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Drone Hybrids: Will A Drone Hybrid Fly? For How Long?

Drone Hybrids: Will A Drone Hybrid Fly? For How Long?

If you fly drones commercially, you will notice that the flight time of most drones is very short, so you have to change the battery frequently. Batteries can only be changed if you have spares. How can you overcome this issue? The solution is to use a hybrid drone.

Yes, a hybrid drone can fly. It can fly for up to two hours or more without stopping or needing to refuel. A drone's hybrid generator helps charge the drone's battery, which will power the electric motors attached to the drone's propellers.

Using a hybrid drone sounds like a good idea. However, you must know more about the tool or equipment you want to use before using it. There is a lot to learn about drone hybrids before you venture into using one.

What Is A Hybrid Drone?

A hybrid drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that uses more than one energy source to power its flight system. The main energy source of drones is the battery. However, due to the high efficiency of drones, their flight time is limited.

The Quantum system was the first to produce a hybrid drone that can fly for several hours. However, Giovanni Mastronardo Nicola and Valenti Nicolai were the first Europeans to produce a conversion kit to install a hybrid generator on a drone.

Using a hybrid generator helps your drone have a longer flight time. The generator contains an internal combustion engine and an electric machine. The electric machine is optimized to have a high power-to-weight ratio.

The hybrid generator converts the chemical energy of the fuel into mechanical energy, which is further converted to electrical energy that powers the drone. The engine of a hybrid generator weighs up to 17 pounds and generates about 10 kilowatts of power.

When using a hybrid drone, you do not need to charge the batteries of the drone. As long as you keep on refilling the fuel tank of the hybrid generator, more energy is produced to power all electronic parts of the drone and keep its battery charged, allowing you to fly for a long time.

Hybrid drones have a payload capacity of 9 kilograms. So, when you need to transport things from one place to another, you can use a hybrid drone as it can fly for more than an hour without stopping.

The energy that powers a hybrid drone comes from both the drone's battery and the hybrid generator. When operating a hybrid drone, no extra chargers or batteries are required. As long as the fuel tank is full, you can fly for as long as you wish.

Hybrid drones can be utilized in a variety of sectors such as security, agriculture, fishing, advertising, photography, film production, emergency, and surveillance.


Types Of Hybrid Drones

There are different types of hybrid drones manufactured by different companies. These drones vary in functionality, size, and capacity. The following are examples of hybrid drones.

Yangda YD6-1600L Gas Electric Hybrid Drone

The Yangda YD6-1600L Gas Electric Hybrid Drone is one of the best hybrid drones that uses a very powerful gas-driven electricity generator. This hybrid drone provides a stable and continuous power supply to the drone.

Regardless of the temperature or the altitude, this hybrid drone will keep on soaring through the skies. It allows you to carry out aerial photography, long-range inspection, and even search and rescue operations.

This drone has three hybrid engines; 2.4kw, 3.6kw, and 6.0kw. With its 2.4-kilowatt generator, the drone can fly for up to four hours and has a payload capacity of 3.4 kg. When it is using its 3.6kw engine, it has a maximum payload capacity of 7.8kg. When the 6.0kw engine version of this drone is in use, the drone can lift a maximum weight load of 10.5kg while flying.

In emergencies where the drone's gasoline-electric engine fails or runs into problems during flight, you can use the backup battery of the drone for a maximum of 90 seconds for an emergency landing.

Hybrix 2.1

Hybrix 2.1 is the world's best performance hybrid drone. It has more power, more flight time, and more payload capacity than anything else out there. An experiment with this drone was conducted, and the drone broke the world record by flying for ten hours and fourteen minutes with a full tank of 16 liters.

This drone uses both the drone's batteries and the hybrid generator to power the drone, producing more efficiency and maximizing power. Additionally, you can easily assemble and deploy this hybrid drone as it has removable arms.

Even in bad weather conditions, this drone will fly for up to four hours while carrying its maximum payload capacity. You do not need to charge the drone's battery before you can fly. As long as you have refilled the fuel tank, you can continue your flight.

The Hybrix 2.1 comes with a transport case that keeps all its accessories so it can be easily transported. It also has an advanced ground control station that allows you to control the drone with digital communication.

Additionally, this drone contains a mission planner. So, you can set an automatic flight plan and receive relevant data without moving from your location. It has a maximum payload capacity of 10 kg, a maximum speed of 80km/h, and a maximum flight time of four hours.

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SkyFront Perimeter Hybrid Drone

This hybrid drone is said to have the longest endurance system. SkyFront Perimeter Hybrid Drone has a flight time of five hours and a 12-pound payload capacity. It can fly for over 110 miles and has a 25mph wind resistance.

With the fuel-injected G2K hybrid electric power, this drone can fly for incredibly long hours without stopping. Gasoline from its engine is converted into electricity that powers the drone. The drone's exhaust, fuel tanks, and engine are integrated into the vehicle, which helps streamline the drone.

Once you start the drone, its engine automatically starts, so you do not have to use drill starter motors or pull starts with it. This drone can operate in weather conditions as low as -100c.

Avartek Boxer Hybrid Drone

Avartek has been manufacturing drones since 1968, long before other industries started. One of their best drones is the Avartek Boxer Hybrid Drone. This drone has a payload capacity of 2kg and a maximum flight time of two hours.

The main feature of this drone is its hybrid system. This system is powered by a generator that transforms gasoline into electricity which in turn powers the drone. It is capable of delivering 4kw of energy and has a fuel capacity of 5 liters.

Avartek Boxer Hybrid Drone is controlled with a remote controller and has a GPS set-up for accuracy in flying. It uses auxiliary sensors and brushless motors. The brushless motors provide amazing flying power and reduce vibrations. There is also a failsafe built into the drone. If the generator goes out, the drone will restart when it is in the air.


Final Thoughts

Flying a hybrid drone is quite amazing. Although hybrid drones are quite expensive, their long flight time and payload capacity make the price worth it. If you are tired of replacing batteries during flight, you should consider purchasing a hybrid drone.

Hybrid drones are more convenient for videography and photography due to their long flight times. A hybrid drone is not limited; it can be used to serve different purposes, including agriculture. Therefore, you can now get your hybrid drone and start flying without worries.