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Fixed Wing Drones & Fixed-Wing UAVs

Fixed Wing Drones & Fixed-Wing UAVs

There have been significant changes in the aircraft industry since drones were invented. Have you ever wondered if drones and UAVs are similar? Or, are there differences between the two? We will look at both in this blog post, so prepare yourself for the experience.

Drones and UAVs are the same; drones are a type of UAV. So, there are no differences between them. Examples of fixed-wing drones and fixed-wing UAVs include Yuneec Firebird FPV, Parrot Disco FPV, Airbus Vahana, Parrot Swing, Wingtra WingtraOne, Autel Dragonfish, and Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle.

Fixed-wing drones are used for different functions, primarily industrial, environmental, and official functions. Fixed-wing drones are used for things that quadcopters cannot do. Let us proceed to some of the best fixed-wing drones available.

What Are The Best Fixed-Wing Drones And Fixed-Wing UAVS?

There are different brands and types of fixed-wing drones. Most people think of fixed-wing drones as military aircraft with the destructive capacity of an Apache helicopter. But, in reality, fixed-wing drones are small-sized aircraft that are used for different purposes.

The type of drones most people know are multi-rotor drones. Companies manufacturing drones specialize in multi-rotor, so fixed-wing drones are not popular. Some of the best fixed-wing drones you can purchase are.

Parrot Disco FPV


A drone of style and equipped with the best technologies essential for flight and versatility. The Parrot Disco FPV is the fixed-wing drone to purchase, and it costs about $2000. The Parrot Disco comes with an FPV kit, including the range controller (Skycontroller 2), cockpit glasses, and headset.

The Parrot Disco FPV is the first UAV to reach a maximum flight speed of 50 mph. With its aerodynamic design, fixed wings, streamlined look, and an expanded polypropylene body, the Parrot Disco FPV is the drone to have an immense flight experience.

The cockpit glasses provide a whole new experience in First Person View, making you savor every moment of the flight. The drone comes with a 1080p HD front camera, and it is stabilized on three axles that allow video feedback using the FreeFlight Pro application.

The battery capacity of the drone is about 50 minutes; the Parrot Skycontroller 2 is another level of creativity with its remote controller. There are two joysticks on the controller that give an ultra-precise flight experience. Take-off and landing of the drone can be done with a click. The drone also has 32 GB of internal memory.

Yuneec Firebird FPV

If you are an aerial flight enthusiast in search of one of the best fixed-wing drones, you should consider the Yuneec Firebird FPV. The Yuneec Firebird FPV provides an immersive, real-time flight experience, and you get the feeling of being in the cockpit of an actual plane.

The Yuneec Firebird FPV has a maximum flight speed of 52 mph, a total flight time of up to 30 minutes. The drone is equipped with various GPS functions, including Auto Landing, Return Home, Safety Floor, and Geo-Fence. The camera setting of the drone can be configured through the application.

The Yuneec Firebird FPV comes with a short-latency digital video link that allows you to transmit live images from the drone to your smartphone in clear HD quality. The drone records videos in 4K /1080p / 720p modes and saves them directly to the SD card.

Assembling and dismantling the Yuneec Firebird FPV is very easy. The transmitter and headset are detachable, so you can unmount them for easy transport. The Yuneec Firebird FPV is the perfect drone for both professional and beginner drone pilots.

Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle

Seeing the Xcraft XPlusOne Pro Bundle for the first time will leave you speechless. This drone can act as a fixed-wing drone and a quadcopter. The drone is designed to look like a rocket about to take off. The Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle has a total flight time of approximately 20 minutes and a maximum flight speed of 60 mph.

Some of the flight modes available on the Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle are; Return To Launch, Auto Land, Follow Me, Loiter Mode, and EPO Construction. You can also automate the flight pattern of this drone. You need to plan out the pattern using an interface like Google Maps, and the drone flies without you controlling it.

The Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle has a 1080p HD camera. However, the camera on the drone is not for capturing footage; it is for First-Person-View. If you are looking for a good photography fixed-wing drone, the Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle should not be considered.

If you need a fast fixed-wing drone that can cover lots of ground in a short time or a drone that works with the software you can modify, the Xcraft X PlusOne Pro Bundle is an excellent consideration. The X PlusOne costs about $800.

Autel Dragonfish

One of the prominent competitors of DJI is Autel Robotics. Autel is known for producing some of the best UAVs in the world. And the Dragonfish is one of the best fixed-wing UAVs you can purchase. The Autel Dragonfish is used mainly for public safety, traffic monitoring, agriculture, and fire fighting.

The drone is equipped with enhanced and useful flight modes like Adaptive Tracking, Advanced Mission Planning, and Point Of Interest. The drone also comes with an advanced AI speed tracking mode. If you activate the Adaptive Tracking mode, the drone maintains a fixed height and follows the target without crashing.

The Autel Dragonfish has a maximum flight speed of 30 mph, a total flight time of 120 minutes, a storage capacity of 16 GB, weighs 1987 grams, and has a control distance of about 200 meters.

The drone has a 4K dual sensor with a 20x zoom, 12x digital zoom, and 240x magnification. The photo resolution of the Autel Dragonfish is 3840×2160. The video resolution is 3840×2160 and 1920×10800. However, the Autel Dragonfish is not available for sale now.

Are Fixed Wing Drones Better Than Multi-Rotor Drones?


Many people are used to only multi-rotor drones; some do not even know fixed-wing drones exist. A few people who have seen fixed-wing drones refer to them as UAVs, not knowing they are also drones.

Fixed-wing drones are designed to look like airplanes. They have wings like an airplane, and they also have propellers for vertical launching, hovering, and landing. If you see any miniature airplane hovering in the sky, it is probably a fixed-wing drone or an RC plane.

There have been a series of debates on which type of drone is better, fixed-wing or multi-rotor drones. We will look at the features of both, and we can determine the better drone.

  • Fixed-wing drones fly at a much faster speed than most multi-rotor drones.
  • Fixed-wing drones are more aerodynamic than multi-rotor drones because of their streamlined body.
  • Most fixed-wing drones have a longer flight time than multi-rotor drones.
  • Multi-rotor drones can hover in a place, increasing their versatility, unlike fixed-wing drones.
  • Fixed-wing drones have better stability in high winds than multi-rotor drones.

From the comparison above, you can see that fixed-wing drones are better than multi-rotor drones. Fixed-wing drones are designed to be more efficient than multi-rotor drones because they are used for work in surveying, mapping, defense, and surveillance. In any job where durable and pressure-resistant UAVs are required, fixed-wing drones are used.

Final Thought


UAVs are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and that is what a drone is. They are called unmanned because they are controlled autonomously or remotely. You do not have to sit in the UAV to fly it; all you need is a remote controller.

Fixed-wing drones are one of the most durable UAVs you can buy. However, you must keep in mind that they were designed for rugged functions. If you are considering a photography drone, a multi-rotor drone is preferable.