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The Best Snowmobile Helmets With Heated Shields [REVIEWED]

The Best Snowmobile Helmets With Heated Shields [REVIEWED]

Snowmobiling is more than a hobby or fun activity; it has become a way of life; due to the universal desire for speed, snowmobiles are becoming popular. However, due to their speed, they are dangerous and unsafe. For this reason, it is advised that snowmobile operators use helmets when riding their vehicles.

The best snowmobile helmets with heated shields are Ski-Doo BV2S Snowmobile Helmet, Vega V-Star Full Face Helmet, Castle X Mugello Helmet, Typhoon Modular TH158 Helmet, Delta 509 R4 Ignite Helmet, Ski-Doo Modular 3 Helmet, Castle EXO-CX950 Modular Helmet, and HJC i90 Electric Modular Helmet.

Snowmobiling presents problems that other motorized sports do not, particularly in terms of equipment. When it comes to helmets, you need something to keep you safe when riding at higher speeds, often on tight terrain and with other riders nearby.

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Best Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield

Many snowmobile helmets now come with a heated shield pre-installed, so if you are looking for a new helmet, a snowmobile helmet with a heated shield is the way to go. Compared to a regular twin pane lens shield, a heated shield helps prevent fogging and frost on the shield.

The power cord and breath guard are also incorporated in these helmets. A snowmobile helmet with a heated shield will cost slightly more than a regular helmet. Below are some of the best snowmobile helmets with heated shields.

Delta 509 R4 Ignite Helmet

Another amazing snowmobile helmet with a heated shield is the Delta 509 R4 Ignite Helmet. It offers the best heating system; the dual-pane heated shield provides reliable fog-free performance, keeping you safe and aware on the trail even when the temperature drops below freezing. It is also one of the coolest-looking helmets.

It has a super-strong alloy shell construction and a dual-density EPS layer. Its style is amazing, but it also fulfills DOT safety regulations; this helmet is well-designed and functional but is a little expensive. It features cheek pads and pro series liners that provide much comfort without it feeling too heavy.

Ski-Doo BV2S Snowmobile Helmet

The Ski-Doo BV2S Snowmobile Helmet is one of the most expensive helmets with 180° peripheral vision and a dual-lens shield with Clear Vision technology. The injection-molded polycarbonate shell is polished to perfection; it has a built-in sun visor that can be lowered. The comfort liner may be removed and washed thoroughly.

Although it is a full-face helmet, the front mask system may be opened to show a soft surgical type sealed rubber mask to cover your mouth and nose. Turning the knob after closing the front mask again tightens the mask against your face. A red light is located on the back of the helmet for increased visibility; the helmet is DOT-approved.

Vega V-Star Full Face Helmet

The Vega V-Star Full Face Helmet is a world-class helmet with many features. The strong, DOT and ECE certified ABS shell that protects the EPS foam lining that softens the blow in the event of an accident is only the start of a fantastic journey. The Comfort Tech Wick-Dri liner, which is exceptionally soft and comfy, will keep your head dry all day.

A D-Ring on the chin strap keeps it securely secured to your head, and the comfort liner may be removed and washed. It features a seal shield locking technology that prevents air and water entry and decreases the risk of fogging. Its adjustable intake vents channel air to the rear exhaust vents positioned to keep rain and snow out of the helmet.

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Castle X Mugello Helmet

The Castle X Mugello Helmet is a stylish snowmobile helmet with a heated shield. It comes with a dual-lens, anti-scratch, electric, anti-fog shield, and a chin curtain and breath box for chilly weather. For starters, there is the contemporary aerodynamic design that makes it one of the best snowmobile helmets.

This helmet features a fit plush interior padding that is antibacterial and hypoallergenic; this padding is washable and removable. Its chin curtain and breath box are also replaceable and removable. The EPS liner of this helmet also has channels that allow air to circulate from front to back, removing excess heat and maintaining comfort.

Modular Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield

Modular snowmobile helmets are the most adaptable, providing motorcyclists with a choice of solutions depending on the situation and conditions on any given day. The key advantage is that the entire front piece can be flipped up to display the face, which is useful while stopping to eat, drink, or speak.

Typhoon Modular TH158 Helmet

The Typhoon Modular TH158 Helmet features two visors and an aerodynamic shell for a lightweight, modern helmet at an affordable price. It comes with a double-pane heated anti-fog face shield that will keep your eyesight clear and fog-free when you need it most. The liner and cheek pads can both be removed and washed.

Your breath will be diverted away from your shield with the help of the adjustable breath box, while the chin skirt will keep you toasty. For warmth and comfort, the interior of this snowmobile helmet is lined with moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics. This helmet comes with a cloth storage bag and a power cord.

Castle EXO-CX950 Modular Helmet

The Castle EXO-CX950 Modular Helmet is a fantastic all-around snowmobile helmet. It is a hot option because of all of the other incredible qualities that it offers that it is ranked first. It is simple to use the heated function, and you can charge it at home; Extreme protection exceeds DOT standards thanks to an innovative LG polycarbonate shell and dual-density EPS foam.

It is incorporated into the double-lens shield and effectively reduces the likelihood of fog, ice, or snow accumulating and blocking your line of sight while riding. Furthermore, the heating system is supplemented with an oversized eye-port that provides an incredible field of view. A drop-down sun visor blocks off glares and further protects your eyes.

HJC i90 Electric Modular Helmet

HJC is a seasoned veteran in producing high-quality helmets, as evidenced by the high-tech features featured in their HJC i90 Electric Modular Helmet. The i90 looks like any other traditional touring helmet to the untrained eye, but it is packed with features like the HJ-33 Dual-Lens Frameless Snow Shield, which works with both AC and DC.

Using CAD technology, the advanced polycarbonate shell of this helmet is designed to be lightweight with comfort and greater fit. It features an integrated sun visor that helps lessen eye strain by improving peripheral vision and providing superb sunlight blocking. This helmet is suitable for riders who wear sunglasses or recommended eyeglasses.

Snowmobile Helmet With Heated Shield And Bluetooth

Sometimes riding a snowmobile is more enjoyable and exciting when listening to your favorite jam. Hence a snowmobile helmet with Bluetooth is a great idea; however, what is greater is a snowmobile helmet with a heated shield and Bluetooth. Below is a helmet with a heated shield and Bluetooth.

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Yuaistore Modular Snowmobile Bluetooth Helmet

This helmet meets the DOT FMVSS-218 / ECE R2205 safety standard, which means the American road traffic authorities approve of it. It features a waterproof control, echo cancellation, built-in Bluetooth call system, noise reduction, and high-definition call. The exhaust and intake are fully adjustable, allowing for a steady light breeze to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Snowmobile helmets come in different types and sizes; however, there are some things you should look out for in these helmets before purchasing them. The most important factor is comfort; the helmet must be comfortable. You should also make sure it is made of high quality as you want a helmet that will keep you safe in case of an accident. It is advisable to purchase a new helmet only and never a used one.

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