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RC Trailers: Are They Any Good? Best RC Trailers You Can Buy

RC Trailers: Are They Any Good? Best RC Trailers You Can Buy

If you enjoy operating RC cars, especially trucks, you will probably need to get an RC trailer with it. An RC trailer makes the operation more fun, and you can use it to transport small items around the house. However, before you get an RC trailer, you must know the best RC trailers so that you do not purchase a low-quality one.

RC trailers are good as they come in handy when you need to move things from one place to another in your home. The best RC trailers you can buy are Goolsky Trailer Car Heavy Duty Trailer, Tamiya RC 56306 Flatbed Semi-Trailer For Tractor, and Tamiya RC Axle Refrigerator Container Trailer. 

Most remote control trailers come with trucks and semi-trucks; however, you can still get an RC trailer or a trailer kit. These trailers are meant to be attached to an RC vehicle because that is the best way to enjoy them fully.

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RC Trailers

Getting an RC trailer is no problem as several manufacturers produce and sell RC trailers. RC trailers are usually attached to an RC vehicle for operation, especially trucks and semi-trucks. Below are some of the RC trailers you can get.

Tamiya RC Axle Refrigerator Container Trailer

Tamiya RC Axle Refrigerator Container Trailer is a 1:14 scale trailer with highly durable ABS panels and doors that can be opened. Its chassis is made from tough black-colored anodized aluminum and resin cross members. It has 6 metal-plated wheels, a 3-axle suspension and is suitable for on-road use only.

This RC trailer is compatible with a Tamiya 1:14 RC tractor truck and includes an underbody storage area, new parts to depict the refrigeration unit area, and a rear bumper. It has tractor truck oil shocks, motorized support legs, and a semi-trailer light set. This trailer comes with a storage box and spare tires.

Tamiya RC Semi-Trailer For Tractor

Tamiya RC Semi-Trailer For Tractor is 27.99 inches long, 7.60 inches wide, and weighs 5.47 pounds. It has an aluminum chassis frame and a wooden-floored platform. This RC trailer has a very realistic look, uses the leaf spring suspension system, and uses a bell crank steering mechanism.

It features a friction shock damper that is made from aluminum. Its wheels and tires are made from chrome and radical. You will have to get 4-channel radio gear, a 7.2 battery and charger, and TS plastic model paint for this RC trailer. It is a 1/14 scale RC trailer compatible with any 1/14 scale truck.

RC Cargo Trailers

RC cargo trailers are remote-controlled trailers used for hauling cargos. However, since they are remote-controlled, they are used to transport different stuff for play, work, and home. If you need to move little materials from one place to another in your house, you can use a cargo trailer. Below are some RC cargo trailers.

Goolsky Trailer Car Heavy Duty Trailer Cargo Carrier

Goolsky Trailer Car Heavy Duty Trailer Cargo Carrier comes with rubber tires made of high-quality materials. It is compatible with Traxxas, RC4WD, Redcat, HSP, Tamiya, SCX10, HPI, and Axial RC crawler cars. This RC cargo trailer is made from high-quality metal and is extremely durable.

It is 13.19 inches long, 8.56 inches wide, 3.74 inches high, and weighs 6.65 pounds. This RC cargo trailer has a cool metallic texture that provides an outstanding appearance, making it more attractive, especially to children. This cargo trailer has a strong and durable chassis and comes with 4 wheels. It is available for $170 on Amazon.

Heavy City RC Truck Trailer

Heavy City RC Truck Trailer is a 1:36 scale RTR RC truck cargo trailer. It has bright lighting and gloss painting that makes it more attractive and suitable for night operation. It is 14 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 10 inches high.

This RC truck cargo trailer requires 4 AAA batteries, and its remote controller requires 2 AA batteries. The truck has 12 wheels that are very strong and durable. You can ride this RC truck cargo trailer on all terrain. It comes with the batteries required, a remote controller, and a charger for the vehicle.

1/10 Scale RC Trailers

There are different scales of RC trailers; we have 1/14 scale, 1/24 scale, 1/10 scale, and 1/36 scale. Most RC models are 1/10 scale; so, if you get an RC trailer for your RC model, you should get the correct scale trailer that will fit your vehicle. Below are some 1/10 scale RC trailers.

LoveinDIY 1/10 Scale RC Heavy Duty Trailer

LoveinDIY 1/10 Scale, RC Heavy Duty Trailer, is made from metal and compatible with 1/10 Axial, D90, SCX10, and D110 RC rock crawlers. This RC trailer is 25.2 inches long, 13.8 inches wide, and 7.2 inches high. It has a strong and durable chassis that allows operation on all terrain.

It has a loop that you will connect to your RC rock crawler before moving it around. This 1/10 scale RC trailer has 4 strong wheels and tires, two on each side. It also has a dual axle suspension system and can carry several items at once.

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Where To Buy RC Trailers

RC trailers are available in different stores, both physical and online stores. If you want to get an RC trailer and do not know where to go, you can visit a physical store in your area that sells RC models. You will most likely see a remote control trailer of your choice at an affordable price.

However, if you cannot get an RC trailer at a physical store, you can resort to the online stores. You can get an RC trailer at Amazon online store at an affordable price. However, Amazon mostly sells RC trailers with an RC truck. You can also visit eBay to get an RC trailer.

You can also visit Walmart and get a remote control trailer of your choice at an affordable price. However, when purchasing an RC trailer, you should get one with the same scale size as your RC truck so that you do not end up with small or too big for your RC model. You should also look out for the types of vehicles those RC trailers are compatible with.

How To Make RC Boat Trailers

The first step to building anything is to get your tools and materials. When it comes to building an RC boat trailer, it is a very easy task that does not take much time. First, the materials you will need are corrugated plastic, an RC boat, an old hacksaw blade, large old toy cars with suspension, and a hot glue gun.

After getting your materials and tools, the first step is to build the hitch for the RC vehicle that will pull the trailer. Cut a good-sized piece of plastic that can fit in the little crevice of your car. Then, push a nail through the plastic to act as the actual towing rod.

Now, cut a large sheet of plastic and cut some side panels. Then glue the hacksaw blade and cars on the sheet. Now, get a nail and grind down at two sections on the plastic. Then, tie some string around the nail so that the trailer will not pop off.

Final Thoughts

If you want to fully master the art of perfecting a great turn with an RC vehicle, you should get an RC trailer for it. However, there is one thing you should always check for when purchasing an RC trailer; the scale size of the trailer and if it is compatible with your vehicle so that you do not buy the wrong RC trailer.

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