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Maine ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Maine ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

Maine is the northeasternmost state in the United States and also the 12 smallest state. Its natural landscapes, rocky coastline, contoured mountains, picturesque waterways, and spruce islands are popular. ATV riding is an activity you will enjoy in Maine.

Maine ATV laws include: all ATVs must be registered. Children below the age of 10 must not ride an ATV, and children below 18 must complete a training course before riding an ATV. You can ride your ATV in Coburn Mountain ATV Trail, Rocky Mountain Terrain Park, and Moose Alley ATV Riders Trails.

ATV riding is very exciting and fun, but it is also dangerous. So, you must be very careful when riding an ATV so that you do not get injured or cause injury to others. To ensure the safety of ATV operators and other people, there are laws in force that you must comply with.

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Maine ATV Laws

In Maine, an All-terrain vehicle is classified as a motor-driven, off-road recreational vehicle used for cross-country travel on snow, swampland, ice, land, marsh, and other natural terrains with a weight not exceeding 2000 pounds and width not exceeding 65 inches. Below are the ATV laws in Maine:

  • You must not ride an ATV on a trail designated for snowmobiles.
  • All ATVs must be registered before operating; registration for residents costs $33 and $68 for non-residents.
  • Children below the age of 10 are not allowed to ride an ATV.
  • As a non-resident in Maine, you must register your ATV in Maine before you can operate it.
  • Children between ages 10 and 16 must complete a state-approved training course and be accompanied by an adult before they can ride an ATV on public land or a designated trail.
  • ATVs operated between sunset and sunrise must have an illuminated front light and tail lights.
  • Children below age 18 must always wear protective headgear while operating an ATV.
  • You must not operate your ATV on a controlled-access highway or within the right of way of a controlled-access highway.
  • If you are aged 10 to 16, you do not have to take a training course to ride an ATV on an approved Maine Department of Inland Fishery and Wildlife training site or land of residence.
  • Before entering a public way with an ATV, you must first bring the ATV to a complete stop.
  • When operating an ATV on another person's land, you must always stop and identify yourself when requested by the landowner or an authorized representative.
  • ATVs owned and used by the state or federal government do not need to be registered.
  • You must not operate an ATV on railroad tracks, except the track is abandoned.
  • ATVs are prohibited on public streets in Maine except when used to cross the streets.

Where Can You Ride An ATV In Maine?

Maine is also known as the Pine Tree State; it has several rugged mountain paths, waterfalls, pine groves, bogs, lakes, and streams. There are several ATV trails that are open to ATVs and other off-road vehicles throughout the year.

ATV riding is one of the best ways to have a classic Maine adventure. Let us explore some of the places you can ride an ATV in Maine.

Coburn Mountain ATV Trail

Coburn Mountain ATV Trail is one of the popular places to ride an ATV in Maine; it is located in the northern area of Maine. It is open all year round except during the mud season; it is open to snowmobiles during the winter season. The vehicles allowed at this trail are ATVs, SXSs, and UTVs. Others like Motorcycles, Dune buggies, Jeeps, SUVs, Sand rail 4x4s, and Dirt bikes are prohibited.

The maximum vehicle width allowed in this trail is 60 inches, and vehicles must not exceed the noise limit of 96 decibels. You must have a Maine ATV registration sticker for your off-road vehicle to ride at this trail system. All vehicles at this trail must have a spark arrestor exhaust silencer or an end cap. Trail blazing is prohibited in this area.

Coburn Mountain ATV Trail terrain is mostly hard packed and consists of trees, shades, loose dirt, steep hills, rocks, mud, and dust. You do not have to pay any fee to enter, ride, or park at this trail. Camping is allowed in certain areas in this ATV trail system. There are other lodging accommodations available in this area.

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park offers 700 acres of picturesque wooded trails open to ATVs, Dune buggies, Motorcycles, SXSs, Jeeps, Sand rail 4x4s, Dirt bikes, UTVs, and SUVs. It is open all year round and was previously known as Winter Hill Road. During the winter season, this park is open to snowmobiles.

Camping is allowed at this park; breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided for a fee. The amenities at this park are restrooms and showers. There are plans to add hill climbs, a full-sized motocross track, cabins, sand drags, and miniature golf to this park. Night riding is allowed at this park.

Rocky Mountain Terrain Park terrain contains steep hills, trees, berms, small jumps, loose dirt, mud, sand, hardpack, rocks, dust, and large jumps. There is no fee for entry into this park; however, you will have to pay $25 to ride at this park. Children below age 15 can ride for free.

Moose Alley ATV Riders Trails

Moose Alley ATV Riders Trails is about 100 miles and is managed by the Moose Alley Riders ATV Club. It is open from May till the late fall season. The trail is mostly hard packed and contains trees, loose dirt, mud, dust, rocks, and a few water crossings. There is no fee for riding, entry, and parking at this park.

During the summer and fall, this trail is open to SXSs, ATVs, and UTVs, while during the winter, it is open to snowmobiles; other vehicles like Dirt bikes, Sand rails, Jeeps, Motorcycles, Dune buggies, and SUVs are prohibited. Vehicles allowed at this trail must not exceed 60 inches in width.

You must have a Maine ATV registration sticker before you can ride at Moose Alley ATV Riders Trails. All vehicles at this park must have a spark arrestor exhaust silencer or an end cap and must not exceed the noise limit of 96 decibels. Camping is permitted in some areas at this trail.

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Where Can’t You Ride An ATV In Maine?

While riding an ATV in Maine, you must know where ATVs are permitted and forbidden. Not all areas in Maine are open to the operation of ATVs and other types of off-road vehicles. Riding an ATV where you are not supposed to attract penalties like heavy fines, confiscation of ATV, or serving a jail term.

In Maine, you cannot ride your ATV on a public highway, roadway, or street. The government forbids the operation of ATVs on an undesignated trail. Riding an ATV on any railroad track that is still in use is also not permitted. You cannot ride your ATV on a designated snowmobile trail.

It is against the laws to ride an ATV within 200 feet of any convalescent home, hospital, church, nursing home, or the dwellings of others. You cannot ride your ATV on a freshwater marsh, intertidal zone, dune, burial place, marine sand beach, salt marsh, cemetery, alpine tundra, or burying ground.

Final Thoughts

Every state and country has its laws and rules concerning different things; all citizens must abide by those laws. When it comes to riding an ATV, there is a lot of fun, excitement, and an intense refreshing feeling. However, you must always remember to comply with the ATV laws while enjoying your ATV rides.

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