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Drones That Are Waterproof: Best 5 Waterproof Drones To Buy

Drones That Are Waterproof: Best 5 Waterproof Drones To Buy

You may be wondering what type of waterproof drones are there to go with you on your next extreme adventure. We will look at some of the best waterproof drones in the market we think are worth checking out.

Red drone flies over bay

Drones are meant to be treated with great care. They can easily be damaged by bad weather and water. Whether you're a drone owner or not, you may want to invest in a durable waterproof drone that fits your needs. Dive into great adventures with a waterproof drone and get amazing shots.

Any drone pilot who has flown over water or experienced sudden rain knows how stressful it can be. You wouldn't want to see your precious drone getting caught up in a branch or running out of battery over water. Are you looking for a way to explore the great outdoors in bad weather without worrying? We sure are!

Are There Many Waterproof Drones?

Waterproof drones offered in the market are not that common. Though most drones are not waterproof, there are quite a few available waterproof drones in the market. Waterproof and water-resistant drones are predicted to increase in number in the next few years.

Best 5 Waterproof Drones To Buy

swellpro splash

1. Swellpro Splash Drone 3: ideal for underwater videography.

Swellpro is doing great in combining electronic aspects and water with a highly advanced offer.


610 x 178 x 483mm



Flight Distance

1000 meters

Charging Time

90 minutes

Flight Time

16 minutes


Waterproof 4K Camera with 2-axis gimbal

Rock-solid controls

Autonomy commendable

Ability to record 4K footage in extreme conditions


The main selling point of product

14MP resolution (standard 12MP in this range)

Greatest lens aperture of f/2.0

Field view of 106 degrees

Great high-res output


A bit pricey

Lack of sensors reduces the value of independent shooting modes.

goolsky IDEAFLY Poseidon

2. Goolsky Poseidon-480: scores IP67 waterproof certificate and is excellent for waterproof fishing.

Goolsky is known for building upper segment equipment.


400 x 400 x 290mm



Flight Time

25 minutes

Flight Distance

1500 meters

Charging Time

40 minutes


Survives being underwater for 10 hours

Level5 wind resistance

Transmits image across the distance of 800 meters

1200g payload across the water surfaces

Ample torque that you can use to drop fishing nets and dispense baits

Tight and responsive controls attached with 7-inch display


Headless mode

Waypoint mode

Altitude Hold


Not impressive

700TVL output works more than well for FPV transmission.


The camera could be much more efficient

The design feels very serviceable

goolsky q triphibian

3. Goolsky Q353 Triphibian: ideal for kids and beginners.

Like the previous Goolsky, this toy drone has a couple of exciting surprises.


365 x 365 x 12mm



Flight Distance

150 meters

Flight Time

6-7 minutes

Charging Time

120 minutes


Four propellers

Securely lands and take off from the water

Set of small wheels on the bottom

Blue LED display on the controller for feedback

LED flashlight to fly in the dark

Switch between Drive/Flight/Sail modes.


  No camera


Controller is faulty

Poor battery life

The unit has made it to this list due to many things it does differently, but it disappoints in some crucial areas.

Lidirc lfw WIFI FPV

4. LiDiRC L15FW Brushed RC Quadcopter: More water-resistant than waterproof.

This unit is considered to be a toy drone almost crossing the lines to entry-level crafts.


340 x 125 x 230mm



Flight Distance 

100 meters

Flight Time

About 8-10 minutes

Charging Time

30 Minutes


FPV link to your controller

Highly efficient controllers

Two-colored LED lights (blue and orange)

Sustain five hours submerged underwater


Entry-level camera

0.3MP resolution


Poor battery life

Recorded video footage is very choppy

Goolsky JJRC H

5. Goolsky JJRC H31 Waterproof Drone: Ideal fun to use toy drone for kids.

This unit lacks special features that come with high-end drones.


