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Where Can You Ride ATVs In Michigan? Ride ATVs Near Me

Where Can You Ride ATVs In Michigan? Ride ATVs Near Me

Michigan has lots of rivers, so it is largely known as a state with lots of fishing spots. As an ATV rider, you must have thought of the best places to ride your ATV in Michigan. You want to ride in a place where riding ATVs is legal, and you would have fun riding. This blog post will cover the best spots to ride ATVs in Michigan.

Some of the places you can ride ATVs in Michigan are;

  • Bundy Hill
  • Holly Oaks ORV Park
  • Tin Cup Spring
  • Ogemaw Sports
  • Trail Center
  • Silver Lake State Park
  • Newberry
  • Cedar Creek Trail
  • Huron-Manistee National Forests
  • Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground
  • Saint Helen Motorsport Area

There are good spots for riding ATVs in Michigan. Whether you are familiar with the state or if you are a visitor looking for new places, there is a perfect spot for you. with a beautiful mix of lakeside views, a variety of landscapes, and forested trails. You will have a great time driving an ATV in Michigan.

Where Can You Ride ATVs In Michigan?

There are several trails and parks where you can ride an ATV in Michigan. Some of these trails provide amazing views and challenges for ATV riders, so you are guaranteed to have enough fun while riding with your family and friends.


Bundy Hill Off-Road

Bundy Hill Off-Road is the largest private park in Southern Michigan. It is located at 9960 E Chicago Road, Jerome, MI 49249. The park is open from 9 am to 8 pm from Wednesdays to Sundays. It is one of the best places for ATV riding as it is spread across 300 acres of mud pits, rock challenges, wooded trails, and hill climbs.

This park is suitable for both experienced and new ATV riders as there are different trails for different levels of expertise. The trails at Bundy Hill Off-Road are rated blue, red, green, and black. Each trail color has its specifications. Blue and green trails consist of dirt, loose rocks, and sand with slick surfaces, so you must be a professional rider, and your ATV must have high ground clearance and aggressive tires.

On the other hand, red trails are buggy territory. To ride an ATV on this trail, one must have excellent driving skills. Lastly, the black trail consists of trees, slick rocks, and sand. Your ATV must have tall tires, high ground clearance, tow point, and locking devices if you ride through this trail.

There are also ATV rides offered at Bundy Hill Off-Road. If you want to drive an ATV, you can rent it for $20. For people who want to take a ride, the fee is $10. For children under the age of five, it's free.

Saint Helen Motorsport Area

Saint Helen Motorsport Area is located at 1901 N Saint Helen Road, Saint Helen, MI 48656.  This motorsport area provides more than 50 miles of ATV trails with several sandy hill climbs and six obstacle courses with concrete pipes and large boulders for your ATV to crawl over.

It opens at 9 am every day and closes at 5 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, while on Friday, it closes at 6 pm and 3 pm on Sundays. This motorsport area is usually closed on Wednesdays. Saint Helen Motorsport Area also offers different options for lodging.

While riding an ATV at Saint Helen Motorsport Area, your vehicle's noise limit must be below 94 decibels. The maximum width of ATV allowed in this motorsport area is 72 inches. You are also required to always wear a helmet while riding.

Huron-Manistee National Forests

Huron-Manistee National Forests is one of the popular places to ride ATV in Michigan. It is located at 1755 S. Mitchell Street, Cadillac, MI 49601. This national forest is quite large, nearly one million acres, and it provides several trails for ATV riders.

Most of the ATV trails in this national forest are situated in the southern part of the forest. The Huron-Manistee National Forests is open only on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. One of the perks of riding an ATV in this national forest is seeing different natural sites and wildlife.

Ogemaw Sports and Trail Center


Ogemaw Sports and Trail Center is a legal and popular motocross campground for ATVs and other vehicles. This campground offers family-oriented motocross tracks, private single tracks, and various ATV trails. The ATV trails at this center are suitable for drivers of all ages and expertise.

The Ogemaw Sports and Trail Center is located at 2374 Lentz Road City, MI 48654, and is open from 9 am to 10 pm every day. Riding an ATV at this campground is fun with the different obstacle courses and hills. This 175-acre campground is also open to dirt bikes so that you can ride your ATV while your friends are riding their dirt bikes.

Admission into the campground costs $30 if you are going to be riding. However, people under ten will get in for $15. The ATV trails at this campground are filled with sand, loose dirt, trees, hardpack, dust, steep hills, mud, gravel pits, and berms.

Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground

Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground offers nine-mile ATV trails as well as lakes for fishing and boating. To ride an ATV at Ambrose Lake, you will require a permit and a sticker. The ATV trails at Ambrose Lake State Forest Campground are covered with loose dirt, rocks, mud, hardpack, dust, trees, sand, and berms.

There are also some water crossings as well as small jumps. Both beginners and experts can ride their ATVs at this campground. You might also come across some single tracks and interceptions. Hence, there can be traffic on the ATV trails. It is located at Houghton Creek Road, West Branch, MI 48661.

Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail

Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail is a park in Michigan located at 5748-6198 Linderman Road, Twin Lake, MI 49457. The motorsport trail is open twenty-four seven, all year round. It is a 24-mile single-track trail and is perfect for new riders.

The terrain of this motorsport trail progresses from flat to rolling. For this reason, your ATV has to have sturdy tires. At Cedar Creek Motorsport Trail, there is no fee to park or ride your ATV. If a group is visiting this motorsport train for events or commercial activities, they will require permits and passes from the Michigan state authorities.

Tin Cup Spring OHV Trails

Tin Cup Spring OHV Trails is located at Kings Highway, Luther, MI 49656, and is open twenty hours every day. There are two different trails in this area, an 18-mile OHV trail and a 19-mile motorcycle trail. An OHV is prohibited from the motorcycle trail and vice-versa. There is a noise limit of 94 decibels for ATV riders, and the maximum width of an ATV allowed is 72 inches.

It is a rule at the Tin Cup Spring OHV Trails that all riders must always put on a helmet for safety reasons. There is no fee for riding and parking in this area. The terrains at the Tin Cup Spring OHV Trails are filled with trees, some loose dirt, and hardpack. There are also single-track trails for riders. The area also offers a campsite for overnight parking.


Final Thoughts

Riding an ATV in Michigan is quite fun when you are in the perfect spot. There are different ATV riding parks available in Michigan where you can ride your ATV and even dirt bikes. Michigan is one of the best states to ride an ATV, and it is a popular activity in the state. Relax, check for the perfect ATV trail in Michigan and enjoy your weekend and holidays.