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How Much Do Gas Powered Remote Control Cars Cost? [FIND OUT]

How Much Do Gas Powered Remote Control Cars Cost? [FIND OUT]

An RC remote control hobby has been sensational for many hobbyists. With the numerous benefits such as an excellent stress buster, a sweet flashback to childhood memories, a perfect opportunity for social life improvement, and many others, anyone would want to be part of this intriguing hobby. But how much do gas-powered remote control cars cost?

A good gas-powered remote control car ranges from $ 100 to $ 1000. Sometimes, the price can go beyond $1000. A toy car can be below $50, but that is not what you need if you are looking for real fun in the hobby. Notably, committed RC car hobbyists know that a great gas-powered RC car will never be the cheapest.

Whether you are new to the RC hobby or want to try out gas-powered RC cars, this article is meant to provide you with all the information you might need to make the right choice.

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Why Gas Remote Control Cars

When it comes to Remote Control cars, you will encounter two main options for powering your car; gas or electricity. The electricity-powered RC cars have a battery that provides power, and you will need to recharge them once the energy gets depleted. In other words, you will require a couple of batteries to enjoy a significant racing period.

On the other hand, the gas-powered RC cars are a mini version of the real car. To enjoy a race with your gas-powered RC car, you will need to refill your gas tank once in a while. Generally, the situation you will face is similar to the one you encounter when handling your actual car. They include cleaning the tank, fine-tuning, refueling, etc.

If you choose between the electricity-powered RC cars and gas-powered RC cars, the latter will come out with more benefits than the electricity-powered RC cars. Here are some benefits that make gas-powered RC cars the best.


The ecstasy that comes with RC racing has some connection to realism. The feeling of driving a real car makes the hobby even more intriguing. Gas-powered RC cars are characterized by heavy starting noise and smoke that gives an impression of driving a real car. Therefore, you know what to do if you want a remote control that makes you feel like you are driving a real car.

Long Driving

One of the challenges that electricity-powered RC cars pose is that you have to stop to recharge once the battery, including the spare ones, is depleted. Sometimes this can interfere with the joy that comes with the RC hobby. On the other hand, the gas powered RC cars do not have time-outs because power insufficiency is never a common problem.

Excellent Speed

The power and speed are the other main reasons why gas power RC cars are worthy of your investment. While many other factors might influence the speed of an RC car, power is the number one factor. As long as an RC car has a full tank, it is bound to give you incredible speed. Moreover, refilling your tank is a simple task that does not take a lot of your time.

Advance Your Motor Skills

Since a gas powered RC car is similar to real cars in several ways, it allows you to learn essential motor skills such as tuning and taking good care of your vehicle. One of the ways to make your RC car more efficient and faster is to ensure that it is well maintained. All this will culminate in acquiring the mechanical skills needed to diagnose any mechanical issues with your real car.


When investing in remote control cars, you must ensure that you invest your money in a reliable machine capable of serving you for a long time. Gas-powered remote-control cars are more water resistant, and their mechanical structure is more sturdy, meaning that you will not have to think of replacing the parts of the vehicle now and then.

Gas Remote Control Cars Cheap

Even though the performance of gas-powered remote cars is on another level, it does not mean you cannot get cheap gas remote control cars. Several qualities and cheap brands in the market can help you take your hobby to the next level. In addition, getting a used model can be a great way to save money when investing in a remote control car.

As long as the RC car does not have physical damages, it can serve your interest well. However, before purchasing a used RC car, it is vital to check the seller's reputation to avoid buying a troublesome one.

Purchasing During A Holiday Season

Another way to ensure you get a cheap RC car is to purchase it during the holiday season. At this time, most reputable manufacturers produce their RC cars at a lower cost. Therefore, acquiring a cheap one is conceivable.

Where To Buy Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

One of the dilemmas RC beginners face is deciding on a reliable store to purchase the RC cars of their choice. Whenever you find yourself in a similar position, Amazon is the best place to purchase your RC car. Purchasing your RC car from Amazon is advantageous because you are assured of quality. In addition, if the product does not meet your expectations, you can always ask for a refund.

Besides Amazon, you can also purchase your RC car from other reputable online stores, including sourcing directly from the manufacturer. The key point to pay attention to when choosing an online store is reputation. Online stores with an excellent reputation are less likely to disappoint. Further, when working with a good online store, you enjoy the best prices, comparability, reliability, and access to a wide array of RC vehicles.

How To Choose The Best Gas-Powered RC

Purchasing the best RC car to elevate your hobby should never be a complex task as long as you are well-informed. It would help to examine several factors before you can make the purchasing decision.

The Price

While it is true that you get what you pay for, you do not have to spend a lot of money to enjoy the benefits that come with RC racing. The best way to find a gas powered RC car within your budget is to compare the prices of the different available cars before settling on one. Nonetheless, it is not wise to let the price factor obscure you from paying attention to the performance traits of the RC car.

The Functionality And The Performance

Before purchasing an RC car, you need to ensure that it will not disappoint you regarding performance. The best way to tell whether or not you are investing in a good RC car is to pay attention to the specs. An RC car with a wide range of specs will have more functionality and better performance.

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The Spare Parts

When racing your gas powered RC car, there is a likelihood that you will experience some accidents that might render parts of the car damaged. You do not want a situation where you cannot repair your damaged car because you cannot find the fitting spare parts. Therefore, before purchasing your first RC car, ensure you won't have difficulty accessing the spare parts.

The Brand

Although dozens of brands exist in the modern market, not all of them are the best. RC cars from familiar brands such as the Traxxas, Tamiya, Losi, Arrma, and Axial are not likely to disappoint. Notably, such brands might be on the expensive end.


Gas powered RC cars are reliable, fast, and never disappoint in performance. With $100 to $1000, you can get a good RC car that will give you the fun you need. Always ensure you do your due diligence on your needs and purchase RC cars from a reputable online store to avoid unnecessary challenges.