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What Is Archery? Is It Considered a Sport?

What Is Archery? Is It Considered a Sport?

If you think that archery is all about weapons, you are wrong since modern archery has changed. Many people practice archery as a hobby in the contemporary world, while others use it for hunting. So, what is archery?

Technically, archery is a competitive sport that requires excellent precision, power, and tremendous skills. While archery training is physically demanding, many people find it an exciting sport that easily doubles as a hobby. When two or more archers compete against each other in a tournament or competition, it becomes a sport.

It is possible to treat archery as a sport even if you are not competing in any tournament. It all depends on how you want to look at it.

archery sportIs Archery a Sport?

Although archery was popularly known for hunting and fighting, it has been transformed into a prevalent sport. Archery transformed into a sport because people needed to practice to become perfect in hunting and warfare. Those who had better skills found it necessary to share their skills with others.

To find the answer to whether or not archery is considered a sport, you need to understand that for an event to be classified as a sport; it must entail the following;

  • Physical exertion
  • Physical skills
  • Governed by a set of rules and customs
  • Involve competition between two teams or individuals

Archery and Physical Exertion

Does archery involve physical exertion? The answer is yes. Physical exertion means that the activity requires some effort. The archers have to draw bows and ensure that they have an incredible concentration which requires some effort. In some situations, the draw has to last for 20 or 30 seconds, which requires some exertion.

Archery and Skills

For an activity to be presumed to be a sport, it must involve skills. Archery requires excellent shooting skills. Not everyone can have a steady draw and focus on an object with extreme accuracy. Great archers can produce excellent results consistently, which requires a lot of practice and training like in any sport.

Rules and Archery

You are probably wondering what rules make archery to be considered a sport. When archery is practiced as support, several rules come into play to govern the activity. The best way to familiarize yourself with the archery rules and regulations is to refer to the World Archery Federation. Here, you will discover that archery meets the rules and regulations aspect to be classified as a sport.

What Country’s National Sport is Archery?

Archery events have become common in the Olympics as there are above five different archery events for both men and women. People can compete at the individual, team, and mixed team levels.

In Bhutan, archery was declared a national sport in 1971 when the country became a member of the United States. Since this declaration, the popularity of archery activities has increased both outside and inside the country tremendously.

What are the Health Benefits of Archery?

Archery, like many sports, comes with health benefits. Although it does not give you the challenging and effective workout that you can get from a gym, the truth is that its health benefits are worthy of your attention.

Whether you intend to practice archery indoors or competitively, you stand to experience substantial health benefits. Some of these benefits include;


One of the fantastic things about archery is that it is one of those sports that can be practiced by all people regardless of age, gender, or ability. While it might not seem like an engaging activity, archery can help the player burn a significant amount of calories and develop bigger muscles. You can compare it with snorkeling, dancing, or even vacuuming in terms of exercise benefits.


In addition to helping players burn a significant amount of calories, archery can play a significant role in promoting the development of muscles. Drawing the bow and sometimes holding it for about 20 seconds put tension on the chest, arms, and hands. Regular training is likely to result in stronger muscles.


To be a great archer, you must learn to maintain focus by avoiding distractions, noise, and distance to get an accurate shot. Developing control skills can prove significant in other areas of life. For instance, a student with an extreme focus can easily do well in their studies.


Coordination is another essential skill that a player can quickly learn from archery. For anyone to achieve a perfect shot, they need to have a high precision of muscles, eyes, and the subconscious part of the body. With time and regular practice, the coordination of these parts becomes instinctive.


In life, self-confidence is essential for assisting people in achieving their life goals. If you practice and become perfect in archery, the chances are that your self-confidence will improve, which can prove significant in your day-to-day life.

Social Life

Social life is an essential aspect of human life, and without it, life will be unbearable. Whether you are practicing archery for tournaments or hunting, the truth is that it will create a conducive environment for socialization. Therefore, if you want to improve your social life, you may want to consider trying out archery.

Archery Tips for Accuracy

Whether you are practicing archery for hunting or you want to go for the Olympics, regular practicing and producing excellent results is paramount. You will need to master several skills to take your accuracy game to the next level.

Relaxing the Bow Grip hand

Most people cannot get it right when it comes to accuracy because they do not relax the grip on the bow. One of the things that you need to understand is that the less-dominant hand dramatically influences the precision of your shots. If you start relaxing your bow hand, it won't take long before your accuracy starts improving.

Practice at the Right Distance

The correct distance to practice is five yards. With time, you will gather more skills, enabling you to increase the distance. It will help if you start the practice by shooting from the point and distance where you are the most comfortable.

Take care of your Posture.

The posture that you take when shooting can significantly influence your accuracy. It is essential to start focusing on your posture. You can use a mirror to ensure that you are getting the posture right.

The 10 Second Rule

It is never a good idea to release your arrow too soon. The best practice is to be patient and aim long enough to ensure that you have your target within your reach. Slowing down and letting yourself breathe and relax as you focus on the target will significantly enhance your accuracy.

Shot the Right Draw Length

The draw length varies for different people depending on height and experience. Therefore, you should start by understanding your correct draw to ensure that you are not interfering with your accuracy. Drawing the bow too much will see you lose your accuracy.

teaching archeryFollow Through

If you know how golf is played, you must know a lot about follow-through. Shooting a bow is almost the same as playing golf or a pool table. Your follow-through needs to be automatic and natural. When you release the arrow, the bow and the bow arm should follow the target straight.


While archery is a challenging sport, it is exciting to learn and practice. Getting the right bow and arrow should provide a starting point to improve your skills. Whether old or young, you can draw many benefits from drawing the bow and hitting your target with perfect accuracy.

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