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Fastest RC Cars: What Are The Fastest RC Cars In The World?

Fastest RC Cars: What Are The Fastest RC Cars In The World?

RC cars are small cars that can reach speeds as high as those of actual cars. They are not simple toys; they are models designed for adults since they require maintenance and mechanical knowledge and the skill and maturity of the driver.

The fastest RC cars in the world are:

If you are an RC car lover and have a passion for speed, we have a lot to tell you below. We will have the opportunity to learn more about the features of the fastest RC cars in the world. Fasten your seatbelt, and let's get started.

What Are RC Cars?

Radio-controlled cars, or RC cars, are miniature cars that a person controls with a specialized remote control. In the same way, the term RC refers to the car as "remote-controlled" or as "radio-controlled"; both definitions are correct.

Another aspect that we must know is that this type of car can have several sources of energy.

  • We have cars that can move thanks to electric motors that are very powerful despite their small size.
  • There are RC cars that use gasoline to move at high speeds, identical to the way a standard car does it.
  • There is another type of RC car called "nitro." These cars run on a mixture of oil, nitromethane, and methanol.
  • RC cars that use rechargeable batteries, which in many cases are usually nickel or lithium.

fast rc races in the sand

What are the types of RC cars?

Here we will define the main types of RC cars that we can find in the market.

RC Cars For Children Or Toy Cars

The RC cars for children or toy cars must meet a fundamental objective: give the child hours of fun in an easy and uncomplicated way. Another characteristic of RC cars for children is the attractive design and getting a quality product at a low price.

One of the aspects that differentiate children's RC cars from hobby cars is their components. RC cars for hobbyists have separate electronic parts. The person can remove them independently and replace them when they fail. On the contrary, RC cars for children do not have this differentiation. As they are very economical cars, you would have to buy a new vehicle when damaged. The maintenance of these cars is low.

RC Cars For Amateurs/Hobbies/Adults

These RC cars are what we call hobby or adult cars. This activity is booming over the years, where many adults find a fun hobby in the world of motors. This type of car come in two modalities:

Ready to run, where we only have to take it out of the box, turn it on, and start driving.

Cars to assemble are models requiring the assembly of their components. The person would even have to paint its bodywork.

Electric RC cars

These models of RC cars have an electric motor that provides the power to the vehicle to operate. They are cars that come with mechanical or electric speed, depending on the model. The power is directly proportional to the speed required when we pull the trigger of the remote control.

Nitro RC Cars

These cars get their power from nitromethane. They have a single servo control for brake and throttle management. They also have a carburetor that will perform the same functions as a standard car. This type of vehicle is ideal for operators with specific mechanics since its inner workings are miniature reflections of a conventional car.

RC Cars With Gasoline Engine

Gasoline-powered RC cars also require oil for their operation, just like the engine of a standard vehicle. These types of cars are much more expensive than nitrogen and electric cars. Typically their price can range from $700 to over $4000.

Another outstanding feature of gasoline RC cars is their size. They have the most significant size scale among RC vehicles, making their top speed not so high. The good thing is that these cars make up for their limited speed with a lot of power, so they do not need too much gasoline to operate.


What Are The Top 10 Fastest RC Cars?

We're about to take a thrilling and exciting journey through the world of RC car engines; let's take a look at the top 10 fastest RC cars of today.

1. RC Bullet

This car holds two undisputed titles:

  • It is the fastest RC car globally, considering all types of propulsion systems (gasoline, electric, nitro, and batteries).
  • It is the fastest battery-powered RC car in the world.

The RC Bullet can reach 202.02 mph.

2. Traxxas X0-1

This model is a high-speed RC car. It is the mega sports car of RC cars. In just 5 seconds, this car can reach up to 100 mph. Experts say that whoever buys this car should add two sets of batteries to reach its top speed.

3. Traxxas 1/8 NHRA Funny Car RTR

We can say that the price of this vehicle is relatively low, taking into account the specialized segment where it participates. This car comes ready to take out of the box and start using immediately. It can reach up to 70 mph.

4. Arrma Typhon 4WD BLX Buggy

This model is an RC car that has a four-wheel-drive system. If you decide to add a higher battery, this model can reach 68 mph.

5. Traxxas Jato 3.3 2WD Truck RTR

If there is one defining characteristic of this model, it is pure power. Thanks to this power, the Jato can reach up to 65 mph.

6. Traxxas 4WD Short Course Truck

This model represents a high-powered rustic truck that demonstrates excellent stability. Its top speed reaches 62 mph.

7. Losi DBLX Racing Truck

This model is manufactured by Losi. The DBLX has a powerful electric motor and an attractive graphic design line. This RC can reach up to 55 mph.

8. JLB Racing Cheetah

The Cheetah model can reach 50 mph. It is a vehicle that can move very well on uneven surfaces such as asphalt roads. It has impressive all-terrain tires that allow it to have excellent traction.

9. Traxxas 8S X-MAXX

This RC car is a large model. It is ideal for uneven or rugged terrain due to its reinforced axle and chassis system. It can reach 50 mph.

10. Temi RC

This racing car has a great design. You will be surprised because it has four-wheel drive with a highly shock-resistant body. This small machine can reach 50 mph.

temi RC car

How Fast Was The Fastest RC Car?

The car with the highest speed in the world is the RC Bullet. Let's review some interesting facts about this car:

  • This car has a top speed of up to 202 mph (325 km/h).
  • Nic Case is its manufacturer.
  • The Guinness Book of Records awarded the RC Bullet in 2014, the world record for being the fastest RC car globally.
  • Nic Case got this award during the ROSSA (Radio Operated Scale Speed Association) World Championship.

What Is The Fastest Rc Car Out Of The Box?

There is no doubt that the RC ready-to-use car out of the box is the Traxxas X0-1. It is the fastest ready-to-run car you can buy right now. So if you are looking for an RC car where you don't have to spend a second putting it together, this is the model for you.

A Final Thought On The Fastest Rc Cars

RC cars for adults are not a toy. Many experts suggest that any beginner in this hobby start off with someone who has more experience. When it is the first time someone observes this activity, it may seem like an easy hobby. Still, once we investigate it thoroughly, we understand that it requires discipline, commitment, study, and responsibility.