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Axial RC Crawler: Axial RC Trucks, Jeeps & Kits

Axial RC Crawler: Axial RC Trucks, Jeeps & Kits

One of the most popular sports in the RC world is RC rock-crawling, and you need a low-geared RC car with enough torque and a high center of gravity. RC rock crawlers are not designed for speed but heavy-performance activities. Axial RC crawlers are one of the best in the RC industry.

The best Axial RC Crawler you can purchase is the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler. Other Axial RC Crawlers are Axial Ryft 1:10 4WD RC Crawler, Axial Wraith Spawn 1:10 Racer, Axial 1:6 RTR Jeep Wrangler, Axial 1:10 Brushless RTR Rock Crawler, and 1:24 Axial 2019 Jeep Wrangler RC Crawler.

RC rock crawlers are usually brushless RC cars so that they can reach a high speed within a short time, but they are well balanced and can climb at almost 90-degree angles due to their impressive torque and grip.

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What Is An Axial RC?

Axial RC was founded in 2005; since then, the company has become a global brand front-runner of RC vehicles. In 2018 Axial RC Inc was acquired by Horizon Hobby, LLC. Axial RC is currently a brand of Horizon Hobby, but this has not reduced the quality of its products.

The chassis and other accessories of Axial RC vehicles are produced with high-quality standards and are designed to have a scale realism and perform excellently on rugged construction. Axial RC regularly participates in various local, national, and international events, allowing them to remain current in the RC industry.

It is almost impossible to talk about the history of any RC car manufacturing company without an insight into the origin of RC cars. The first RC car in the world was developed by two guys, Bob Blair and his neighbor Norbert Meyer. The RC car was a high-end slot car that did not require a slot to operate.

They were told that there was no way a radio would work in the car because of the vibration produced by the chassis. However, they found a way around it to make the radio work. A short time after they successfully built the first remote-controlled car, Norbert was met by George Siposs, and then the history of RC cars began.

George Siposs started the first RC Association to increase awareness of RC cars, named Radio Operated Auto Racing Association (ROAR), in 1967. It was not until the next year that George Siposs and Nobert Meyer created the first RC manufacturing company, RA/CAR. They are credited for inventing heat sinks, servo savers, and other RC parts.

Since 1968, different RC manufacturing companies have erupted; some are famous for producing high-end RC cars like Traxxas, and others produced hobby-grade RC cars. One of the top companies producing RC rock crawlers is Axial RC. Unlike other RC companies that manufacture different RC vehicles, Axial RC focuses on rock crawlers, RC trucks, and RC jeeps.

Which Is The Best Axial RC Rock Crawler?

Various Axial RC rock crawlers are available in the market; we mentioned earlier that Axial RC specializes in producing rock crawlers, RC Trucks, and jeeps. We will look at the best Axial RC rock crawler you can purchase as well as other honorable mentions.

Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler

The best Axial RC rock crawler is the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler, and it is 17 inches long, 8.25 inches high, 10.25 inches wide, and weighs 5.06 pounds. This RC rock crawler is recommended for individuals aged 15 years and above. The Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler features a 2.4 GHz radio control system.

It also has a Spektrum transmitter for a longer range, better response, and stronger interference resistance; it is also compatible with the smart telemetry offered by the Spektrum receiver. The Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler also features large Nitto Grappler tires that increase the ground clearance while offering wider tire patches for increased traction.

This RC rock crawler has metal gears from the center transmission to the portal axles and lockers; its tube chassis design delivers realistic scale looks in addition to optimum clearance. The oil-filled shocks are adjustable and have hard, anodized, threaded shock bodies, as well as a single coil-over spring.

orginal rc crawler climbing

The steer axles on the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler allow for enhanced steering maneuverability; with the third channel button on the transmitter, you can steer the rear axle right and left, from 0 to 50% or 100%, as well as position the tires to perfectly scale through obstacles.

Other impressive features of the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler are its realistic interiors, grille and headlight buckets, impressive LED light bar, F9 portal axles, and wild boar driveshafts, its 4-link suspension, large-bore aluminum shocks, and stainless steel steering links.

Axial Ryft 1:10 4WD RC Crawler

Another impressive RC rock crawler produced by Axial RC is the Axial Ryft 1:10 4WD RC Crawler, and it is 21.5 inches long, 8.75 inches high, 12.75 inches wide, and weighs 7.3 pounds. The wheelbase is 15.25 inches long, and the RC rock crawler has a ground clearance of 3.25 inches.

This RC rock crawler is perfect for intermediate RC drivers, and it allows them to experience the thrills and experience of rock crawling. It features a custom tube chassis produced from high-quality composite plastic that can withstand the hits and knocks of rock crawling.

The most exciting features of the Axial Ryft 1:10 4WD RC Crawler are the Spektrum 2.4 GHz, the Spektrum 130A smart electronic speed control (ESC), 4-link suspension, front & rear solid axles, Spektrum 100AT telemetry receiver, the 2200 kV brushless motor, and the booger tires.

Axial Wraith Spawn 1:10 RTR Rock Racer

Another impressive RC rock crawler from Axial RC is the Axial Wraith Spawn 1:10 RTR Rock Racer; it is 19.25 inches long, 12.2 inches wide, 9.1 inches high, and weighs 5.45 pounds. The wheelbase of this RC rock crawler is 14 inches long, and it has a ground clearance of 2.8 inches.

The Axial Wraith Spawn 1:10 RTR Rock Racer is one of the few RC rock crawlers with either water-resistant or waterproof parts. Although, it is not advised to operate this RC rock crawler in snow or water without getting the waterproof gear. The receiver box of the Wraith Spawn is completely waterproof.

It features three silicone seals, one for the servo wires (containing three slots for three channels), another for the antenna, and the last is the gasket for the cover of the receiver box. The body of this rock crawler has a modern styling and a realistic feel. It also has 2.2 ripsaw tires, Beadlock wheels, wild boar driveshafts, tuned and oil-filled shocks.

Does Horizon Hobby Own Axial?

We mentioned earlier that Axial RC was founded in 2005; the company was a success and produced various top RC cars in the RC world. However, in 2018, the company was acquired by Horizon Hobby LLC. Since then, it has become a part of Horizon Hobby, and Horizon Hobby owns all RC vehicles produced.

What Was The First Axial Crawler?

The first Axial Crawler is the AX10 Scorpion, and it was released in April 2007, two years after the establishment of Axial RC. This RC crawler was a huge success, and Axial continued to make improvements to the model, although it is no longer in production. The most recent AX10 Scorpion can perform as excellently as other RC rock crawlers.

Final Thoughts

There are different RC vehicle manufacturing companies across the globe; most people are familiar with popular ones like Traxxas. However, Axial is also a popular company, although not as popular as Traxxas; this is because Axial RC focuses on manufacturing RC rock crawlers, trucks, and jeeps, unlike Traxxas manufacturing all RC vehicles.

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