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Metal Detector Pinpointers [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

Metal Detector Pinpointers [TOP MODELS REVIEWED]

When it pertains to excavating a treasure, a pinpointer can make a huge difference. There are several tools that a metal detectorist should take with them, and a pinpointer is among them. Suppose, after using your metal detector; you discover a needle in a haystack; employing a pinpointer will help you narrow it down to a very tiny area.

The top metal detector pinpointers are Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer, Garrett AT Pro-Pointer, PudiBe Pinpointer, Nokta Makro Pointer, Minelab 35 Pro-Find Pinpointer, Quest Pro XPointer, White Bullseye TRX Pinpointer, Garrett Pro-Pointer II, Nokta PulseDive Pinpointer, and MD20 Falcon Pinpointer. 

A handheld metal detector is known as a pinpointer. It is used in any situation to help you focus on a target and works in conjunction with a standard detector. Once you have found a treasure, the pinpointer helps you pinpoint its exact location.

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What Is The Best Pinpointer Metal Detector?

A pinpointer is a compact, handheld metal detector which can be used to laser in on an object in close vicinity. This helps to attain a precise target location without sifting through a huge region. Although most pinpointers execute the same activities, some are tailored for varied terrain, have various designs, and are priced differently. Below are some of the best pinpointer metal detectors.

Garrett AT Pro-Pointer

Up to 10 feet, the Garrett AT Pro-Pointer pinpointer is waterproof. It has a retune sensitivity adjustment, automated power-off mode, one-button power operation, silent vibration mode, and a lost pinpointer warning to help you find it if you lose it. One 9-volt battery is required.

The Pro-Pointer AT also has three different sensitivity settings: high, medium, and low; these aid in discovering tiny things at greater depths. The sensitivity settings determine the detector's reactions to electromagnetic fields. This device has two detection modes; you can use it in audio, vibrate, or both modes.

The machine has an IP rating of 10 feet and is waterproof. In addition, the built-in speaker is resistant to water; saltwater beaches, lakes, rivers, and ponds are some of the sites where you can use this device. It also offers six degrees of sensitivity that you can change using the main button.

Nokta Makro Pointer

Not everyone prefers a pinpointer with a large detection range; some prefer pinpointers with a small detection range, such as the Nokta. It is ideal for quickly retrieving shallow things. The Nokta Makro Pointer, on the other hand, is an all-terrain pinpointer that beeps, vibrates, or both; it has a detection depth of 3 to 5 inches.

The Nokta pinpointer, like most others, is responsive to all metals. As if that were not enough, the pinpointer gets extremely sensitive when the sensitivity is increased. For starters, this pinpointer has certain distinct characteristics; it has a hard-shell case. Second, the speaker is mounted on the top of the device; this allows you to hear its answer more clearly.

This pinpointer is likewise waterproof and has an IP67 rating. It can be submerged for about 30 minutes in water up to 1 meter deep. The Nokta pinpointer also features a lost alarm feature; if you do not do anything after turning it on, it will switch off automatically.

Minelab 35 Pro-Find Pinpointer

From gold to silver, all metals are detected by the Minelab 35 Pro-Find Pinpointer; it can be used to look for minuscule gold nuggets in fissures and rocks. When you use the pinpointer, it uses Detector Interference Technology which decreases interference. It has a detection range of 3 to 6 inches.

There are also five sensitivity levels; you can adjust the volume to your preferences. As you approach closer to your objective, the sound and vibration intensity rise. We also discovered that the Minelab 35 Pro-Find Pinpointer could pick up signals from small objects.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointer For The Money

When it regards metal detecting, much money is involved in purchasing the equipment and tools needed. Most metal detector pinpointers are expensive, especially the ones from top brands. However, below are some of the best metal detector pinpointer for the money.

MD20 Falcon Pinpointer

The MD20 Falcon Pinpointer is the most sophisticated device, and it is typically best described as a probe instead of a pinpointer in the traditional sense. Many prospectors use metal detectors as tools; however, most pinpointers have problems picking up little gold particles.

Here is where the MD20 enters the picture. It is built specifically to find very tiny gold operating at a frequency of 300 kHz and provides the operator with directional audio tones that serve to identify what the target's composition might be. This might be utilized in places where a metal detector is unavailable to find extremely minute gold pieces in a tiny, rich area.

Garrett Pro-Pointer II

The Garrett Pro-Pointer II is a previous generation pinpointer before the Pro-Pointer AT. The unit's operation is roughly the same with proportionate target response, vibration and audio, and automatic tuning. To begin, the Pro-Pointer is splashproof but not submersible; this is certainly a deal-breaker for anyone who spends hours on the beach or identifying rivers and streams.

Second, unlike its predecessor, this pinpointer has never had adjustable sensitivity. However, the Pro-Pointer II has a user-friendly design and performs admirably as a dependable, durable pinpointer for terrestrial use without these features. It comes in second place behind the Pro-Pointer AT.

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Underwater Metal Detector Pinpointer

One of the best places to detect metal is underwater; you have a higher chance of getting treasure underwater than on land. For this, you will need waterproof tools; below are some of the best underwater metal detector pinpointer.

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Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer

Pinpointers can have handles constructed of various materials, such as rubber or plastic. If you prefer devices with rubber grips, you might check out the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer, which has a non-slip, comfortable rubber handle. Pulse induction technology powers the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer; it also features changeable frequency settings to avoid frequent pinpointer interferences.

The pinpointer detects all metals, including gold, nickel, iron, aluminum, zinc, foil, and silver. It is exceptionally effective at retrieving items that are about 4 inches deep. The operation mode for this pinpointer is a single button action; these three alert options are available: beep, vibrate, and duo.

Its sensitivity levels can also be changed from low to medium to high. On the other hand, the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer is powered by two AA batteries that can last for about 20 to 25 hours. Rechargeable NiMH or Lithium batteries can be used to replace them. Furthermore, the pinpointer incorporates an O-ring end cap that makes replacing the batteries a breeze.

Quest Pro XPointer

The Quest Pro XPointer, one of the best pinpointer on the market, is submersible to 200 feet, which is great news for water hunters. It works well in a stream or river, especially in murky waters, because the light is rather bright. One of the best characteristics is the pulse induction functioning method.

This implies it can work in saltwater and mineralized soil without sending erroneous signals, which is a problem with other top brands. Switch it on and point with this metal detecting pinpointer. It includes an in-built lithium battery that can be recharged via a USB port.

It is designed to provide additional waterproofing; although it was presumably designed for divers, this pinpointer works well on land, especially in mineralized areas or on the beach. The Quest pinpointer comes in various colors.

Final Thoughts

Metal detectors with pinpointers are a terrific addition to any metal detector. They will enable you to quickly and efficiently identify your target for retrieval. It is necessary to have the best metal detector pinpointer suitable for your terrain of search to have an easy and fruitful adventure. You can purchase any of the metal detector pinpointer mentioned above.

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