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Florida ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Florida ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Florida is located in the southeastern part of the United States; it has the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other side. There are a lot of interesting places in Florida like Disney World, Magic Kingdom, and Orlando Resort. This state also has many beaches, which makes ATV riding an excellent option.

Florida ATV laws include: every ATV in Florida must be titled and have a validation sticker, and ATVs can only operate on an unpaved road with a speed of 35 mph. Some places to ride an ATV in Florida include Ocala National Forest, Apalachicola National Forest, and Clear Creek OHV Trails. 

There are several ATV laws that riders must strictly follow in Florida. However, these laws should not stop you from enjoying the privilege of riding your ATV in Florida. As long as you follow these laws, you have nothing to worry about.

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Florida ATV State Laws

Riding an ATV in Florida is an amazing and exciting experience. However, it is necessary to know the laws guiding ATV riding so you will not violate any of them. Below are some of Florida's ATV State Laws.

  • No individual under the age of 16 shall operate or ride an ATV unless he or she is wearing eye protection and a safety helmet that meets the United States Department of Transportation standards.
  • An ATV must not be used on highways, streets, or public roads in Florida except permitted by the federal agency or managing state.
  • A law enforcement agency can use an ATV on public roads only while in the scope and course of their duty.
  • ATV riders can operate their ATV on an unpaved public roadway but at a speed of less than 35 mph.
  • Anyone under age 16 must always wear an over the ankle boot when riding an ATV and be supervised by an adult during such operations.
  • It is illegal to ride an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • You must not carry a passenger in an ATV unless the ATV is designed to carry a passenger.
  • ATV riders below age 16 must have undergone an approved OHV safety course. They must always have the certificate of evidence in their possession when riding, except if the person is not a Florida resident and is staying there temporarily.
  • If an ATV is involved in an accident causing injury or death of a person, that ATV rider must report the crash to a law enforcement agency.
  • It is illegal to damage any public land with an ATV; this includes dunes, trees, flora, roads, drainage systems, trails, natural water sources, fences, gates, cultivated lands, crops, and wildlife resources.
  • Police officers can use an ATV on public beaches classified as public roadways while enforcing the traffic laws of Florida.

Where Can You Ride an ATV In Florida?

Florida is a very large state that offers numerous trails and beaches where ATV riding is permitted. These trails include parks, forests, and recreation areas where you can engage in ATV recreational activities. These activities assure you of having a wonderful and exciting time with your ATV.

Ocala National Forest

Ocala National Forest is also known as Ocala OHV Trail System. The area offers many ATV trails and staging areas that form an interconnecting loop making ATV riding an exciting adventure. It is mostly filled with sand and is flat; however, there are some twisty areas and little deep berms.

At the east part of the trail system, there is also a motocross play track which is small and sandy. Riding an ATV in this area requires an OHV trail pass and a spark arrestor. Individuals under 16 are always required to have a helmet on when riding an ATV.

Bone Valley ATV Park

Bone Valley ATV Park is a 200-acre park that offers 15 miles of ATV trails, and each is marked and rated. There are open play areas, hill climbs, and a separate training area in this park. This ATV park is most suitable for beginner riders and is open only during daylight.

This park has some amenities such as clean restroom facilities, a grassy picnic area with gazebos, paved parking, and a concession stand. All ATV riders at this park are required to have a spark arrestor. To ride an ATV in Bone Valley ATV Park, you will have to pay $15.

Florida Cracker Ranch

Florida Cracker Ranch is situated on the northern side of Daytona Beach. Offering more than 1000 acres of ATV trails, this off-road park provides a chance to explore the different ATV trails designed for all skill levels. However, to ride an ATV in this park, you must have a membership card which is only given out to a specific number of people every year.

In Florida Cracker Ranch, there is a campground that has shaded campsites and cabin rentals. Other facilities include onsite vehicle storage, flat parking, a spray wash area, shower facilities, and restrooms. This park is filled with loose dirt, trees, small and large jumps, hard pack, rocks, dust, berms, mud, and water crossings.

Where Can’t You Ride An ATV In Florida?

It is against the law to ride an ATV on public roads in Florida. Regardless, the law also gives room for adjustment to this law that can allow ATV riders to ride on paved public roads as long as the speed limit is less than 35 mph.

Also, riding an ATV on the streets in Florida is prohibited as the streets are part of public roads. Even if your ATV has been customized to be street legal, the law of Florida does not permit such ATV on the streets.

Popular Places To Ride Your ATV

There are a large number of ATV trails in Florida where you can ride your ATV legally. However, some of these areas are not as popular as the others. Riding in a popular ATV trail allows you to interact with other ATV riders and have more fun than you would on your own.

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Apalachicola National Forest

Apalachicola National Forest is the most popular area for ATV riding. It offers more than 100 miles of ATV trails that have different small play areas. These trails are usually smooth, sandy, dusty, and flat; however, it is usually very muddy during the rainy season.

To ride an ATV in this area, you will require an OHV permit, and your ATV must have an end cap or an exhaust silencer. Also, the width of your ATV must not exceed 50 inches. Parking an ATV requires a sum of $3, while riding requires $10 per rider. Apalachicola National Forest is mostly filled with sand, trees, and berms and filled with dust, mud, loose dirt, hardpack, and tracks.

Clear Creek OHV Trails

This is an offroad park established in January 2015 and has since become one of the popular places to ride an ATV. It offers 53 miles of twisty woody ATV trails, looped and wooded with slight elevation changes. There is a separate youth training area in this park.

This park is open only during the day. ATV riders have to pay an entry fee of $15, while non-riders will pay $1. It has motocross suitable for beginners. A spark arrestor is required for all ATVs in this park.

Final Thoughts

Florida is one of the best states in the United States that provides you with incredible views and many ATV trails. Florida is a perfect summer destination for everyone, and what is a better way to make your summer more fun than to go ATV riding? You have a wide variety of ATV trails to select from in Florida.