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RC Shooting Tanks: Best Tanks With Working BB Guns

RC Shooting Tanks: Best Tanks With Working BB Guns

Most people are familiar with regular RC vehicles, including RC cars, RC trucks, RC planes, and RC boats, but shooting RC tanks often go unnoticed. These RC tanks are realistic, and some of them are fully functional and can shoot. If your child loves playing with classic army toys, you can get him an RC shooting tank for a change.

Some of the best RC shooting tanks are the Cheerwing German Tiger I RC Tank, BEAURE 1: 28 MIA2 RC Battle Tank, JJRC Military Battle Tank, Gool RC Modern RC Tank, Heng Long RC Battle Tank, Abrams RC Battle Tank, Heng Long Sherman RC Battle Tank, Taigen German RC Tank, and Heng Long King Tiger RC Tank.

RC tanks are great for kids; as a parent, you might be worried about the safety of your children. There are different types of RC tanks for various age ratings, so there are RC tanks appropriate for children, teenagers, and adults.

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Which RC Tank Is The Best?

You can purchase different RC tanks, but it is important to know the best RC tanks. Some of the features you should look out for in an RC tank are its design, mobility, ability to shoot, power source, size, and affordability. As long as you find an RC tank with these features, you are good to go. Some of the best RC tanks available are;

Heng Long Pro 1:16 RC Battle Tank

The Heng Long Pro 1:16 RC Battle Tank is one of the few RC tanks with a simulative and realistic motor start-up sound. It is 22.6 inches long, 11.5 inches wide, 10.8 inches high, and weighs 11.03 pounds. The maximum turning angle of the tank's turret is 320 degrees from left to right.

The main gun's barrel can move up and down up to 30 degrees, and as it fires, it is accompanied by sounds. The maximum climbing gradient of the HengLong Pro RC Tank is 35 degrees. It features a 2.4 GHz radio control system, allowing the operator to extend the tank's functionality, reach, and handling.

Other features of the Heng Long Pro 1:16 RC Battle Tank are the realistic recoil action when the tank reloads, its realistic suspension system, impressive chassis, fully functional transmitter, functional LED lights, as well as the simulative engine sound, start-up sound, and machine-gun sound.

Abrams RC Battle Tank

The Abrams RC Battle Tank is a product of Amazing Tech Depot, and it is 20.2 inches long, 13.4 inches wide, 6.2 inches high, and weighs 5.19 pounds. It is an amazing RC tank with its realistic attention to detail and detailed body design. It also has a simulative engine sound and cannon fire sound.

The Abrams RC Battle Tank is a perfect replica of the Abram USA Main Battle Tank; the turret of the RC tank can rotate at an angle of 300 degrees, and it can move backward, forward, and spin. The maximum vertical turning angle of the gun is 20 degrees, and the maximum climbing gradient is 30 degrees.

The total operation time of the Abrams RC Battle Tank is about 20 minutes per charge, and the maximum control range is 30 feet. The maximum firing range of the Abrams RC Battle Tank is 9 feet. The main tank gun shoots 6 millimeter BB bullets, and you can load up to 50 bullets in the hatch

Heng Long Sherman RC Battle Tank

The Heng Long Sherman RC Battle Tank is another realistic RC tank; it weighs 22 pounds, is 14.76 inches long, 6.69 inches wide, and is 7.28 inches high. This RC tank is recommended for individuals aged 14 years and above. It also has some realistic sounds, including a simulative motor start-up sound.

The turret can move in either direction, left and right, at an angle of approximately 320 degrees, while the barrel can move up and down at an angle of 30 degrees. The maximum climbing gradient of the Heng Long Sherman RC Battle Tank is 35 degrees. It features a 2.4 GHz radio control system.

Other features of the Heng Long Sherman RC Battle Tank are; it uses BB pellets, has an infrared combating receiver and transmitter that supports multiplayer tank play, smoke liquid, idle smoking generator, sprockets, and idler wheels. Although this RC tank is hobby grade, it is not toy grade, so the operator must be experienced to operate it.

Taigen German RC Tank

The Taigen German RC Tank is a 1:16 RC tank modeled after the Tiger 1, a German tank used to fight in World War 2. This tank is one of the few RC tanks with metal parts, including the gun barrel, the body shell, the tank chassis, the drive wheel, the tracks, the underbody plate, as well as the front and rear hooks.

The Taigen German RC Tank can shoot BB pellets to an incredible distance of 82 feet; this RC tank has realistic details. You will find a smoke exhaust; it also has authentic shutdown and start-up sound, cannon, and machine-gun fire sound effects that will give you a realistic experience operating this RC tank.

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How Much Are RC Tanks?

The price of RC tanks varies, depending on various factors, including where it is purchased, the brand, the features, the design, and functionalities. Generally, RC tanks that can shoot BB pellets are more expensive than RC tanks that cannot shoot. RC tanks cost as little as $30 to about $200.

The least expensive RC tanks are those that cannot shoot; the only difference between these and toy tanks is that the operator can control the tank's movement. RC tanks with fully functional guns and realistic sound effects, amongst other functionalities, might also cost more.

Are There Airsoft RC Tanks That Shoot BBs?

There is one Airsoft RC tank that can shoot BBs, the Airsoft 1:24 RC Battle Tank. This RC tank is a replica of the M1 Abrams, a tank used in the United States Service in the 1980s. The Airsoft 1:24 RC Battle Tank is a 3-channel RC tank that fires 6 millimeters BBs.

The hatch can contain up to 40 BBs, the turret can turn towards both sides, the gun can move upwards and downwards, and it features a high-gripping caterpillar. The total operation time of the Airsoft 1:24 RC Battle Tank is 60 minutes, and it can reach a top speed of about 5 to 10 mph.

What Is The Biggest RC Tank In The World?

Many big RC tanks are available, but there can be only one big boy, the King Tiger. This is the biggest RC tank in the world, and we will take a look at this RC monster tank.

1:4 King Tank RC Tank

This huge monster RC tank is 38 inches wide, 6 feet long in the body, and 8 feet with the gun. This is the largest RC tank in the RC world available for sale, with a weight of 551.2 pounds. This RC tank is powered by two 500 watts 24 volts motors. The hull of the King Tank RC tank is produced from high-density GRP.

The wheels are manufactured from duraluminium, the suspension beans are made from hardened steel, and they feature coil-sprung suspensions. The case for the gearbox is cast aluminum; the gears are steel (Thermo treated). This RC tank features two titan electronic speed controls.

Final Thoughts

It is good to take a break from the generic and usual things and try new things; you will discover new opportunities for fun. One of the new things you can do is operate an RC tank instead of the regular RC vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, and boats). And operating an RC tank that shoots while you engage in "friendly fire" with friends will certainly be a lot of fun.