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Where Can You Ride ATVs In Georgia? Ride ATVs Near Me

Where Can You Ride ATVs In Georgia? Ride ATVs Near Me

Georgia is known for its towering mountains, beautiful beaches, and breath-taking scenery, making it one of the best states to ride an ATV. There are different ATV riding parks in the state, from high-end private parks to far-reaching national forests. You will have a great time riding an ATV in Georgia.

You can ride an ATV in:

  • Iron Mountain Park
  • Moccasin Creek Off-Road Park
  • Davenport Mountain OHV Trails
  • Houston Valley OHV Trails
  • Rockcrusher Farm
  • Aonia Pass Motocross Park
  • Fat Daddy's ATV Park
  • Creek Bottom ATV Park
  • East Coast Off-Road Park
  • Highland Park Resort
  • The Big Nasty ATV Park

Riding an ATV is fun, but riding in a good location makes it more enjoyable. If you are located in Georgia and want to go ATV riding, you should read this blog post. Visitors in Georgia who also want to ride an ATV will find it helpful.

Where Can You Ride ATVs In Georgia?

There are many exciting trails and parks in Georgia that ATV riders will enjoy riding in. Some of these trails and parks accommodate both ATVs and dirt bikes, so if you love ATVs and you have a friend or partner who loves dirt bikes, you can still ride together in any of the parks.


Fat Daddy’s ATV Park

With a landmass of 500 acres, Fat Daddy's ATV Park offers miles of sandhills, mud pits, and wood trails. The park is located on the Satilla River. Fat Daddy's ATV Park is open during weekends, from 9 am on Friday till 5 pm on Sunday. The gate is open by 8:30 am on Saturdays and Sundays. Fat Daddy's ATV Park is located at 5721 Alma Hwy, Waycross, GA 31503.

Admission into the park costs $60 per person from Friday to Sunday, $50 per person from Saturday till Sunday, and $25 per person for a day. Entry is free for children aged 8 and below, except when they are operating their ATV. Wearing a helmet in this park is not required, except if aged 16 and below. Riding hours in Fat Daddy's Park begin at dawn and end at 10 p.m.

The Big Nasty ATV Park

One of Georgia's largest parks where you can ride an ATV is The Big Nasty ATV Park, with a landmass of 1600 acres, complete with water, mud, trails, MX tracks, and mud pits. Any enthusiastic ATV rider will love this park. The Big Nasty ATV Park is located at 108 Godley Rd, Bloomingdale, GA 31302.

A permit is not required to ride an ATV in the Big Nasty ATV Park; motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Sides, are permitted, but jeeps, SUVs, dune buggy 4×4, and sand rail 4×4 are prohibited. You must pay a riding fee before admission; it is $20 for adults, $10 for the second adult rider on an ATV, $10 for children aged 13 and below; it is free for children aged 2 and below.


Iron Mountain Park

Iron Mountain Park is a privately owned park with a landmass of 4300 acres. The park has 150 miles of GPS mapped and marked one-way directional trails. There are specific trails and areas for Jeeps, ATVs, trucks, UTVs, and single track for dirt bikes. A dedicated obstacle course area will soon be opened. Iron Mountain Park is located at 116 Iron Mountain Pkwy, Dahlonega GA, 30533.

You have an option to bring your Jeep, ATV, UTV, or dirt bike to hit the trails, or you can choose from their rentals. The ATV trails are open from Friday to Monday. It costs $25 to rent a bike or ATV and $30 for a side-by-side or a Jeep on Fridays and Mondays. On Saturdays and Sundays, it costs $35 to rent a bike or ATV and $40 for a Jeep or a side-by-side.

Aonia Pass Motocross Park

If you are looking for a place to practice riding an ATV, you should go to Aonia Pass Motocross Park. Located at 3030 Thomson Rd, Washington, GA 30673, the park is open every day, unlike most ATV parks. From Saturday to Thursday its hours of operation are 8 am until dark. On Friday and Saturday, they are open from 8 am to 5 pm. Many events also take place in this park, so you might be in for a treat if there is an event on the day you attend.

Aonia Pass Motocross Park is one of Georgia's most popular private ATV and off-road racing facilities; it has a landmass of 600 acres, with several tracks, including a supercross track, a motocross, a motocross Peewee track, and an ATV track. The cost of riding an ATV in this park is $20. All riders are always required to wear a helmet while riding.

Highland Park Resort

The Highland Park Resort offers about 90 miles of riding in the mountains of North Georgia, and it has 45 unique one-way trails. The interesting thing about this park is that the trails are rated by difficulty level, from beginner to expert. So, regardless of your expertise in riding ATVs, there is a trail perfectly suited for you. Highland Park Resort is located at 1501 Culp Lake Rd, Cedartown, GA 30125.

Unlike other ATV parks, there is no admission fee at Highland Park Resort. However, everyone must sign a liability waiver at the lodge, whether you are riding or not. The park is open seven days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm, and 365 days a year, except on Christmas Day and Thanksgiving day. Riding fees at the park are $30 for motorcycles, $35 for ATVs, $40 for side-by-sides, and $20 for youths aged 8 to 15.

Moccasin Creek Off-Road Park

This park has a landmass of 500 acres, with mud pits, wood trails, over a mile of waterfront, and a deep water crossing. Some trails are muddy enough to get your wheels dirty, and others will challenge your ATV riding skills. Moccasin Creek Off-Road Park is open only on weekends. Only UTVs, ATVs, and golf carts are allowed on the trails. This is a family-oriented off-road park located at 7055 Wilton Rd, Blackshear, GA 31516.

Trucks, performance ATVs, and dirt bikes are not allowed to be operated in the park. To ensure they are not operated, the keys are always confiscated. The riding fees at Moccasin Creek Off-Road Park are $50 per person from Friday till Sunday. $40 per person from Saturday till Sunday, $20 per person for a day. It is free for children aged 11 and below. All payments are in cash.


Houston Valley OHV Trails

This is one of the largest ATV trails operated by the Georgian Forest Service, and it has 25 miles of trails that are designed to be challenging yet safe. The trails are open to motorbikes and ATVs. Vehicles with a width of more than 50 inches are not allowed. Houston Valley OHV Trails is located at Capehart Rd, Rocky Face, GA 30740, and it is open 24 hours every day.

There are no vehicle rentals at Houston Valley OHV Trails, so you must come with your own ATV or dirt bike. If there is heavy rainfall, the park is closed for days to allow the trails to dry and reduce resource damage, so it is important to call in before deciding to drive in the park. The price for a day per operator is $5, and an annual pass is $50 per operator.

Final Thoughts

ATV riding in Georgia is a lot of fun if you find the perfect trail to operate on. You would be surprised to know that Georgia has a lot of ATV riding parks. Most of these parks have camping facilities, so there is an option to turn it into a weekend activity with other riders. Georgia ATV parks have trails for every level of ATV rider. So, pick a day and have a great time riding in any of Georgia's ATV parks.