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How Fast Does A 110CC ATV Go? [Top Models Reviewed]

How Fast Does A 110CC ATV Go? [Top Models Reviewed]

One of the exciting parts of riding an ATV is driving it at a reasonably high speed and still being able to control it effectively while traversing the ruggedness of the land. In other words, an extraordinarily fast ATV is a pride to the experienced rider. So, how fast does a 110CC ATV go?

The 110cc models are meant for youths; therefore, to ensure that safety takes its place in ATV hobbies, they can only achieve a high speed of 30 MPH. While the engine of the 110cc ATV can achieve higher speeds, the ECU prevents it from surpassing the 30 MPH mark because the ATV is suited for kids around the age of 10.

Speed is among the essential factors to consider when purchasing an ATV for your youth. However, it is important to understand that multiple factors can impact the top speed of a 110cc ATV. Read on!

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How To Buy The Best 110cc ATV

The 110cc ATV is best suited for kids aged ten years and above. Whenever you set out to purchase an ATV for your kid, there are a few essentials that you would need to examine closely.

1. The Safety Features

Safety is critical, as you would not like a situation where your child is hurt while on a trip. Besides ensuring that the ATV cannot go beyond unsafe speed limits, there are several other safety features that you need to consider. These features may include the wheelie safety bar to support and enhance the balancing of your kid, a hydraulic braking system, and many modern features designed to improve your kid's safety.

2. The Brands

With the high popularity of ATVs in the modern market, expect several brands to come into play. You need the best model that guarantees durability, safety, and efficiency. Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, and Can-Am are some of the best ATV brands. These ATV models are committed to manufacturing quality and durable ATVs with excellent capabilities.

3. Braking System

The braking is a critical feature in an ATV, a quality ATV. Ensure that the braking system is highly responsive and efficient to avert any possible dangers.


Even though a 110cc ATV can only attain a high speed of 30 MPH, having a seatbelt can make a difference between life and death in some situations. Moreover, the fact that an ATV has a seatbelt clearly indicates that the manufacturer designed it with your child's safety in mind. In addition to the seatbelt, a speed adjustment system will make the ATV even safer as you can comfortably limit the speed of the ATV to suit the riding capabilities of your child.

How Fast Does A 110cc ATV Go In MPH?

If you are trying to figure out the best ATV to purchase for your kid, then you want to know how fast does a 110cc ATV go in mph? The 110cc ATV is designed for children above the age of ten. While the engine of these ATVs is capable of higher speeds, the ECU limits its speed to 30 KM.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Speed Of An ATV?

Several factors may restrict the speed of an ATV, and understanding some of these will always ensure that you can make the right decisions.

1. The Total Weight

The weight of an ATV can slow down its speed. Hence, if you want your ATV to go faster, consider making it lighter. Everything in your ATV that adds weight, including the bumper to the extra weight you put on it, can slow down the ATV.

2. Aftermarket Components

After purchasing an ATV, most people are tempted to install various parts to make their ATVs more efficient and comfortable. While most aftermarket components can make the ATV sturdier and even more efficient, they add additional weight, which can technically slow down your ATV.

3. Large Tires

If you want your 110cc ATV to go faster, then you must ensure that it has the most appropriate tires. Although tires have a larger diameter that covers a larger surface area, the tire's weight will weigh the ATV's speed unless there are other additional adjustments made to the ATV to handle the big tires.

4. Gear Reduction

Gear reductions are mostly installed in the gearbox to increase the power and torque of your machine. They reduce the speed of your ATV by a given percentage.

How Fast Does A Coolster 110cc ATV Go?

The Coolster 110cc ATV is one of the finest quads in the market. They are characterized by versatility and come with explicit operating instructions, making them ideal for beginners. Additionally, the Coolster quads offer ATV enthusiasts an excellent mix of utility and sports capabilities. The foot brakes, speed limiter, throttle governor, and remote kill switch make the four-wheeler safe for youngsters.

So, what is the top speed of the Coolster 110cc? The maximum speed of the Coolster 110cc is 20 mph. If you think such a speed can harm your kid, the ATV has modern features that allow the parent to control the speed of the machine. Such features include a throttle governor and a remote control feature that lets parents decide on the best and safe speed for their kids.

How To Enhance The Speed Of A Coolster ATV?

If you feel you need more than 20 mph, do not worry, as you can always increase the speed of your Coolster ATV. There are several adjustments you can make to accomplish this objective. For instance, using high-grade fuel can improve the speed of your ATV. Additionally, you can work on the airflow, install better tires, and reduce your ATV's body weight to increase its speed.

TaoTao 110cc ATV

The TaoTao 110cc ATV is another amazing ATV you can get for your kid. It is a US-based manufactured Chinese machine produced by Tao Motors. Notably, the ATV features excellent capabilities designed to make it more efficient for kids. For instance, it boasts a speed limiter, automatic transmission, utility racks, and wireless key fob. Again, it can be a perfect option for both experienced and beginner ATV enthusiasts.

Why Is The TaoTao 110cc ATV A Great Machine?

The TaoTao 110cc ATV lists excellent ATVs that stand out from the rest. Here are some features that can easily make any parent consider investing in this machine.

1. Remote Control Stop

With the remote control stop, you have the safety of your child at hand. You can take control of the ATV as far as 30 feet away and even decide on the most appropriate speed for your child's safety.

2. Speed Governor/controller

The speed controller is another incredible feature. It lets you decide on the most appropriate speed for your child's safety. Moreover, you can adjust the speed as the child grows and gains more riding experience.

3. Foot Rest

A large area for the footrest offers a non-slippery surface, providing excellent stability and control to the quad. The footrest also guards the foot against any threats from the tires.

4. Fully Automatic Transmission

When riding the TaoTao 110cc ATV, you can focus on something other than shifting the gears. The automatic machine makes it easy for any rider to enjoy controlling it. Further, the rider does not have to focus on shifting gears, so they are less likely to make mistakes.

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5. Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Ensuring quality brakes is one of the best ways to ascertain whether the machine is safe. The TaoTao 110cc ATV features a hydraulic design with children in mind. It offers extra braking power for enhanced safety.

Additional features of the TaoTao 110cc ATV include;

  • Kill switch
  • Rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Featured brakes, taillight, and headlight
  • Front bumper
  • Padded seating
  • Rear luggage rack
  • Thumb throttle
  • Dual A-Arm front suspension


The maximum speed of a 110cc ATV is about 30 MPH. Since machines with such engines are best for kids, the acceleration is perfect. Moreover, you can always increase the speed of an ATV by working around its body weight and tires and using quality fuel. The TaoTao 110cc ATV and the Coolster 110cc ATV are the best kid's ATVs with helpful features and efficiency.