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The Best RC Trucks 4×4 for Mudding and Off-Roading

The Best RC Trucks 4×4 for Mudding and Off-Roading

RC cars are one of the best toys for adults; if you played with toy cars as a child, you would understand how fun playing with an RC car as an adult will be. There are various activities you can engage in with your RC car. However, to guide your choice and selection, we will look at the best RC trucks for off-roading and mudding.

Some of the best RC trucks 4×4 for mudding and off-roading are Traxxas Maxx 4S RTR 4X4 Off-road RC Monster Truck, Rustler 4×4 Off Road RC Car, Volcano EPX 4WD Monster Truck, Traxxas 1/10 Summit 4WD RTR Monster Truck, HSP Racing 4WD RC Off-Road Electric Monster Truck, and Can-AM RC Rock Racer.

Off-roading with an RC car or truck means you are riding on uneven terrain of sand, riverbed, gravel, rocks, and snow. There are several types of off-roading, such as rock crawling, mudding, and desert racing.

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Best RC Trucks 4×4 For Mudding and Off-Roading

There are several RC cars that you can use for mudding and off-roading; however, it is best to use an RC truck. It is stronger and more durable than the average RC car. An RC truck has more capacity and is built for off-roading and mudding. Let us look at the best RC truck to use for mudding and off-roading.

Traxxas Maxx 4X4 RC Monster Truck

Traxxas Maxx 4X4 RC Monster Truck is the best RC truck to use to have an amazing off-roading and mudding experience. It is 21.60 inches long, 9.12 inches high, weighs 9.7 pounds, and has a ground clearance of 1.92 inches. This RC truck has a top speed of 60 mph and has 4S capability.

The stability management feature helps prevent loss of control and spinouts, provides adjustable steering and throttle percentage, and automatically stores and loads settings. This vehicle uses a Velineon 540XL Brushless motor.

It is designed to withstand intense driving action and extreme punishment, making it suitable for off-roading. It uses an advanced 32-bit microprocessor that helps monitor the output and provide efficient, long-running performance. This RC truck has some waterproof features and LED status lights.

Can-AM RC Rock Racer

Can-AM RC Rock Racer is another 4×4 RC truck that is perfect for off-roading and mudding. It uses adjustable coil-over oil-filled shocks and a 37T 380 waterproof brushed motor. It has independent front suspension and machined aluminum CVDs that provide high-speed stability and better control when in operation.

This RC truck uses a 2.4GHz STX2 transmitter and a Spektrum STX2 2-channel radio system. It weighs 1.87 pounds, is 11 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 6.5 inches high. The independent suspension design of this truck allows it to have increased clearance, responsive handling, and improved stability. The tires of this vehicle are very rugged and suitable for all-terrain riding.

You can only use a NiMH battery with this vehicle. This RC truck features a hinged body mount that allows easy electronic access. This truck comes with a 7.2V 6C 1300mAh battery, 4 AA alkaline, a manual, and a USB charger.

Rustler 4×4 Off-Road RC Car

Rustler 4×4 Off Road RC Car is another Traxxas RC truck made from polypropylene material and is electrically powered. It weighs 4.4 pounds, is 13.5 inches long, 22.7 inches wide, and 7.7 inches high. It is powered by a Velineon 3S power system that provides ultimate efficiency, refined control, and speed.

This RC truck uses a clipless body latching system for fast and secure mounting. The body of this vehicle has a sleek aerodynamic feature that combines external rollover protection and rugged internal structure that makes it very durable and ensures long life. The ground clearance of this vehicle is 2.8 inches.

Rustler 4×4 Off Road RC Car uses a TQi 2.4GHz radio remote control system with superior precision, control, and speed. The top speed of this vehicle is 65 mph. It does not come with a battery or charger, but it is advisable to use a single NiMH or LiPo battery.

RC Mud Truck Kits

RC kits are the tools and materials you use to customize your RC car or truck. You can add these things to your RC car or truck to make them suitable for the activity you want to use them for. The kits for an RC mud truck are:

  • Shocks: Shocks are also referred to as dampers. They are used to dampen the movement of the spring in an RC truck. They also have a huge impact on the handling of a vehicle. If they are too stiff, harshness occurs, and the vehicle will have a bumpy ride. If they are too soft, the responsiveness of the vehicle is reduced. Hence, the shocks of an RC truck have to be just right and perfect for shock absorption.
  • Differentials: An RC differential allows the vehicle's wheels to deliver power even when traveling at different speeds. They also transmit the vehicle's engine torque to the wheels of the vehicle. A differential takes power from the engine and distributes it to the wheels to spin at different speeds. The differential of an RC truck is one of the most important parts as it determines the vehicle's stability and movement.
  • Battery: The battery of an RC car is the most important part; without the battery, the RC car cannot function. The type and brand of the RC truck you are using determines the battery you will use. There are three main types of RC batteries; NiMH batteries, LiPo batteries, and NiCD batteries. Each of these batteries has a different capacity and voltage; when choosing one for your RC truck, make sure it is the right capacity and voltage.
  • Chassis Plate: The Chassis plate is another kit of an RC truck that you can change or replace. Every component of an RC car lies on the chassis plate; without the chassis plate, there will be no RC car or truck. All the electrical and non-electrical components of an RC truck are located on the chassis plate, including the wheels.

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RC Trucks Off-road Waterproofing

Not all off-road RC trucks are waterproof; hence if you will be riding your ATV on water, mud, or snow, you must waterproof it. One of the most important parts of your RC truck that you must waterproof is your bearings. An oil-filled bearing can easily rust when it is not waterproofed.

The first thing to do is fill your vehicle's bearings with grease; by doing so, water will not affect the bearings, so it stays waterproof and functions properly without rusting. Next, you will have to waterproof your shock shafts by spraying them with silicone spray.

Now, you can proceed to the electronic parts of your RC truck. To waterproof your vehicle's electronics, you will need dielectric grease. This grease is not for the vehicle's moving parts; it is used to protect the vehicle's electrical connections.

Apply the grease to the electrical connections of your vehicle; by doing so, you are waterproofing the electrical parts of your vehicle. The grease also prevents the electrical parts from oxidizing.

After applying the grease to the electrical parts of your RC truck, you should also apply it to the balance connector of the vehicle. After following these procedures, you can cover up your vehicle. Now, your RC truck is fully waterproofed and ready to run in mud, water, or snow.

Final Thoughts

Although racing RC cars on even terrain is fun and exciting, you can also go off-roading with your RC truck. You will enjoy several off-roading activities; however, you can only fully enjoy this experience when using the right RC car. So when you want to purchase an RC car for off-roading and mudding, consider one of these vehicles.

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