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The Top Hobbies For Women In Their 20s: [Complete List]

The Top Hobbies For Women In Their 20s: [Complete List]

For women in their 20s, hobbies are crucial for creating a work-life balance and forming new relationships. Many transitions and changes take place in this stage of life. Our twenties are a period of self-discovery, career advancement, identity exploration, and significant adulting.

The top hobbies for women in their 20s are baking, reading, vlogging, dancing, jewelry making, gaming, learning a new language, photography, scrapbooking, calligraphy, gardening, pottery, singing, bread making, playing an instrument, embroidery, traveling, yoga, knitting, camping, and tennis.

Living in the early twenties is challenging to balance. You are focusing on your new job, relationships, family, exercising, and creating time for yourself. In reality, choosing a hobby in your 20s is the ideal way to achieve balance in your life.

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Hobbies For Women

There are numerous hobbies for women which are enjoyable, distinctive, and reasonably priced if you want to pursue your interests. These adult activities can promote joy,, lower stress, and improve physical and mental health. There are many wonderful hobbies for ladies to think about, whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor one.

While some women may enjoy mentally stimulating activities designed for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who wish to keep active, others may have feminine passions like crafts and artistic and calming hobbies. Choosing a new pastime might be difficult with so many fantastic things to do for fun.

The top hobbies for women are listed here to give you some inspiration. Explore these well-liked hobbies to find entertaining things to do that will allow you to unwind and have a good time, from adorable and feminine to innovative and original.


Cooking is an enjoyable activity that can be useful for maintaining a balanced diet and hosting elegant dinner parties for guests. Cooking may be a fantastic ability to practice, regardless of whether your goals are to become a master chef, launch a catering company, or create a recipe website.

Beginners should start with the fundamentals and make straightforward recipes. There are several tasty dishes and interesting cuisines to try. Join a regular cooking class, organize monthly get-togethers with friends with similar interests, or post photos of your dishes to your social media accounts to make your activity more social.


An enjoyable activity that lets you express your creativity is scrapbooking. This well-liked pastime is a lovely way to preserve memories with photos, sketches, and prints because it is inexpensive and practical.

Scrapbooking is an inexpensive, simple, and rewarding pastime worth giving a go, whether you want to make artistic mosaics of your passions or chronicle your family's accomplishments.


Baking is a pastime worth exploring, whether you have been motivated by the Great British Cooking Show or have a serious sweet tooth. You will be sharpening your abilities for years to come as you may practice using everything from delectable pastries and cakes to cracking loaves of bread.

Hobbies For Moms In Their 20s

Getting space and time for oneself becomes more challenging as women enter their fantastic 20s and the workforce in full force. The world seems to spin faster as you rush to your next meeting or get your children ready for school. Below are some hobbies you can pick up as a mom in her 20s.


If you did not dance growing up, you could have always desired to but lacked the opportunity. Women in their 20s now have the chance to pursue dance as a hobby without feeling obligated to perform. There are several various styles of dancing, and they are all excellent ways to exercise and express one's creativity.

Belly dancing, Zumba, pole dancing, ballroom dancing, and modern or improv dancing are just a few examples. Several of these dancing styles are taught in classes at a nearby gym or studio. You may use dancing as a pastime to explore your capacity for expression while incorporating it into your daily workout program.

Growing house plants

Try keeping home plants if you are a woman in your 20s looking to discover a new pastime. Owning home plants demands far less space than gardening. Caring for and maintaining indoor potted plants is a terrific activity that calls for a solid knowledge base. You can probably find the necessary items at your city's horticultural center.

Additionally, you can interact with a sizable virtual audience of house plant enthusiasts to understand more about this interest. Not to mention, most house plants have a variety of health benefits, including the ability to reduce stress.

Jewelry Making

It can be challenging to connect with our creative side, particularly if you are a mom in your 20s who spends all day working on a computer or in an office. Making jewelry is a pastime to take into consideration for artistic expression. Designing your jewelry gives you the freedom to express your creativity while also requiring an understanding of the jewels.

You can discover more about how your brain functions through the creative process, which might be useful applied knowledge for various spheres of your life. Lastly, manufacturing jewelry is a pastime with the potential for earning money. If you believe there is a need for your handmade jewelry, you can consider starting an online shop.

Hobbies For Women In Their 20s To Add In Resume

Hobbies are things you do on the side, usually unpaid and not professionally. Hobbies include participating in creative and artistic efforts, playing sports, or learning new things. Most of the hobbies you list on your resume will enable you to connect with the interviewer or hint at potential character traits.


Reading is a pastime that women, especially those in their 20s, could find enjoyable. Reading may seem to have lost its allure when we read through school, from reports to articles to books to thesis. Discovering your preferred genre could help you open a new book of reading pleasure.

Additionally, reading can be done in a variety of accessible methods. Consider purchasing a Kindle, locating the app for your neighborhood library to obtain and check out free eBooks, or even giving an audiobook program a shot.

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Blogging and Vlogging

Several of us have been reading blogs and watching vloggers for years. We feel as though we understand the individual behind the information because we have followed their journey throughout time. However, have you ever considered founding one on your own? This is a great activity to think about for ladies in their 20s.

One is that they have the structure and technical know-how to make it work. Additionally, we are aware of what is entertaining to watch. Knowing what material you would produce and for whom is crucial. Try creating your blog or vlog to see where it leads you if you have both in mind.


Do you possess an eye for aesthetics? Try taking pictures; it is understood that taking up a hobby that countless individuals do for a living could make you feel a little insecure in the era of Instagram and Snapchat. However, if you put extra personal effort and time into it, you can discover a passion for taking the most beautiful pictures.

Since most smartphones already have fantastic cameras, you may begin with your smartphone and gradually upgrade to purchasing a professional camera later. With the numerous apps on your phone, it is simple to take stunning, high-quality pictures.

Final Thoughts

Many of us in our 20s have recently completed our undergraduate or graduate degrees, possibly living by ourselves for the first time and juggling full-time jobs, side businesses, relationships, and new places. A lot is going on, so it is crucial to have a pastime that gives us energy. Hobbies are crucial for life enrichment because they allow us to discover hidden abilities that we might have never discovered before.