290 x 290 x 90mm



Flight Distance 

70-80 meters – losing signal once you pass 60 meters

Flight Time

8-10 minutes

Charging Time

1 hour


It can be splashed and submerged into water

Headless Mode

The controller features a One Key Return function

3D flips


No camera


Long charging time

Can't float

Flight time is too little

No camera

How Much Does A Waterproof Drone Cost?

If you want your drone to get wet without being damaged, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars.

The price of waterproof drones may vary widely based on their capabilities and features. They can cost anywhere from $50 and can round up to around $2,200. There are drone bundles with accessories that can raise the price by a couple of hundred dollars. A suitable drone for kids with a lower price range is usually more common to find in the market. The more high-end drones with larger sets of skills are a lot more costly.

Whether it has a camera or not, is water-resistant or waterproof, are some factors that can affect the price. In general, the waterproof feature comes with some downsides. For example, the Swellpro Splash Drone 3 doesn't have sensors, so it cannot steer clear of obstruction on its own.

Keep in mind that even the most expensive drones have room for improvement. The important thing is that you do thorough research and choose the one that falls more into your needs.

Disadvantages Of Waterproof Drones

  • Flying in bad weather such as windy conditions consumes more power
  • Water on propellers mean extra weight that uses energy

A waterproof drone will not be AS good as a regular drone. The best drones out there are not made to be flown through bad weather conditions. With a waterproof drone, you are limited to having a not-so-great quality drone video, performance, etc.

Low flight time due to short battery life is something most waterproof drones have in common. You should double-check the battery life specs in these situations before buying.

Red drone flies over bay in sunset

How Can I Make My Drone Waterproof?

Waterproofing your drone is not that difficult, and you just need to follow some simple steps. Do you live in humid environments and want your drone to be able to navigate in bad weather conditions? You may want to protect your drone from moisture and easily being exposed to getting wet.

To do this, you must cover all sensitive electronic parts with a silicone coating to make sure no water gets in. All exposed electronic ports need to be coated with a rust and corrosion preventer.

You may need to make modifications to your drone to save it from sinking, such as a floating drone landing gear.

You will also need some rubbing alcohol to clean your drone electronics before waterproofing and for removing any adhesives from parts you covered by mistake.

Once you have all your materials, you can start waterproofing your drone.

Disclaimer: Consider that once you coat your drone's electronics, you could lose your warranty. It is not guaranteed that your drone will be entirely waterproof. Also, note any possible damage caused to your drone falls at your own risk.

How Can I Use A Waterproof Drone?

The uses of waterproof drones can be many. We will take a look at some ways you can put yours to work.

  • Extreme weather conditions: the most common reason to use a waterproof drone. It is easy for a regular drone to become lost or damaged during the flight. Waterproof drones are built to resist wind and rain.
  • Search and rescue: lifeguards can take great advantage of professional-grade waterproof drones. Some drones have the payload release mechanism built-in; they can use it to drop life vests quicker than any other means.
  • Sports: the payload release mechanism built into some drones can be a valuable feature for fishing. It can send out hooks to the spots where fishermen discovered fish via the camera. These waterproof drones are also great for capturing exciting footage from kayaking, surfing, and sailing.

Waterproof Drones Vs. Water Splash-Resistant Drones

Not all "waterproof" labeled drones are, in fact, waterproof. There is a small difference in the functionalities of each. The truly waterproof drones are designed to endure a dive into the water and come back unharmed. Others can only take a little rain, or accidental falls into puddles of water. The degree of the drone's water resistance should be clearly stated.

Closing Thoughts And Recommendations

orange sky drone flying in sunset

With this information, we hope you will be better prepared to choose the right waterproof drone for you.

Flying drones is super fun and exciting, much more so if it is in all types of weather conditions. Experiencing different operations via your waterproof drone can be a thrilling activity. You don't have to break the bank to buy an awesome waterproof drone. Most of these are user-friendly, so you can be a beginner and master its usage reasonably quickly.

There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a drone. Which feature is the most important for you?

Whether you are buying a waterproof drone or waterproofing yours, you can now seek adventure more confidently!

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