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DJI Fly App – Complete Guide and Troubleshooting Tips

DJI Fly App – Complete Guide and Troubleshooting Tips

DJI drones are regarded as the best drone models; they have all the qualities and features that make them excellent drones. This company manufactures drones suitable for beginners, experts, hobbyists, and professionals. However, all DJI drones require the DJI Fly App before being controlled.

To use the DJI Fly App, you first have to download the application from the play store or app store and update everything on the app. Then restart your drone and open the application. After opening the application, click on go fly. If the FLY App is not responding, uninstall and reinstall it. 

As an avid DJI drone user, it is best to know all about the DJI Fly App, as it is one of the important aspects of using a DJI drone.

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What Is The DJI Fly App?

The DJI Fly is the flight app for the newest consumer DJI drones, and as such, it needs devices with the most recent firmware installed. The DJI Fly app was created to enhance your aerial experience by allowing you to fly, capture beautiful photographs, edit, and share with ease. The app's user interface was created to be simple and intuitive.

This freshly redesigned software features straightforward user interface controls, built-in flight instructions, and a variety of editing options that are ideal for beginner drone enthusiasts, casual fliers, and video creators. An experienced photographer will appreciate the manual photography capabilities, easy active tracking, and SkyPixel integration.

You can now use your FlyCam right out of the box and create spectacular content with confidence, thanks to thorough flight lessons and an easy-to-use editor. The DJI Fly app will instantly launch when you connect your smartphone or tablet to the controller. Please open the app from your smartphone or tablet if it does not open automatically.

The home page is incredibly simple and streamlined, making it easy to find what you want. You will find access to your Album, Profile, and manuals on the upper right. A location icon may be seen on the upper left-hand section of your screen, displaying your present location on a map and providing some important information.

The location helps you determine the location of local runways in blue. It starts up in Bei Jing by default, and you will have to wait a few seconds for it to update to your present location. The user handbook, lessons, tips, and flight safety information may all be found by pressing the icon on the top right-hand side.

These instructions are also available to view and print online. It is recommended that you read them before your first trip to ensure that you are familiar with the smart features such as QuickShots. You will find several icons in the bottom left corner of the home screen that will give you quick access to your album, user profile, and skypixel.

If you tap the album icon, you will be presented with useful tools such as templates for generating video clips to share on social media. Drag your drone videos into the editor interface to create a new video that is both intriguing and spectacular. You can examine your flight logs and use the find my drone feature by tapping the profile icon.

You can upload your content to DJI's global aerial photography community by selecting the SkyPixel symbol. When the drone is attached, a blue button in the bottom left corner glows and says, "Go Fly." You will be led directly to your DJI drone and into the Camera View to fly your aircraft after pressing this button.

If the Go Fly icon does not display, it means your drone is not linked to your controller or is only partially connected. Double-check that your phone is correctly linked to the remote if nothing happens. This Camera View contains everything you need to have a safe and enjoyable flight from takeoff to landing.

Here you will find all of the functions you require, as well as a live camera feed with low latency from your drone. Important flight information such as gimbal settings, GPS signal, photo and video options, battery level, and distance to the aircraft's home point may be checked using simple indications and symbols.

DJI Fly App For Android

The DJI Fly App can be used with android devices; however, that device must be Android 6.0 and above. Some of the android devices you can use with the DJI Fly App include Samsung devices, Vivo devices, LG devices, Huawei devices, Nokia, and Xiaomi devices.

Because there are so many distinct Android phone and tablet models on the market, the Android compatibility problem is more challenging. DJI will not test every qualifying phone on the market; instead, it will focus on those with a bigger market share. However, the devices mentioned above have been tested by DJI.

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What Tablets Are Compatible With DJI Fly App

Making sure your smartphone or tablet is compatible with the DJI Fly App is one of the most crucial aspects of flying your DJI Mavic Mini, DJI Mini 2, DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini SE, Mavic Air 2, or Mavic 3. It not only offers a better flying experience, but it also protects you from a drone crash or flyaway, which is especially important for novice pilots.

Imagine being miles away from your drone when the DJI Fly App unexpectedly freezes or quits. You might feel a little panicked. There are ways to know if your tablet is compatible with the DJI Fly App. First, your tablet must meet the system requirement of the DJI app, which means it must be Android 6.0 and above or iOS 11.0 and above.

Your tablet must also run a 64-bit Android OS and come with ARM CPUs. The tablets compatible with DJI Fly App include Samsung tablets, Xiaomi tablets, Lenovo Tab 4 Plus, Huawei tablets, OnePlus tablets, OPPO tablets, LG tablets, Google tablets, Sony tablets, and Vivo tablets.

It is a little confusing for DJI Fly compatible tablets because there are so many Android models out there. If you are looking for a new tablet to use with your drone, go no further than DJI's recommendations. If you already have a tablet, ensure it complies with the system requirements.

DJI Fly App Alternative

DJI offers three apps for operating drones from your smartphone or tablet. If your remote controller does not have a screen, make sure your smartphone is compatible with it, or you will be unable to fly. The user handbook or packing for your drone should inform you which app is best for it.

The three different applications for drones that DJI provides; DJI Fly, DJI Pilot, and DJI Go 4. Instead of using the DJI Fly App, you can use either of the remaining two. The DJI RC Pro, DJI Smart Controller, and DJI Smart Controller Enterprise do not require a compatible phone because the apps are installed directly on the remote controller.

The DJI Go, and Pilot apps are more compatible than the DJI Fly app; DJI Fly requires Android 6.0 or iOS 11.0, or higher, whereas DJI Pilot and the previous DJI Go software will work on iOS 10.0 or Android 5.0 and higher devices. The DJI Go 4 App is suitable for older DJI drones, while the Pilot App is for the latest DJI enterprise drones.

Final Thoughts

Most drone enthusiasts have a DJI drone because these drones are the best in design and functionality. However, every DJI drone requires an application before it can be operated; the DJI Fly App is required for most DJI drones. You must understand how to use this application and the type of device compatible with it. This way, you will be able to enjoy your DJI drone.

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