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The Yfz 450r: Top Speeds, Horsepower, Weight, and More!

The Yfz 450r: Top Speeds, Horsepower, Weight, and More!

When shopping for an ATV, one of many people's challenges is deciding on the best brand. Any squad that originates from a reputable brand such as Yamaha will likely give value to your money.

The Yamaha YFZ 450R is the most advanced sports quad in the modern market. It combines a high-tech, quick-revving, 449cc fuel-injected engine with a steel chassis to provide top-notch performance. 

If you are out to get yourself a Yamaha YFZ 450R, you need to read this article to the end because there is a lot for you to learn.

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Why Choose Yamaha?

Yamaha is one of the most popular brands in the ATV industry. For most ATV enthusiasts, Yamaha is their idol. So what makes the brand command the excellent reputation that it already has?


As much as you get great pleasure in ATV riding, you do not want to invest in a product that will compel you to live outside your means. The YFZ450R is excellent when it comes to fuel economy. Yamaha seems to have mastered reducing fuel consumption in its products without interfering with performance.

Value that Lasts

The other important aspect of Yamaha is that its products are designed to last long. While you might need to carry out regular upgrades, most of the ATV parts will not need replacement unless you are looking to increase the speed of your ATV.

Dependable Engines

The Yamaha engines are designed with a base of highly reliable components to guarantee trustworthiness. For instance, the forged aluminum pistons are constructed without melting the original aluminum stocks, which makes the piston lighter and significantly enhances the efficiency of the engines. In addition, the fuel injection system offers a reliable start while at the same time ensuring uniform combustion.

The YFZ 450R Key Features

Great Ergonomic Design

The quad has an ergonomic bodywork designed to guarantee maximum rider comfort. The seat shape is padded in the right places to ensure all-day riding comfort. If the need for servicing your ATV arises, you would not have to struggle because the body parts are designed to come out easily.

Further, the quad design allows more room for the rider to freely move when riding the ATV hence contributing to the machine's comfort. Although the seat is narrow in the front, it is wide and padded at the rear to reduce fatigue while providing maximum comfort. The large diameter handlebars are mounted on 4-way clamps to reduce vibration and provide exceptional adjustability. All these are meant to ensure that the rider never gets a hard time riding the squad.

Technologically Advanced

The YFZ450R is the most technologically advanced quad you can get in the modern market. It is simply the best in the line of racing ATVs. The machine combines different technological aspects, including the quick-revving, fuel-injected engine with a professional-caliber chassis. This kind of combination makes the squad one of the most outstanding ATVs in the modern market. Additionally, the crankcase holds a crankshaft ready to handle the rider's increased demand and counter the vibration that might be a bit uncomfortable.

The YFZ 450R’s Lightweight Design

The weldless frame is constructed with lightweight aluminum combined with a tension-steel bottom frame that allows the engine to sit low for excellent stability. Further, the suspension components reduce weight while providing reliable handling and excellent rider comfort. In other words, the design of the YFZ450R is motocross ready.

Fuel Injection Technology

The YFZ450R utilizes fuel injection technology which has numerous benefits. For instance, the 449cc engine utilizes five-valve cylinder technology designed to ensure sufficient power when riding your ATV. In addition, the higher compression power of the quad increases the engine's overall performance. It is also important to note that the fuel system is also easy and reliable.

The Slipper Clutch

The YFZ450R boasts a first and slipper clutch that is essential in reducing the clutch lever effort while at the same time enhancing the clutch plate pressure, which makes it easy for you to operate your ATV. Moreover, the improved clutch system minimizes the engine braking effect, making it easy to negotiate corners faster. The clutch system also allows the suspension to absorb shocks better when braking.

Yamaha YFZ 450R top speed

Riding an ATV with incredible speed can be a lot of fun. That explains why people consider speed when shopping for an ATV. So what is the Yamaha YFZ 450R top speed? The Yamaha YFZ 450R top speed on a straight line is around 75 MPH. However, there is a possibility that you may not achieve this speed in real life for various reasons.

First, your Yamaha YFZ 450R may have a speed limiter that will not allow you to hit the maximum speed. If you realize that the speed limiter is making it difficult for you to achieve the Yamaha YFZ 450R top speed, the best course of action is to remove it.

Second, factors such as the tires or the type of gas you are using on your squad might limit you from reaching the top speed. To attain the top speed, you need to ensure that your quad has high-performance tires since old tires have the disadvantage of not gripping the road well.

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How Fast is YFZ450R

You probably got to this page because you are trying to find out how fast the YFZ450R is. The reality is that the Yamaha YFZ 450R is among the lightest and yet the most powerful sport ATVs in the modern market ever manufactured. After examining top online reviews, magazines, Youtube videos, and several experiments, we can confidently assert that the speed of the Yamaha YFZ450R is approximately 75MPH. The Yamaha YFZ 450R dominates the modern market due to its numerous benefits, including its incredible speed.

How to Improve the Speed of your Yamaha YFZ450R

Although the 75 MPH speed is more than enough for any UTV or ATV, you may be interested in increasing the speed for various reasons. If you feel that the Yamaha YFZ 450R top speed is not enough to give you the excitement that you want, then there are several steps that you can take to improve the speed.

Replace The Old Tires With High-Performing Ones

The quality of your tires can have a significant impact on the speed of your ATV. For instance, they will have a grip disadvantage if they are old, which can slow down the quad. Therefore, it is vital to develop the habit of checking the tread depth of your tires. Replacing your tires should never be a complex task.

Install A Quality Filters

Another reliable way of enhancing the speed of your ATV is by installing performance filters. By installing the right air filter to your quad, you can quickly increase the speed of your ATV by 5 MPH. However, replacing your air filters requires some time doing extensive research to ensure that you get quality air filters. We recommend GYTR high-flow filters designed with high performance in mind.

Reduce the Weight

Finally, reducing the weight of your Yamaha YFZ 450R can significantly increase the speed of your ATV. When it comes to reducing the weight of your quad, you need to start by eliminating the parts that are not very essential in your ATV, such as the fenders. Further, if you have any unnecessary attachments, eliminating them will be a good idea.

Parting Shot

With numerous benefits, including highly advanced technology, superb ergonomics, incredible speed, reliable engine, and quality suspension, the Yamaha YFZ 450R is one of the best ATVs that you can get. Moreover, the Yamaha YFZ 450R is designed to make it easy for you to make your improvement if you find it necessary.