasingly lighter and more accessible to users in general.

How Much Does A Side-by-side Atv Cost?

As the popular saying goes, when it comes to ATV prices, "there is something for everyone". In a market where there are multiple options and product versions. So, the cost alternatives will depend on the vehicle's use, size, number of seats, type of engine, brand or model, etc.

We could continue to add to the list of factors that impact the value of ATVs, but sometimes making price comparisons between different models is a dead end. Each vehicle has unique characteristics that affect its final cost to the end-user.

Thinking very generally on the value of these vehicles, we could talk about a price range that goes from US$ 5,000 to more than US$ 20,000 depending on the characteristics and benefits of the ATV model to be purchased. You will need to consider if this will be a plaything only, or if there will be an ulterior use that would justify expending a little extra for a better ATV.

Ultimately, just as buying a regular vehicle, you need to think of practicality versus budget versus how much you genuinely want to invest in your ATV hobby.

atvs parked in a beach cliff

Main Features Of Side-by-side ATVs

If you are evaluating the possibility of acquiring an ATV we recommend that you first research everything related to this 4×4 vehicle before making a decision more based on an impulse than on the functionalities you will get from this vehicle. Listed below are some of its main features.

  • They are vehicles that feature rear-wheel drive, rigid rear axle, and manual transmission.
  • Light ATVs can weigh up to 350 kilograms without taking into account the weight of the battery, and have a maximum speed limited by the factory to 45 km/hour.
  • The light ATV has an engine displacement of 50 ccs when the motor is electric.
  • The maximum power of the light ATV is 4 kW.
  • Non-light ATVs can weigh up to 400 kilograms, excluding the battery.
  • The non-light ATV has a maximum power of 15 KW.
  • ATVs are 4-wheel-drive vehicles with reduction wheels.
  • They are vehicles used for leisure and fun, competition, and even for surveillance or security work.
  • ATVs can have 2 seats or 4 seats depending on their size.
  • Lightweight ATVs have hardly any bodywork, while non-lightweight ATVs have a square body.

Origin Of ATVs Or All-Terrain Vehicles

It can be said that ATVs have an undeniable kinship with motorcycles, the reason for this link goes back approximately 30 years ago when the major motorcycle distribution companies of the time were consistently experiencing drops in sales throughout the rainy season, the drops were so significant that they reached the point of not selling a single vehicle and in some cases, some of them went completely bankrupt.

This led the distribution companies to complain unanimously to the various motorcycle manufacturers to express their concern and argue their need to modify the supply of vehicles in the rainy season. This request from the distributors was not immediately accepted since the counterpart, in this case, the manufacturers were determined still not to modify the production line of motorcycles, basing their decision on the fact that a motorcycle is an ideal type of vehicle for rainy climates, being light and agile and able to move in small spaces. However, in the end, reason prevailed, recognizing that motorcycles could not offer safety in very low-adherence terrains.

From 1970 and after the innumerable number of requests, manufacturers began to produce a vehicle to meet the need for transportation during this particular climate called Trike or motorized tricycles.

The Trike or three-wheeled vehicle quickly became widespread throughout the United States and it can be said that this massification was the main reason for its subsequent disappearance, since the combination of inexperience on the part of the drivers plus the temptation to drive at high speeds was a combination that generated countless traffic accidents, which prompted the U.S. government to withdraw it from the market due to its high dangerousness.

This situation gave rise to the reformulation of this vehicle to produce the birth of the side-by-side ATV as it is known today, offering the best of both worlds: on the one hand, the use of lightweight materials gave it this outstanding characteristic of motorcycles, and on the other hand, its all-terrain design made it a vehicle of great reliability and adherence in complicated terrain. Initially, its main function was as a work vehicle in agricultural areas, but over the years this functionality changed and today it is a vehicle used for leisure or various sports competitions.


atv tires close up in sandy path

In this day and age, we find multiple novelties in terms of non-traditional entertainment options that can be adopted as a hobby. Side-by-side ATVs are one of them and they have come to stay. These have become a daily and regular part of the lives, of all those who wish to have fun and participate in motor or speed competitions go for ATVs.

ATV's hobbyist must approach this hobby with responsibility and dedication to use it in a conscious, prudent way and thus be able to enjoy it to the fullest.