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What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need? [BEST SIZE FOR YOUR HEIGHT]

What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need? [BEST SIZE FOR YOUR HEIGHT]

Riding dirt bikes is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. However, to reap maximum benefits from your riding ventures, you must get the right size of a dirt bike. So, what size dirt bike do I need?

Beginners with small body sizes should consider getting a 125 or 150 CC bike, while intermediate riders with more experience will find 250 to 450cc attractive. Finding the right size dirt bike requires that you consider your height, age, weight, fit on the bike, the size of the power plant of the dirt bike, and the level of experience.

While purchasing a dirt bike should be a straightforward process, you need to be well informed to get a bike that will take your riding experience to the next level.

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What Size Dirt Bike Do I Need For My Height

There are two essential factors that you need to consider when measuring the size of a dirt bike. The first one is the physical size of the bike, and the second one is the engine size measured in cubic centimeters.

The physical height metric is the most important as it tells you whether or not a dirt bike matches your body height.

The best way to tell that a dirt bike size is right for you is by trying it. In other words, sit on the straddle and ensure your feet can touch the ground with your toes. With only the toes touching the ground, you can easily maneuver the dirt bike in any situation.

If you are a beginner, you will need a dirt bike that gives you more control by having both feet touch the ground firmly. Nonetheless, it is essential to note that a dirt bike that sits too low on the ground can be a turn-off to frequent riders as it increases the chances of foot injuries.

To ensure that you do not get the size aspect of your dirt bike wrong, we have provided a simple chart to serve as a guideline for what seat height of a dirt bike should be appropriate based on your height.

Dirt Bike Size Chart for Seat Height 

Age/Height Seat Height
3 – 5 years 18 – 21 inch
5 -9 years 21 – 24 inch
9 -10 years 24 – 27 inch
4' 10" – 5'0" tall 27 – 30 inch
5'0" – 5'4" tall 29 – 31 inch
5'2" – 5'4" tall 30 – 33 inch
5'4"– 5'6" tall 33 – 35 inch
5'6" – 5'8" tall 34 – 36 inch
6'0"+ tall 37 inch

What Size Dirt Bike do I Need for my Weight

Regardless of your weight, dirt bikes are designed for everyone to enjoy. These are powerful machines with different engine levels and sizes that can support less or more weight. Therefore, you need to choose a bike that matches your weight for better performance and efficiency.

If you weigh 200 lbs and are looking at a 2-stroke bike, you should choose the one within 210 to 250 cc. The general idea is that each pound of weight needs a cubic centimeter to move you around. Notably, for heavy people, a four-stroke engine would be the most appropriate option.

Bike Weight and Frame

One of the most significant parts of a dirt bike is the suspension. The suspension on a dirt bike influences the overall comfort, top speed, and safety. Therefore, it is easy to understand that a featherweight rider will require a different suspension from a heavy pro rider.

Purchasing a bike with the appropriate suspension to handle your weight and a powerful engine will ensure that you enjoy your riding ventures.

Other Considerations for the Best Dirt Bike

The Level of Experience

Although the riding experience is one of the essential factors to consider when looking for the best dirt bike, most people do not consider it. Dirt bikes are agile and powerful machines capable of conquering rugged terrain. However, if you are not going to get the best for yourself, the chances are that you are not going to enjoy riding.

If you are purchasing a dirt bike for your little ones, there is an excellent array of mini bikes that you can get for them. These types of bikes are designed with safety in mind, and you can thus be sure that your child will be safe.

For adults, you need to start with something bigger and more robust to ensure that you get the ecstasy of bike riding. However, if you have no experience in riding dirt bikes, a dirt bike with a smaller engine will be the most appropriate option. Moreover, smaller bikes are more agile and lighter, making them easy to control.

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The Purpose of the Bike

Another important consideration is the intention of purchasing the dirt bike. For instance, you need to be categorical on the type of off-roading that you will be doing. This is essential because dirt bikes are broken down into specific categories, and knowing how you intend to use yours will play a significant role in ensuring that you make the right choice. If you are into racing, you will need a bike with a top speed.

Here is a list of the various subcategories of dirt bikes and their specific use;

  • Motocross Bikes – Best known for being fast and agile when handling jumps. They are perfect for ripping across off-road trails.
  • Trail bikes are designed for cross-country and are generally not very fast around a track.
  • Flat-Track Bikes are lightweight and have exceptional capabilities to negotiate corners at high speeds.
  • Hill climb Bikes – They are designed for hill climbing

New or Used

It is also common to find people undecided about purchasing new or used dirt bikes. If you find yourself in the same situation, there are two main questions that you should ask yourself; how much money do you have, and what is your level of experience.

If you are a beginner, going for used dirt bikes will be a good idea as they are less expensive and will help increase your riding skills. Besides, used bikes can be as good as new ones if you know what it takes to purchase the best ones. When purchasing a used dirt bike, be sure to consider the following;

  • The hours on the bike
  • Examine the swingarm, rear suspension, and the linkage
  • Front suspension
  • Wheels and tires
  • Listen to engines and the sounds resulting from shifting the gears
  • Check the engine
  • General cleanliness of the bike
  • The brakes

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Riding Safely

Once you have selected a dirt bike that is a perfect size for you and can meet your objectives, the next step is to ensure that you ride safely. Having a terrible crash means that your riding dream will come to an end, and these are the scenarios that you should avoid by all means possible.

Your riding safety starts with your riding technique. You need to ensure that you have a mastery of riding techniques. In addition, it is crucial to take into consideration other safer riding measures, which include;

  • Wearing proper attire designed to offer total protection in case of a crush
  • Avoid riding your dirt bike when under the influence
  • Ride on designated trails and at a safe speed
  • Ensure that you complete your riding course
  • Never allow the younger stars to ride dirt bikes that are too high
  • Avoid riding alone on remote trails


Riding dirt bikes is a fun sport for everyone to enjoy. No matter your size and height, you can always find a perfect dirt bike for your needs. Besides knowing your height and the height of the bike that will be the best option for you, it is crucial to physically try out the dirt bike before purchasing it. Also, ensure that you purchase your bike from reputable brands.

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