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Olympic Archery Bows – Which Ones Are Used? [ANSWERED]

Olympic Archery Bows – Which Ones Are Used? [ANSWERED]

Since archery made its debut in the Olympics, its popularity has kept growing tremendously. Suppose you are looking forward to participating in Olympic archery. In that case, you must start practicing using Olympic archery bows since not every bow is accepted in the Olympics.

The recurve bows are the only types of bows accepted in the archery Olympics. Although there has been pressure to allow compound bows in the Olympics, the push is yet to bear any fruits. The Bear Archery Grizzly recurve bow is one of the Olympic archers' most popular brands.

Getting the right Olympic archery bow is crucial if you are preparing for Olympic archery. This article will provide you with all the necessary information that you may need to know about recurve bows.

archery men readyWhy Recurve Bows

After learning that the recurve bows are the only ones allowed at the Olympics, the most probable question that you are likely to ask is what draws the line between the compound and recurve bows.

There are good reasons that justify the exclusion of compound bows from the Olympics.

Compound Bows are overpowered.

One of the reasons that informed the Olympics' decision to leave compound bows out of the equation is that they have excess power. The bows were primarily designed for hunting and to kill a moving target. Hence, they must be extremely powerful.

However, this does not mean that recurve bows are very weak. It is possible to find a recurve bow with a 70-pound draw weight. Since the archery Olympics is not about piercing a living animal but getting the arrow to hit the target and stick, the need for high power is invalid.

A Level Playing Ground

The archery Olympics includes teams from all over the world, which means that the organizers need to ensure a level ground for all competitors. No one would want to watch a game where one team easily wins because they are favored with the quality of their gear.

Every competitor needs to make a genuine struggle, which is only achievable if there is no disparity among the competitors.

What type of bow is used in Olympic Archery?

For anyone who wants to take their archery game a notch higher, the thought of playing at the Olympics will hardly escape their mind.

When it comes to archery equipment, there are three types of bows; the compound, barebow, and recurve.

The recurve is the only bow that is accepted at the Olympic Games. One of the reasons for this is that by limiting the type of bows that the archers can use for Olympic purposes, the Olympics can create a level ground for all archery contenders.

How much does an Olympic Archery Bow Cost?

One of the top considerations for archers looking to purchase an Olympic recurve bow is the cost. Knowing how much an Olympic archery bow costs will help guide your budget and ensure that you have all the necessary gear to help you compete effectively.

The amount you will pay for an Olympic recurve bow varies between $100 to $200 for less experienced archers. If you are more experienced and therefore looking for a powerful bow, you should be willing to spend about $300 to $600. A handmade bow can cost over $800.

The Important Parts of Recurve Bow

When it comes to purchasing an Olympic recurve bow, you have a lot of flexibility, and this is why you have no reason whatsoever to make a wrong selection. Further, it is crucial to try out your bow before purchasing it. Here are some of the critical parts of a recurve bow you should know.

The Riser

The Rise is the part that connects the upper and the lower parts. Further, it connects to all aids, including the arrow rest, sight, stabilizer, clicker, and button. Therefore, when purchasing your recurve arrow, the essential thing that you should check is whether the riser is connecting to all the necessary ads.

Another critical aspect of the riser is the type of connection that the limbs get attached to your riser. It is good to go for a bow with international limb fitting because it offers a lot of flexibility.


The limbs are another essential part of your recurve arrow. You need to ensure that you purchase the same fitting limbs as your riser. Again, the ILF limbs would be the best option because they promote flexibility.

Limbs are mostly made up of bamboo, wood, and carbon. Notably, limbs made up of carbon are the best because they are hard to break. However, bamboo or wood can do fine. Also, knowing your draw length is important because it will guide you in settling for the right limb's length.


If it is the first time getting into archery, it is not prudent to invest expensive strings. Although cheaper strings tend to stretch more, it will take a little twist, and you are ready to keep using them.

The important aspect of purchasing a bowstring is to ensure that it fits into your bow length. Further, if you decide on high-end strings, ensure that you choose reputable brands.

Arrow Rest

There are different types of plastic and metal rests for Olympic recurve bows. Going for metal rests is the best option because they are durable and likely to serve you for a long time. It is also vital to ensure that your arrow rest does not interfere with your comfort or accuracy.

The Stabilizer

If you are starting, then you do not need a stabilizer. However, it is crucial to understand that the stabilizer plays a significant role in eliminating the vibrations that can easily interfere with your accuracy. You can invest in a cheap stabilizer for effective practice, and once your experience increases, you can opt for advanced stabilizers.

bow archery menThe Olympic Style Recurve Bows

The first step to getting the best Olympic-style recurve bows is to acknowledge that recurve bows are never made the same. Some are superior to others, and the more you are familiar with the essential consideration to make, the more the chances of making the right decision. Here are some of the best 10 Olympic-style recurve bows you should know.

  1. The Easton's USA-MADE X10 – Its high demand is an indication that it is the best in the field. The compact design makes it easy to use.
  2. The Wizard Kids Bow – Highly recommended for beginners. The set comes with six-foam-tipped carbon fiber arrows, a beginner's manual, and a target board.
  3. Firebird Adult Recurve Bow
  4. Southland Archery Supply SAS Explorer Metal Riser Takedown Recurve Bow – Powerful casting aluminum riser, beautiful riser, and a strong fiberglass limb made up of maple.
  5. Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow Right Hand – Reasonably popular as it can perfectly serve both the hunters and the target shooters. However, it is pretty expensive.


6.Bear Archery Grizzly – The Bear Archery Grizzly is designed to deliver the most accurate result to any archer. Further, it is light and
efficient in all weather conditions.

7. Southwest Archery Spyder – If you are on a tight budget but looking to purchase a highly versatile and practical bow, this is the best option.

8.The Martin Jaguar Elite

9.Samick Sage

10.Martin Hunter

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When shopping for the best Olympic archery bows, you should check out the quality of the material, accuracy, and reliability. Knowing the essential considerations you need to make for the best Olympic archery bows, making the right decision should be easy. The Bear Archery Grizzly is our top choice for the best due to its high accuracy levels.

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