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DJI FPV Mini – Release Date, Rumors, Specs, Price! [LEAKED]

DJI FPV Mini – Release Date, Rumors, Specs, Price! [LEAKED]

Last year there were several releases of new drones from the DJI industry; hence, several drone enthusiasts have been on their toes in anticipation of new releases this year. Although DJI has not officially said anything about releasing new drones, a leaked timeline has been circulating about the upcoming release of the DJI FPV Mini.

The DJI FPV Mini has been rumored to be released in July 2022. It will be a 3-inch FPV drone with an improved Ocusync video transmission, weigh less than 250 grams, and have all the success of a regular FPV drone. The speculated price of this new model is above $500.

There is still some ongoing argument about whether there will be a DJI FPV Mini; hence, there are no specifications on what the drone will look like if it does come out. However, several people have brought up different ideas on what the drone might look like.

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DJI FPV Mini Release Date

There has been some information on the release date of the DJI FPV Mini; it has been circulating that this drone is part of the new batches of DJI drones to be released in 2022. According to a source, the DJI FPV Mini will be released in July 2022, which is 3 months after the speculated information of the release date of the Mini 3.

The information on the release of the DJI FPV Mini resulted from a Twitter account, DealsDrones, who tweeted what he claimed to be a DJI release schedule. This schedule consists of all the DJI drones to be released in 2022.

DJI FPV Mini Specs

DJI's entrance into the fun-filled world of FPV was released in March 2021. Until then, FPV flying, directing a drone through a first-person view, usually through the use of goggles, had been regarded as a niche activity. Most FPV pilots must have the technical knowledge, abilities, and competence to build and assemble their aerobatic flying vehicles from parts kits.

The DJI FPV Mini was announced to be released soon; however, the informant did not tweet about any specifications on the drone and what it will look like. Hence, people have made different theories on what that drone will look like and its specifications. Let us look at some of those speculations and theories.

The DJI FPV Mini is said to be a smaller version of the DJI FPV drone; hence, it will weigh less than 250 grams. This drone will come with FPV goggles and a controller, and the goggles will have a separate charger. It may be controlled by hand or motion; with its throttle grip and brake button, this is a great piece of ergonomic design.

It is also said that just like a regular DJI FPV drone, this drone will be most suitable for recreational use rather than professional flying. Hence, its camera will have a video quality that is still 4K at 50/60 frames per second and 1080p at 50/60/100/120 frames per second.

The DJI FPV Mini can also have a 12MP 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor, a fixed focal length camera lens similar to 14.66mm with a 150-degree field of view with a fixed f/2.8 aperture, and a 150-degree field of vision. The constant focal length range is 0.6m to infinity, which means that everything in the shot should be in focus theoretically.

Video footage can be taken in the Standard and D-Cinelike color profiles at a bit rate of up to 120Mbps using this drone's camera's immersive video capability. On the surface, your video editor of choice should have enough dynamic range to work with. In total, this drone's camera will take images and footage good enough to be posted on social media.

The DJI FPV Mini will also have three flight modes; manual mode, normal mode, and sport mode. The GPS and collision detection is disabled in 'Manual' mode. In this mode, experienced FPV pilots may execute aerial feats and fly past objects and tight places at high speeds. When in manual mode, the DJI FPV can reach up to 87 mph.

The FPV's front and bottom visual positioning sensors are used in 'Normal' mode. With this mode, you will discover that, aside from the strange and vertigo-inducing experience of flying and witnessing the world through the drone's eyes, the handling will be smooth, and the drone will be very easy to fly.

The 'Sport' mode is a cross between the 'Normal' and 'Manual' modes, combining the latter's maneuverability with the former's safety features. In this mode, you can still attain speeds of up to 60 mph, so it is far from slow. There is a high guarantee that you will enjoy the new DJI FPV Mini with these specifications.

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DJI FPV Mini Rumors

Many people have been talking about the DJI FPV Mini drone, what it would look like, its features, its size, and its design. None of these discussions have been validated by the DJI industry; hence, we can classify that information and discussions as rumors. Let us discuss some of the rumors concerning the DJI FPV Mini drone.

Rumor has it that the DJI FPV Mini drone will have 3-inch propellers and an in-built prop guard. Some say the drone will have lasers and receivers on them so that pilots can have aerial dog fights; it is also rumored that it will have a 360 camera and weigh less than 250 grams.

There have also been speculations that this drone will have a 4km 28ms HD video transmission and be easy to fly. It is also said that it will have a tiltable camera with 1080p 60fps recording GPS inside and a flight mode including ACRO. Some also say the drone will have the same price as the DJI Mini 2.

Another rumor of the DJI FPV Mini is that it will be as delicate as an egg and not be as good as the regular FPV drone or any recreational drone. Some say the drone will have the GPS features in most DJI drones, the return to home feature, and the hover feature. Another rumor is that the cable connecting a smartphone to the drone's controller will be the type C cable.

It is also said that the DJI FPV Mini will be compatible with type C devices, android, and iOS devices. The DJI FPV Mini is also rumored to be a foldable drone and will come with a backpack used to transport it. The tweet that announced the release of the DJI FPV Mini said the chances are 85 percent.

DJI FPV Mini Price

The accurate price of the DJI FPV Mini cannot be stated at the moment as the DJI industry has not said anything about the drone. However, from the prices of other DJI drones, we can deduce a price range for this drone; however, the price might be higher when the drone does come out.

The price of a drone depends on the motor type, its accessories, its camera type, its battery, and the material it is made from. If the DJI FPV Mini is released, it will cost more than the Mini 2 because of its FPV features. This drone may cost between $500 and $1500, given that the Mini 2 costs $449 today.

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Final Thoughts

The DJI Mini 2 and the FPV drone are among the world's best drones of all time. Imagine if a drone combines the incredible features of these two drones and comes out in a smaller version; it would be a dream come true for most drone enthusiasts. If the DJI FPV Mini drone is released, there is no doubt it would be the desire of many drone users.

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