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New Jersey ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

New Jersey ATV Laws: Where And How To Ride Your ATV Legally

New Jersey is generally a hilly state; however, the northern part is hilly, and the southern is flatter. The state has a lot of lakes and flat-topped rock ridges, although there are not many ATV trails for you to ride on. We will look at the ATV laws in New Jersey and where to ride an ATV legally.

Some of New Jersey ATV laws are: it is illegal to operate an ATV on a limited-access highway and the main traveled portion of a public street or highway. You can ride your ATV in New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams, Ready To Ride Off-Road PALS and Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. 

Before you ride your ATV in any state or country, you must know the laws guiding the operation of ATVs in that area. With this knowledge, you know what to do and where to ride; hence, you can never violate any of these laws, and you will have an undisturbed and uninterrupted ride.

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New Jersey ATV Laws

In New Jersey, an ATV is classified as a motor vehicle designed to travel over any terrain, has between three and six rubber tires, and is powered by a gasoline engine that does not exceed 600 cubic centimeters. The ATV laws in New Jersey are strictly enforced, and violators will pay a hefty fine. Below are the New Jersey ATV laws:

  • Children below age 14 must not operate ATVs on public lands, public waters, or across a public highway.
  • ATVs registered with the state can be used to cross a public street or highway except for limited highways as long as it is done safely and does not interfere with the free movement of other vehicles.
  • A child below age 16 can operate an ATV on public lands, waters, and public highways as long as the engine capacity of the ATV is below 90 cubic centimeters.
  • It is illegal for an individual to use an ATV in a manner that is intended to drive, harass, or pursue wildlife.
  • Every ATV rider or passenger must always wear a protective helmet when they are riding.
  • All ATVs must be equipped with functioning taillights, headlights, muffler systems, and brakes.
  • When operating an ATV thirty minutes before sunrise or thirty minutes after sunset, you must always illuminate your headlight and taillight.
  • Before riding an ATV on someone else's property, you must first obtain permission from the landowner.
  • It is illegal to deliberately sell an ATV with an engine exceeding 90 cubic centimeters to children below 16.
  • If you are below age 18, you have to complete an ATV safety education and training course before you can operate an ATV on any public land, water, or across a highway.
  • It is illegal to ride an ATV on the main traveled portion or the plowed snowbank of a public highway or street.

Where Can You Ride An ATV In New Jersey?

New Jersey is popular for its beautiful landscapes, from white sandy beaches to pine forests; this state is suitable for off-road adventures. There are different parks and trails in New Jersey where you can ride your ATV; however, you must make sure the area you are riding is designated. Below are some of the places to ride an ATV in New Jersey.

New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams

New Jersey Motorsports Park Field of Dreams is about 20 miles of wood trail and has three motocross tracks that are professionally designed. This park is an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels as there is a novice trail for beginners and a challenging trail for expert riders.

The track terrain consists of berms, small jumps, trees, loose dirt, shades, large jumps, and sand. This park is usually open on Wednesdays from 12 pm to 5 pm, and on weekends from 10 am to 5 pm. Vehicles allowed in this park must not exceed 50 inches in width. Race events are usually hosted at this park, such as motocross and hare scramble events.

The amenities at this park are restrooms, concession stands, an observation tower, spectator bleachers, ATV rentals, and a wash station. You can operate an ATV, UTV, Dirt bikes, Motorcycles, SXSs, Sandrail 4×4, and Dune buggy at this park. Entry into this area costs $5 per person while riding costs $50 per rider; children aged 5 and under are granted access for free.

Ready To Ride Off-Road PALS

Ready To Ride Off-Road PALS is a 30 acres family-friendly park with designated ATV trails. It is open all year round, 10 am to 6 pm. The noise limit at this park is 92 decibels, and riders must put on an MX helmet when riding. The trails at this park consist of a three-mile amateur loop, half-mile novice loop, and two-mile expert level loop.

The terrain at this park is mostly sandy and flat, but it also consists of trees, berms, small jumps, dust, hardpack, and large jumps. Riding at this park costs $80 per rider; however, new members must pay an orientation fee of $60 per person. Night riding is prohibited at this park.

The vehicles allowed at this park are Dune buggies, Dirt bikes, Sand rail 4x4s, ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, and SXSs; others like Jeeps and SUVs are prohibited. All new riders are required to attend the park's safety orientation before going for the first ride. Your vehicle does not have to have a spark arrestor before you can operate it in this park.

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Old Bridge Township Raceway Park

Old Bridge Township Raceway Park is a 500-acre park with a natural terrain track and a separate peewee park for children; the terrain has many obstacles and is filled with loose dirt, berms, trees, small jumps, and large jumps. Several race events are held annually at this park, like AMA race events and D-34 race events.

This raceway park is usually open Wednesdays from noon till dusk and on the weekends from 10 am till 6 pm between March and November. You can operate an ATV, Dirt bike, and Motorcycle at this park; others like SUVs, UTVs, SXSs, Jeeps, Dune buggies, and Sandrail 4x4s are prohibited.

Riding in this park costs $40 per person; however, there is no fee for entry and parking. All vehicles in this area do not need a spark arrestor, and there is no noise limit at this park. All riders are required to put on an MX helmet when riding in Old Bridge Township Raceway Park.

Where Can’t You Ride An ATV In New Jersey?

In New Jersey, there are some places not designated for ATVs, so riding an ATV there will be illegal. You cannot ride your ATV on a public highway, roadway, or street; it is unlawful to do so. It is also unlawful to ride an ATV on a main traveled portion or the plowed snowbank of a public highway or street.

Some areas in New Jersey were previously open to different off-road vehicles, including ATVs; however, these areas were closed due to some circumstances. Places closed to the public are Thunder Moto, New Jersey Off-Road Park, Mount Pleasant State Off-Road Vehicle Park, and Jersey Shore Motocross of Tinton Falls.

Final Thoughts

Although ATV riding is exciting and thrilling, you will only enjoy the best of the fun when you are riding in the right place. Remember that not all areas in New Jersey are open to ATVs; hence, make sure you check properly before riding in a particular area. Also, make sure you do not violate any ATV law while operating your ATV.

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