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The RV waste dumping is probably the only part of owning recreational vehicles that many RV hobbyists do not like. Since we all have the legal and moral obligation to safeguard the environment for our benefit and future generations, proper RV disposal is a practice to embrace with two hands. So, where on earth are you supposed to dump your RV waste?

There are several places to dump your RV wastes, including recycling centers, septic tanks, sporting goods stores, marinas, gas stations, wastewater treatment plants, RV dealerships, and RV parks and campgrounds. These are the best places to dump your RV wastes without getting into trouble with the authorities.

If you are new to the RV hobby and you are not sure about how to go through the process of disposing of your RV waste, this article is meant for you.

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Where to Dump Waste from RV

Finding the right place to dump wastes from RV is a challenge many RV hobbyists face as they go through their RV ventures and camping. If you are wondering where to dump the waste from the RV, here are seven places that can be helpful.

1. RV Dealerships

Some RV dealerships have a dump station to ensure customers have the convenience they need to enjoy their hobby. Therefore, determining whether your dealership offers RV dumping services is crucial. In addition, you should ask whether you will need to pay some fee to access the services.

2. RV Parks and Campgrounds

The RV parks and campgrounds are ideal places to dump your RV wastes. Most RV parks and campgrounds have a dump station or full hookup sites that can significantly help with the disposal of RV wastes. It is prudent to call ahead and confirm that you will have a place to dump your wastes.

3. Gas Stations

While many gas stations have marked dump stations, sometimes you may need to ask other RVers to find out about it. If you are having challenges disposing of your RV wastes, the gas stations can be a great amenity to help you solve the problem.

4. Sporting Goods Stores

Some goods sporting stores have dump stations that can help you dispose of your RV wastes seamlessly. You can stop or call the store near you to find out if they offer RV dumping services. It is good to understand that sporting goods stores with dumping services often offer RV overnight parking.

5. National Parks

Another ideal place for RV waste disposal is national parks. Many National parks have RV dump facilities in their compounds to facilitate their visitors' convenience. Any visitor can use the dumping services as long as they are willing to pay a small fee of $5.

6. Home Septic Tanks

You can use home septic tanks to dispose of your RV waste. While setting up septic may sound quite complicated, consulting a professional will make it easy for you. The good thing with a home septic tank is that it is convenient as they are easily accessible.

7. Marinas

Boat marinas have dump stations, which can also play an essential role in effectively disposing of your wastes. Like campgrounds, the marina dump station will require you to pay a small fee for their services. It is crucial to call in advance and ensure you have all the information you will need to use the facility effectively.

Where to Dump RV Waste for Free

Wondering whether you can find a place to dump your waste for free? Well, it is not a must that you pay to dump your RV wastes. Here is where to dispose of your RV wastes for free.

  • Fuel Stations – Fuel stations are always keen to attract new customers. Therefore, they will readily offer you a place to dump your RV waste for free because they have the impression that you will likely buy their fuel.
  • Rest areas – It is vital to take note of the rest areas along your RV routes because they are likely to offer free dumping services. To identify rest areas, you may need to visit the Department of Transportation website to find a dumping station.
  • City Parks – City parks sometimes offer free RV waste dumping sites. Enquiring and getting all the information you need before you think of dumping your RV wastes in the dump stations in the city parks is a wise move.
  • Military Campgrounds – These are open to active and retired members of the military
  • Federal campgrounds such as the BLM, USFS, and National park often let people dump the RV wastes even if they are not residing in the compound.
  • Municipal sewer facilities – these are public facilities that allow people to dump their RV wastes for free.

The RV Waste Disposal Guide

In addition to finding the right place to dump your RV waste, you must also understand how to go through the entire process. Here is an easy beginner's guide.

  • The first step to effectively dump your RV waste is to pull the black tank valve close to the dump station to minimize the range of mess. You must start with the black tank before proceeding to the gray tank.
  • Ensure that you have the proper sanitary protection before emptying an RV tank. Putting on disposable latex gloves or silicone cleaning gloves will help protect you from disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Push the hose further into the dump station and put something heavy on it to ensure that the hose remains attached to the dump station throughout the process. If you are not keen, the pressure can cause the hose to pop out and cause an unnecessary mess.
  • Once the hose is perfectly attached to the drain tank, you can attach it to the black water tank.
  • Open the valve and allow it to drain completely. Before proceeding to the next step, you must ensure that the tank is empty.
  • Use the vehicle rinse system to flush out the remaining solid wastes.
  • After rinsing the remaining wastes, you should close the valves.

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Disposing RV Wastes in an RV Dump Station

Although no one enjoys disposing of RV wastes, it is vital always to ensure that you do it properly. You will need to put several tips at the back of your mind if you want the dumping process to be seamless. Some of these tips include;

  • Treat your dump tank – You can get different products from Amazon and use them to treat the dump tank. Treating your dump tank is crucial as it ensures that the solids in the tank break down into a slurry, making it possible for them to pass through the valves and pipes easily.
  • Always dump the black water first before the gray water. The approach is beneficial as it helps you get the extra water to help flush the solids that stick in the hose.
  • Use lots of water to ensure that you can get rid of all the wastes from your tank.
  • Clean the black water tank properly by investing in different quality nozzles.
  • Always wear quality gloves to protect yourself from disease-causing microorganisms.
  • Set aside a dedicated water horse for your dump tanks
  • Spray down the RV Dump Waste Station area for the sake of the environment and the next traveler.
  • Take time to make an RV Dump kit; it can be a good time saver at the dump station.
  • Always be willing to ask for assistance whenever the need arises to avoid further complicating issues.

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right place to dispose of your RV waste is a critical part of your RV camping journey. Besides, failing to dump the RV wastes of a rented camper or RV can see you incur a hefty fine, which you should avoid by all means. The recycling centers, septic tanks, sporting goods stores, marinas, gas stations, wastewater treatment plants, and RV dealerships can provide you with the best places to dump your RV wastes.

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