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Exo Drones: Are These Any Good? Review And Comparison

Exo Drones: Are These Any Good? Review And Comparison

Exo drones are products of a SLC-based company. They come in handy but consist of modern technology. Flying is made easy with these quadcopters, thanks to their intuitive design and simple interface.

Exo drones are more like assets to all drone pilots, regardless of what they intend to do. The Exo X7 Range is the first of its kind and the most popular model, followed by the Exo X7 Range Plus, Exo Cinemaster, and ExoPro Blackhawk.

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Exo Drones

Most Exo drones come with a 3-axis gimbal for stable rigging. They are of different models, with each giving an immersive experience. While flying one of these drones, you can perform several photographic tasks with no effort. Exo drones are useful for novices but more like an asset to professional drone pilots because of their simple UI experience.

With an Exo drone model, your photos and videos will be produced with significant effects. Each model comes with a 4k photo effect and 2k video transmission. The cinematic view delivered comes with an optional Slo-mo frame rate of 60 FPS.

Exo drones can let you take all kinds of videos. There's a Zoom In & Out feature, a selfie mode, and a feature for tilting the camera 120⁰. With these drones, you can edit content and track events through a live feed option.

These drones resist wind of up to 20 MPH. They ease off the landing process and manage landing spaces easily. The optimal motors work actively to maintain their stability. Exo quadcopters blend filming and flying pretty well by allowing users to create lovely footage while in the air.

Exo Drones Review

Exo drones come with responsive components, ranging from live feed options to high-quality resolution, smart-fly function, and stability. These quadcopters include a few models consisting of pro-grade plastic and brushless motors.

You don't need cell service or WiFi. These drones can fit into a lightweight, portable box and are suitable for on-the-go users. The following are available models in the drone market:

Exo X7 Range

This is a lightweight drone with 4096 x 3072p photo quality and 2048 x 1080p videos. It weighs 22 ounces, which is just suitable for quick maneuvering. It also has a flight speed ranging from 24 to 26 MPH.

The Exo X7 Range is good enough for filming short videos and adding significant effects at once. It gives you twenty-one minutes of action per charge. Also, a Return-home feature brings the drone back home at low battery.

This model has the exact dimension of 400 x 380 x 80mm, the same size as the Exo X7 Range plus. It comes with a travel bag and includes paired HD cameras, making it one of the best options for lifestyle and wildlife photographers.

Exo X7 Range Plus

This is a refined version of the Exo X7 Range, and it includes some extra features and a more immersive flying experience. The Exo X7 Range Plus weighs 22 ounces and has a dimension of 400 x 380 x 80mm and a 150⁰ obstacle avoidance.

This quadcopter costs $459. It comes with three-sport flight modes to record the correct dose of action and a battery that lasts a little longer than its predecessor. The Exo X7 Range Plus has faster navigation and comes with 25-27 MPH.

This drone transmits 4k videos and includes a safety Return-home feature. It has high performance and can send footage while resisting wind power.

Exo Cinemaster

This is a drone with all its features enhanced. It has a 2k video quality accompanied by zero shakes. While this drone is in the air, it produces clear and stable video transmission.

There's only one gimbal, but it comes with EIS technology. This drone weighs 24 ounces and comes with a mid-size dimension (380 x 380 x 125mm). Its max speed ranges from 21 to 23 MPH. It offers twenty-five minutes of action and a 3842 x 2060p resolution.

While the Exo X7 Range Plus costs a bit more than its predecessors, this costs $499. It is an upgraded version of Exo drones entering the market with total stability and pro video quality.

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ExoPro Blackhawk

This is the best of them all. The ExoPro Blackhawk drone is fully enhanced with high performance. It has a dimension of 305 x 93 x 251 mm and weighs 25 ounces.

This model has a longer battery life at 42 minutes. Its 33-35 MPH max speed is incomparable, and there's a pro UHD of 3840 x 2160p for videos and 4928 x 3264p photo quality. It is the fastest of them all, looks small but weighs more.

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Exo Drones Vs. DJI Drones

Exo Drones are top-notch drones for professionals, but the company built every model with novices in mind. The same thing applies to DJI drones. Both brands make piloting worth the experience, and most drone pilots find picking a favorite difficult.

The best drones are derived from personal choices. While some pilots wish to film short videos, others need surveillance. Both drones work for this purpose, and choosing a favorite may seem overwhelming.

While DJI drones consist of several models, Exo comes in with just a few. Each Exo model has a pre-built camera, unlike some DJI drones without a camera. Both drones are lightweight. They both transmit quality photos and videos, but their price range varies.

Exo and DJI brands have been creating drones for quite some time now. Although controversies surround the invention of new DJI drones, the company remains an active supplier in the drone market.

The ExoPro Blackhawk is a massive milestone for the company, as it poses new exciting features. This is one common trait of the Exo family—to visit areas untouched and make flying easier.

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Are Exo Drones Good?

Exo Drones are good enough for filming any video content. The weight, dimensions, max speed, and other features work hand in hand. These drones are pretty pricey but worth every penny. They make flying as easy as watching a video game.

Exo Drones are the top options on the market. The creators made navigation easy, so while your drone is in the air, you can focus more on the content displayed. The latest ExoPro Blackhawk includes slow motion, color effects, and quality enhancement.

These drones are also portable and can fit in a travel box. They are designed with intuitive templates and pro-grade plastic that prevents them from being damaged.

The inventors of these drones make customer satisfaction a priority. They know their audience so well and have included everything to make the experience less difficult. Exo Drones knows that not all their customers are pros. Hence, they email users tutorial videos, enlightening them about the drones and features.

A faulty drone is best resolved by its manufacturer. If something goes wrong, you can email their customer service team, and a live agent will be right with you. As the saying goes, "No bots, no BS."

Exo drones have alluring features, all working to create quality content. They are good at aerial photography. Whether you wish to capture your life as it gets more stunning or you want surveillance around the house, these drones are always at high performance.

You can swap their batteries for a new one while working. Your videos and photos remain in safe storage, and you can easily continue from where you stopped. It is advisable to keep a few replacement batteries for longer filming.

Final Thoughts

Exo drones are big shots in the drone market. They are essential resources for photography and videography. Getting these drones means good to the drone industry, pilots, and the media in particular. The company partnered with Sony to integrate a 2k video camera, a 3-axis gimbal, and a ⅓ sensor. There's a 50x Zoom in features to view your surroundings right from your mobile device.

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